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The above linked page is an overview of the whole of the Thistle Kingdom.


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Joining Salsola?


Reading this introductory information is mandatory before attempting to join the pack.

The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
Longterm aNPC Salsolan characters end up here.

Familial Houses

Read more about Salsola's hereditary Houses and their importance as IC flavor. Find out if your character is a member of an esteemed House today!

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Salsola has its own Discord Chat! To be added to the channel, please contact Salsolan Leadership.
Only present or past players of a Salsolan may join the SL Discord Chat.

Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Before You Begin
    1.   1.1  Suggested Reading
    2.   1.2  Restrictions and Tips
  2.   2.  Process in Brief
    1.   2.1  Joining Salsola as a Loner
    2.   2.2  Joining Salsola as a Portland Associate
    3.   2.3  Joining Salsola as Servitori
    4.   2.4  Rejection
  3.   3.  Post-Joining
    1.   3.1  Sponsors and Wards
    2.   3.2  Residence
    3.   3.3  Visitors
    4.   3.4  Recruiting
  4.   4.  NPC Policies
    1.   4.1  Absentee NPC Status
    2.   4.2  Companion NPCs
    3.   4.3  Youth NPCs
    4.   4.4  Animal Companion NPCs
  5.   5.  Mandatory Pack Threads

Wanting to Join Salsola?


A crumbling stone facade in the Ruins

Prospective joiners are advised to thoroughly read this page before attempting to join. Newcomers to the game and those bringing in a new character must abide by standard ‘Souls game joining procedure.

Salsola is a moderate to high complexity pack, designed for the more experienced and confident roleplayers. We have extensive in-game lore that enriches the roleplay experience, providing a deeply immersive culture with a lot of room for individual progress. To be a successful member of this community involves a mature, responsible outlook, and an excellent understanding of board rules. Because of this, Salsola can be a difficult pack for newcomers to ‘Souls; If you are new to ‘Souls, we recommend getting a feel for the board and spending some time acquainting yourself with other players before attempting to join.

If you feel that you are ready to experience all the drama and delight that Salsola has to offer, read on! On this page you will find a comprehensive guide on how to - and how not to - approach the pack with the intent of creating or becoming your very own Salsolan.

1.  Before You Begin

1.1  Suggested Reading

  • Culture: The many flavors of Salsola, and other basic information.
  • Laws: About the serious offenses that can get your character in trouble.
  • Associate Rank: Information regarding Salsola's starting rank and promotions.

1.2  Restrictions and Tips

OOC joining is not permitted. The natural exception to this rule is for those picking up or adopting NPCs. You can read more information below about NPC policies in Salsola.

Due to its matriarchal structure and bias, Salsola encourages the recruitment of female Luperci more than their male counterparts. Male join-ees will have to bring more impressive gifts or skills to gain acceptance.

Wandering up to the borders at random and requesting admission is not advisable. We strongly encourage one or more neutral territory encounters with a Salsolan before attempting to join. Getting a Salsolan acquaintance or friend to vouch for you is the easiest way to be accepted into the Thistle Kingdom.

Trespassing is a sure way to get your character in deep trouble. Trespassers are almost always chased off or captured as Indentured Servants. If you are looking to join as a servant, please see the specified information below.

For the easiest joining procedure, check out our Salsolan Adoptables today! As already-ranked members of Salsola, picking up a pack adoptable will let you bypass the hassle of joining and dive right in.

2.  Process in Brief

2.1  Joining Salsola as a Loner

The most common joiners are characters who start out as a Loner on the boards prior to seeking acceptance within a pack. If your character is a Loner and you would like them to join Salsola, it is imperative that they meet with one or more Salsolan characters prior to attempting to join. Salsola is an extremely secretive pack with a large bias against Outsiders; Meeting a Salsolan in neutral territory is the simplest and best way for your character to find out more about the pack and eventually be invited to join. Particular Salsolans may even be out in the world looking for suitable recruits!

Having a Salsolan friend or acquaintance prior to attempting to join means that your character will have an advocate that can vouch for them. This Salsolan will also likely take your character under their wing and become their Sponsor once they have joined. There is more information on Sponsors and Wards further down on this page.

If you are not sure where to start in finding a Salsolan to meet with your character, try posting a thread-request Thread Requests & Plotting channel on the boards. That way the players of Salsolan characters will be able to get in touch with you.

Once you have had a couple of threads with your new Salsolan buddy and are ready to take the leap, be sure to bring a gift to appease leadership. Failure to provide a gift in your joining thread is seen as a personal insult to the Salsolan leader who is deciding whether or not to let your character join, as well as a reveal of ignorance to Salsola's culture - clear evidence that your character has little Salsolan cultural knowledge.

If your joining thread is successful, you will be welcomed into your new home among the thistle and thorn. You will be assigned a Sponsor to oversee your education within the Kingdom and your journey as a Salsolan can begin!

  1. Meet and befriend a Salsolan character in neutral territory
  2. Receive an invitation or recommendation from your new Salsolan buddy
  3. Create a joining thread with your new Salsolan buddy at the pack’s border, where one of the Mafiosi will meet to consider your prospective intent to join
  4. Present a gift to impress/bribe the Salsolan leader!

2.2  Joining Salsola as a Portland Associate

Many pups are born each year to Salsolans who dwell in the off-board Salsolan Outpost at Fort Preble, Portland. Some lucky Outsiders are even casually accepted by Salsolan peers and become unofficial Salsolans. No matter the case, if your character has never before made the pilgrimage from Portland to Nova Scotia and been welcomed into Salsola proper, they will need to undertake a joining thread.

The joining process of a Portland Salsolan is less strenuous than that of a Loner, as they will likely already be in possession of knowledge about Salsolan culture, history and law, and will come with the positive references of their Salsolan peers. Still it is recommended to bring a gift to show fealty to the Familia.

  1. Have a connection offboard to the Salsolan Outpost in Fort Preble, Portland (i.e. puppies born to offboard Salsolans, NPCs coming back onboard with proven Salsolans)
  2. Make the pilgrimage to the Thistle Kingdom in Nova Scotia
  3. Present a gift to the Salsolan leaders who will intercept you at the border

2.3  Joining Salsola as Servitori

Sometimes hapless Loners, mischievous trespassers or mal-intended Outsiders are captured and brought back to Salsola to pay off their ‘debt’ in the form of servitude. Taking this route to join Salsola as either an Indentured Servant or a Mendicant requires extensive understanding of both Salsolan culture and board rules. It is not a recommended path for newcomers to ‘Souls.

If you are looking to join Salsola as one of the Servitori, please get in contact with Leadership prior to making your joining attempt.

2.4  Rejection

If your character is rejected gently - perhaps they forgot a gift or their gift was of too poor a quality to be considered worthy - you are welcome to try again, although it is recommended you do so at a later date. If your character is chased away, be that for trespassing or any other reason, it is not recommended you attempt again; It is likely your character will only be chased away again, or treated with further violence.

3.  Post-Joining

Congratulations - you have been accepted into Salsola! But what on earth are you supposed to do now?

After acceptance in Salsola, it is best to talk to your character’s recruiter or look into finding an IC Sponsor to help guide your character through the minefield of Salsolan etiquette. If your character joined by association with another Salsolan, get in touch with that character’s player and ask if they would like to take on your character as a Ward. Though you can choose to OOCly assume your character is learning about Salsola’s culture and laws on their own, we encourage members to work this steep learning curve out in-game. Plus, your roleplay experience will be much more enjoyable with another player to take your under their wing!

3.1  Sponsors and Wards

Sponsors can play an integral part in a freshly accepted Salsolan’s education. Though not mandatory, having a Sponsor for your character gives them someone to ask questions of IC, someone to guide them through the maelstrom that is Salsolan culture, politics and laws.

The Sponsor must be a Salsolan ranked Family or higher. Sponsors are typically well-established in the Thistle Kingdom and relatively knowledgeable about cultural codes, beliefs, etiquette and so forth.

Failures and shortcomings of a ‘Ward’, as the joiner is now known, reflects poorly on the Sponsor; One's social standing and IC rank may drop. However, sponsoring a newcomer to fruition (by which they become a respectable member of the pack and are promoted to the Family rank) reflects extremely well on the Sponsor, proving their ability as a teacher and their exceptional knowledge of the Kingdom.

Generally, IC Sponsorship is only loosely restricted; we don't keep a "running list" of would-be Sponsors nor is there a particular training process.

The ties between Sponsors and Wards are often life-long, much as the close relationship between a teacher and a student can be.

3.2  Residence

Residences are a key facet to daily life in the Thistle Kingdom. Associates may live with their Sponsor, or take up a communal residence in Millstone Village. If they prefer to live away from greater civilization, they may take up settlement anywhere else within the borders for free.

However, the heart of Salsola is the Ruins, a residential zone where all the most important figures of the pack dwell. Residences in the Ruins must be purchased using Game Points, which are accumulated through word-counts for posts. A residence in the Ruins cannot be purchased until a character is ranked Family or higher. Please check out our Residency page to see what areas are available or taken.

3.3  Visitors

Only the Mafiosi have the authority to permit visitation from Outsiders, be they Loners or members of other packs. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Ranked Salsolans are free to visit others away from the pack territory, but Outsiders are generally not permitted to visit. If you would like to plot an Outsider visiting without leadership knowledge (secret trysts are encouraged OOCly!) make sure to PM leadership to ask for permission first.

3.4  Recruiting

Any ranked member can recruit someone - simply explain our culture ICly, along with our joining process. Recruiting is distinctly different from Sponsorship, and simply involves telling a prospective member a little about us.

4.  NPC Policies

4.1  Absentee NPC Status

If there is an occasion whereby a played Salsolan character fails the monthly boardwide activity check, they may become an aNPC, or an ‘Absentee Non-Played Character’. Here are Salsola’s policies on aNPCs:

  • aNPCs are permitted in Salsola as per the game procedures.
  • aNPCs may be demoted to make room for played characters in the ranks.
  • aNPCs automatically lose their Job(s) upon becoming NPCed, but may reclaim an empty Job if they are brought back in to active play by re-using their old challenges. If the Job was filled during the aNPC status, usurping requires writing new challenge threads.
  • aNPCs will eventually be moved to the Salsolan Trading Outpost after a prolonged period of inactivity (2+ months), so as to make space in the ranks for active members.

As a courtesy, automatic NPC status is granted anytime a character falls inactive - in other words, if something happens and you can't let us know, we'll still NPC your character. If you'd prefer we simply removed your character from the pack in case of inactivity, let us know.

4.2  Companion NPCs

cNPC companions may accompany a new recruit in their joining thread. Servants are permitted at joining; However, the appropriate game point price for an NPC servant must be paid (see our Game for details). If you wish to bring in an NPC after you've joined, you must write a RO joining thread for them, and it will be inferred that they have been approved by the Mafiosi. Don’t forget to contact Leadership for approval beforehand, and so that your new cNPC can be added to the SL ranks table.

4.3  Youth NPCs

A single character may have no more than 2 yNPCs in Salsola at any given time. yNPCs will exist only until they become 7 months old (playable age for off-board puppies, approx shifting time), after which time they will either need to be converted to a cNPC, adopted and actively played by a player, or moved off-board.

The player of the character to which a yNPC is associated must be the OOC owner of that yNPC, and therefore has full control over them regardless of whose puppy points were used in their creation. The associated character should be the primary carer, mother or father of the yNPC, although Leadership may consider alternatives if IC circumstances allow (i.e. adoption, being raised by an older sibling). They must be an active Salsolan.

4.4  Animal Companion NPCs

Please let us know of any animal companion additions for our Animals Wiki page, either by updating this yourself or posting in our Maintenance Thread. We do not regulate the amount of animal NPC companions a character may have in Salsola; However, you must abide by board NPC rules, and we request that any player considering adding an animal companion to their Salsolan character keep realism (in care, hours spent to train, acquisition of feed etc) at the forefront of their mind.

5.  Mandatory Pack Threads

Mandatory threads are infrequent, so when one occurs, all active members must contribute - even if it is with just one post. Punishments for non-attendance are IC, with a possible drop in rank and respect.

Mandatory pack threads are most often an IC update on pack proceedings, such as a Last Supper Event, or a thread directly related to an important in-pack plot that is in progress. If you know that your character will be unable to attend a mandatory pack thread, make sure to get in contact with Leadership as soon as possible to let them know; IC consequences may be avoided if you have a good enough reason for inattendance.