NPC Characters of Salsola

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  1.   1.  NPC Interactions
  2.   2.  On-Board NPCs
    1.   2.1  Pack NPCS (pNPCs)

This page houses information regarding NPCs of Salsola, separate from the Character Directory.

All Salsola members may roleplay freely with these characters.

1.  NPC Interactions

If you thread with or OOC assume something with a pack NPC it is highly courteous for you to edit that NPC's Wiki page or profile with this information, or post in our Maintenance Thread to let us know. It can tough to remember to update stuff, but please do try!

When using a pNPC, make sure:

  • To read over their profile and play information thoroughly and carefully.
  • To use them in a way which makes sense for their profile and play information.
  • To update their relevant Wiki profile with the thread where they appeared OR let us know about the thread.
  • Not to cause extreme injury or death to an NPC without Leadership approval. Minor, treatable injuries are fine!
  • Adhere to board-wide pNPC procedures.

Otherwise, have fun with the pNPCs! We encourage you to make use of our pNPCs, and if you have any suggestions regarding them, please contact us.

2.  On-Board NPCs

2.1  Pack NPCS (pNPCs)




Bogdan Kotovo

  • Sailing (Master)
  • Navigation (Master)
  • Food Handling and Preparation (Accomplished)
  • Livestock (Journeyman)
  • Rank: The Family
  • Trade: Yes -- he is always on the lookout for things to smoke and drink.
  • Interests: Sailing, the sea, the beach, snow
  • Assumptions: Bogdan doesn't travel too far from his home unless by cart. He can often be seen with his son Igor Kotovo, and doesn't like people hanging out on his lawn. >8C

Nickodemus Sparhawk

  • Craftsman (Journeyman)
  • Trade (Journeyman)
  • Linguist (Master)
  • Ancient Astronaut Theorist (Master)
  • Rank: The Tradesman
  • Trade: Yes -- he collects all sorts of unusual trinkets.
  • Interests: Stars, rocks, exploring, making things, talking about his theories
  • Assumptions: Nick likes to collect things and make his "outer-wordly" signs for the "Space Brothers", and can regularly be found doing both. He is an informant for the pack's Boss, Salvia Eternity.

Corrine Pauva

  • Cooking (Master)
  • Medicine/Herbology (Master)
  • Rank: Communal Slave
  • Duties: Corrine is a communal slave, and a caretaker; she is capable of preparing meals, tending to the wounded, and pupsitting.
  • Interests: Experimenting with seasoning and food preperations, extremely young and old people.
  • Assumptions: Her native language is French, and she has a notable accent. Her qualities make her an excellent domestic aide.

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