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The Thistle Kingdom (Territory)

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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.

» Longterm aNPCs may eventually be moved here.
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» Pack Account — For all general inquiries, please PM the SL Pack Account.
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Alaine (OOC & IC)Mel (OOC & IC)Songbird (OOC)


Salsola has its own Discord Chat! To be added to the channel, please contact Salsolan Leadership.

» Only players of active or aNPC'd Salsolans may join the Salsola Discord Chat.

Salsola's OOC and IC Pack Leadership

Need to get in touch with a leader? Here are a few ways to do so, listed in order of our preference. Please use the method convenient for you, but note that we do prefer the first two methods before the last one. c:

  1. PM us on the Pack's OOC AccountWe strongly prefer being contacted via the Pack Account in regards to any Salsola-related questions, discussions, etc.!
  2. Post to the SL Maintenance thread — Please direct all maintenance, point/co-rank submissions, etc. to our maintenance thread!
  3. Use our #questions channel in the Pack's Discord! — Use this for questions that can be answered quickly or require an easy, yes/no or link answer. If it requires discussion, please PM the OOC account instead!
  4. Contact an individual leader — If your issue can't be done using one of the above methods, you may use this option.
OOC & IC Leader

Hi, I'm Alaine! I'm one of Salsola's original creators, and have ICly led the pack with its first Boss Sirius Revlis, and its third Boss Elphaba Revlis. Here at Salsola Inc., we strive to provide you with the finest quality treason, treachery and titillation to suit a myriad of tastes! ;)

As I am an Aussie, I tend to lurk on the boards during a different timezone to most of you. But late owls or early risers might chance to catch me for a friendly chit-chat in our SL Discord! I hope to see you there soon ♡

OOC & IC Leader

Hello there! I'm Mel, and I'm known for running very long, intricate plots. I helped to found Salsola with Larkspur D'Angelo, and have been playing his descendants since! I previously led the pack with its second Boss, Salvia Eternity. Beyond that, I've played a variety of notable Salsolans, including former Crone Siv Helsi and our off-board Fort Preble, Portland Governor, Blair Eternity.

While I am not always around on Discord, I try and pop in to chat when I'm around and posting.

OOC Leader

'Allo! I'm the resident Birb; local information and wiki code birbrarian, and nest builder and cleaner. I started out in Salsola playing a slave, Heine Kaiser, and now play his lowborn daughter, Kamari Kaiser! I don't talk a lot (Like most birds, I take a bit to warm up and get comfortable!), but, occasionally, I get the talkative bug and I'll sing you the song of my people and whatever is on my birdbrain.

I may not seem like I'm on the Discord a lot, but, fear not! I lurk about (albeit invisibly) and tend to come and go quite frequently!

The Boss
Elphaba Art by Alaine
Elphaba Revlis

Loved and loathed in equal rapport, Elphaba Revlis is a formidable Boss. The third ruler of Salsola, she was groomed for the role by her grandmother from a painfully young age; whom she thanked in kind by boldly usurping her for the thistle throne. Known by the popular moniker, 'The Witch Queen', Elphaba is a practitioner of the occult Crafts and a member of Salsola's infamous coven. She is a cunning and fickle woman, driven by instinct to assert her authority on all who would pledge loyalty in service of the crown.

  • Recruits can bribe her with:
    • Jewelry, Pretty jewels/stones, Rare/exotic pelts, Fine craftsmanship (i.e. carvings, weavings, anything hand-made)
The Erilaz
O'Riley Art by Alaine
O'Riley Eternity

O'Riley holds the position of second-in-command, carrying his chosen title of Erilaz. A formidable presence in and outside of Salsola, both due to his combat skills and his work in espionage, O'Riley has garnered an ominous reputation. He has long acted as Elphaba's right hand, often handling the more nefarious tasks required to see her rule go unchallenged. Calculating and vicious, O'Riley will do whatever is necessary when it comes to the defense of The Thisle Kingdom.

  • Recruits can bribe him with:
    • Goat meat, interesting rocks and minerals, books, quality containers (glass bottles, wooden chests, leather satchels), rope, weapons

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