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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Dock and Island
    1.   1.1  Landmarks
    2.   1.2  Emergency Storage
    3.   1.3  History
  2.   2.  Weir
    1.   2.1  About
    2.   2.2  History

Pictou River, Isle Haute

by Alaine

1.  Dock and Island

Salsola's easternmost coastline point boasts a small dock extending outward into the bay on a particularly flat section of the beach. The jetty is old, but has been repaired over time by pack members and is currently in a usable state for small to medium sized vessels. With more upgrades planned for the future, it is the Family's hope that eventually, the dock might be in high enough condition to support the arrival of merchant ships trading down the coast from Freetown. Currently, a chain cable extends forth from this dock and is connected to a simple pulley on the far island. The cable sits beneath the water until a vessel seeks to cross. The boat currently used by Salsolans to make the crossing to Isle Haute is a shallow, punt-styled vessel that is operated like a cable ferry.

The dock itself is comprised of two main buildings, one a long storage warehouse that is in moderate condition, and the second a smaller accompanying cottage that has been repaired to suitable quality for any guests or dock-managers. There is a large brass bell on the end of the dock, salvaged from Amherst. When a Salsola member wishes to cross the small straight from the mainland to Isle Haute, s/he need only ring the bell, and The Slave of the Salt will ferry them across on a small makeshift boat. The slave will be in attendance to the individual until they are either dismissed, or the individual is safely returned to Salsola's mainland.

1.1  Landmarks

Sybil's Shore

Sybil's Shore is the coast closest to Salsola, and consequently, the flattest coast of the Mayate isle. It is here the boat to and from the mainland coast lands, and here where Khirot's small shack, constructed by Larkspur and Miqui, stands.


The eastern half of the Borgata Mayate isle boasts a wealth of shallow, damp caves -- perfect for growing mushrooms. In Winter 2011, Liliya Russo transplanted the crops of the Salsola Garden and moved them to the cave, where they began growing rampantly.

Mayate Lighthouse

The unmaintained steel lighthouse on the bay-facing side of Salsola is in relatively good condition. Though rust creeps along its sides and the whistle of the wind can be heard through the chinks in the thick metal sheeting, the lighthouse still stands, and its single-room basement provides a secondary, emergency storage area for Salsola.


  • Hollow Pond: A small pond on Sybil's shore, fed by Springs Hollow. It is brackish water, and frequently traps fish during the low tide.
  • Springs Hollow: This freshwater spring sits high on Borgata Mayate's cliffs, feeding into the nearby pond.
  • Bone Gulch: A deep gully in the cliffs of Isle Haute, facing the bay. The path around Bone Gulch is rocky and rather treacherous.
  • Steep Meadow: This steep, rolling hill is devoid of trees, but in the spring and summer, becomes overgrown with thick and brilliantly green grasses. The angle of the meadow is rather steep, and it drops to a sheer cliff on the other side.
  • Blackstone: This small rocky isle sits along the southern coast of the island, boasting a few gnarled pines and little else.

1.2  Emergency Storage

  • Supplies donated to the emergency stores are not able to be traded or used freely. Only items able to keep for a long time without interference -- e.g., dried plants or smoked meats -- should be stored here.
    • Torches: Salsola has five or six torches, each constructed of a thick stick with one end wrapped with a pitch-soaked rag.

1.3  History

This long-term project was first started with the exploration of the small island along Salsola's coast shortly after the pack was founded. It was completed by Liliya Russo with various assisting members in the early weeks of winter 2011.

2.  Weir

The Borgata Xicohtli's Pictou River drains into the Bay of Fundy, and as with many rivers along this bay, is subject to the tremendous tides within the bay. High tide brings about a tidal bore, which drives high tide waters upriver in a visible wave against the current.

One small creek of the river has been walled off with stones of various sizes to make a fishing weir -- this creek, nicknamed Pesce Creek, serves as a fishtrap for the Salsola pack. Fish are driven upriver with the tide, and when the low tide comes about, they cannot escape. This is the weir's primary use.

2.1  About

The first part of the weir sits along the mouth of the creek, consisting of a stone wall. This wall sits above the water during the low tide, but is completely submerged during high tide, allowing fish to pass over. The second part of the weir can be used only with two Luperci -- a large, rolled-up net sits in a canvas bag tied in a tree near the stone wall. The net must be stretched across the river, and it can then be walked downstream, driving a large amount of fish directly to the weir and trapping them.

2.2  History

This long-term project was completed by Eris Eternity in late winter of 2012, primarily with the assistance of slaves.

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