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Colors: Dark Sienna (#312B1F)

Olive Green (#4B5320)

Founded By: Sirius


Founded On: 07 May 2011 (IC)

12 May 2011 (OOC)

Former Members:
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1.  Introduction

Hi, and welcome to Salsola's history Wiki page! This page is intended to be a timeline of Salsola's history. Anyone is free to edit this page, provided you follow the 'Souls Wiki Guidelines as well as the Guidelines specified herein. Thanks for contributing, and please continue being awesome, Salsola!

1.1  More History?

For a written summary of Salsola's history, please see our website. Updates from this timeline to the website's written summary will occur periodically.

1.2  Guidelines

Major and minor events within Salsola are totally acceptable and totally awesome. If something happens to your character on Salsola's land, or if your character is a member of Salsola and something happens to them elsewhere, we welcome your addition here.

Thanks again for adding your history! We hope this method of historical documentation (open and free for all members to edit) is useful to you. :) As per Salsola's game, updates to this page net players 10 game points!

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Event Date

2.  Written


In early January of 2011, Sirius Revlis returned to his place of birth in Nova Scotia, heading to Anathema. There, he found the woman who raised him, Naniko D'Angelo. Sirius settled into the pack uneasily, meeting a woman who claimed distant relation to Sirius -- Eris Eternity.

He befriended her quickly, though he found her lacking in useful skill; however, it wasn't long before Eris herself requested education in hunting and survival skills. Eris was distressed by her uselessness in the face of motherhood, and found herself unable to ask anyone but Sirius. Over the next few months, Sirius educated her and she learned, and all the while they grew closer.

It was Sirius who first suggested they might form a pack of their own. Eris was hasty to agree, finding herself connected with only a choice few members of Anathema (though, of course, she hadn't sought many of them out, either). Thus the idea of a new pack began to brew in both of their heads.

Throughout the early weeks of April, they conspired secretly in the late nights, whispering of this place where they would ensure each member contributed equally, where they would seize much-desired power, and all other fantastical conjectures made by would-be kings. In the third week of April, they began to recruit -- these members they sought were suggested by Eris, who found herself with at least enough social connections to form the basis and foundation of a new home.

The canines sought were mostly Anathema canines, though Eris was lucky enough to encounter Bastion Hallow and Janos Russo, a curious pair she had been fortunate enough to receive during her journey northward from Eterne. They, too, were invited, and in the first week of May, the canines made their way to the westernmost corner of Drifter Bay, where they settled amongst the thistle and ruins of humanity.

2.1  Early Months

Just days after settling into the territory, Larkspur and Sirius dispatched a dangerous bear from Salsola's territory, killing it. They decided to make use of the body, and Larkspur took the bear's skull to present it to Eris. Sirius was given a bearskin cloak, although he gained scars and lost half a tail in the process.

New recruits and slaves alike came to Salsola: Larkspur took a woman, Rowan Bissette, as his personal slave. Denver Mathis and Magnolia Takekuro, both of the southern Cour des Miracles kingdom, joined Salsola. A traveler from the Appalachian Mountains, Jeremiah Ezekial, arrived in Salsola seeking Eris and joins with the pack. Bastion Hallow and Tlantli Kimaris chased and captured a pair of trespassers; one of these wolves, Darijus Ostroszek, was captured as a slave.

Larkspur began building a barn and corral for the horses of Salsola, drawing assistance from various packmembers. Once completed, the barn held eight horses, with two rooms for tack and food. It is well-concealed with foliage and other brush, keeping prying eyes from discovering Salsola's livestock.

The pack gathered for their first Last Supper celebration, where Darijus acted out, demanding food, and was punished accordingly. He lost his tongue and his foot was mangled as retribution for slapping Salvia; he would have lost his hand, were it not for his intended purpose as a labor slave, according to Eris.

In late July, Eris gave birth to the first litter of puppies within Salsola to her now-mate, Larkspur D'Angelo. The children were kept within Eris's den for longer than usual, and the mother behaved somewhat erratically. This was due to the illness of Shibboleth D'Angelo, the last child born to the pair. Nevertheless, Larkspur and Pandemic D'Angelo, along with Itachi Lykoi, headed south to Freetown for trading purposes at Sirius's command.

In late August, the trio of traders returned, and Salsola gained a new slave and a new recruit: Verusha Agata and Liliya Russo, respectively. Citlali Etalpalli-Kimaris began the construction of the gardens in the Borgata Xicohtli territory.

3.  Timeline

3.1  2011

Founding History

April 4

  • Eris and Sirius go fishing together; Sirius teaches Eris how to fish. It's OOCly assumed Sirius brings up the pack idea with Eris after these events. Following this thread, Sirius and Eris meet together in secret over a period of a few weeks to hash out potential members, ranks, and so forth. [1]

April 22

  • In the Anathema caves, Sirius and Itachi discuss the idea; Sirius asks Itachi who he considers as family and proposes the idea that Itachi can choose his own family. Sirius leaves the choice as to whether to follow to Itachi, but strongly implies his potential will be wasted in Anathema. [2]

April 24

  • With Eris's recommendation of her, Sirius and Tlantli discuss the idea and Sirius asks for Tla's loyalty in forming the new pack, and again proposes the idea of a family bound by their pack ties. [3]

April 25

  • Eris and Larkspur discuss the idea of departing to form a new pack; Eris promises Larkspur she and Sirius will lead with strength. [4]

May 5

  • Sirius and Eris visit the territory they've selected to ensure it's proper for the pack; they select thistle to represent the formation of Salsola and thus its namesake. [5]

May 7

  • Sirius waits on Salsola's new territory while Eris leads the founding members from Anathema to him; they announce their intentions to found the pack here and get to marking the borders immediately afterward. [6]

Early History

May 12

  • Larkspur and Sirius encounter a bear on Salsola territory. [7]
  • Sirius is given the mark of Salsola by Tlantli. She earns the Segna co-rank. [8]
  • Larkspur finds a lone traveller outside of Salsola, one who speaks only German, and takes her as his slave. [9]

May 13

May 17

May 25

  • Tlantli is given the mark of Salsola by Eris, becoming the first of the pack to obtain her marks. [13]

May 26

  • Eris encounters Jeremiah, a canine she had encountered previously on her journey northward from Eterne. Jeremiah's people had been kindly to Eris, and she invites him along to join Salsola, figuring his religious studies and education would be quite useful to the pack. [14]

June 4

  • Bastion catches two canines lurking inside of Salsola's borders and pursues them. [15]
  • Larkspur begins the second barn constructing thread. [16]

June 11

June 17

  • The pack gathers together for its first feast night together. [18]

June 25

  • Tayui seeks out Janos to discuss their co-ranks. At first, Janos is put off by Tayui, but he eventually warms up a bit and the two discuss ways to send messages back and forth when Tayui is spying. They realized that they both want to work out an intricate solution involving a messenger animal, but don't know enough about how to do it, so they decide to reconvene after they each do some research. [19]

June 27

  • The leaders of Salsola, Eris and Sirius, get a little extra close, wink nudge etc. [20]

July 2

July 10

July 11

  • Larkspur starts the final construction of Salsola's barn. [24]

July 13

  • Janos earns the Informatore co-rank by gaining information regarding Ichika no Ho-en as he was instructed. Note: the OOC date of his earning is October 4th; however, the thread is dated for July. [25]

July 24

August 21

  • A day or so after Eris encounters Verusha near Salsola's territory and captures her (this is OOCly assumed), Verusha's daughter Liliya comes calling, searching for her mother. Eris sees this as an opportunity, using Verusha as leverage to entice Liliya to the pack. [27], [28]

August 22

  • Tayui questions and then strikes Solanaceae, only to have the attack finished by a wild feline. Following this, Tayui departs from Salsola. [29]

August 23

  • Denver and Magnolia are tasked with dispatching a lurker found around Salsola's borders. [30]

August 25

  • Citlali invites Eris to see the progress he has made in establishing the Borgata Xicohtli gardens. [31]
  • Larkspur returns from his trip to Freetown and presents Sirius with the mare acquired there, who Sirius takes for himself and names Chiaro de Luna. [32]
  • Pandemic presents Sirius with a "living jewel" as he was tasked for his Cueponi ceremony. [33]
  • Itachi visits Sirius to tell him of the events that transpired on the trip to Freetown; though they were successful in bartering for slaves, one escaped and was killed, while the other was crippled. [34]
  • Larkspur presents Tlantli with a snake-egg, completing his co-rank challenges and earning the Ganadero co-rank. [35]
  • Eris and Larkspur burn their sickly child, Shibboleth, in a pyre. [36]

Middle History

September 16

  • Janos finds a lone child next to a corpse; he adopts the child and brings it home to Bastion. Shortly thereafter, Janos and Bastion venture out of Salsola's borders with their newly acquired child, where Bastion encounters his brother Reaper, the mate of the deceased mother and father to Bastion's new child. [37], [38]

September 30

  • Salsola gathers for another Last Supper celebration. This is an OOC summary thread; rather than play it out, this time we chose to take submissions for the supper instead. [39]

October 5

  • Liliya begins constructing the dock for the Borgata Mayate boat-building project. [40]

November 5

November 19

November 20

28 December 2011

29 December 2011

3.2  2012

Recent History

3 January 2012

4 January 2012

6 January 2012

7 January 2012

12 January 2012

17 January 2012

22 January 2012

27 January 2012

29 January 2012

21 February 2012

26 February 2012

  • While working on the weir, Imhotep Aabt and Eris Eternity converse. Imhotep asks for Eris' permission to take Odessa as his mate, she grants it.

28 February 2012

  • Salvia Eternity, Yi TaeKyung, and Magnolia Takekuro slip into Ichika's borders unnoticed and begin to raid the livestock. Taken are two llamas, but not without cost: the raiders are interrupted by a startled horse, and Magnolia is captured by the Ichikans. [61]

6 March 2012

  • The Last Supper occurs. [62]
  • Odessa and Imhotep's mateship is announced.

8 March 2012

14 March 2012

15 March 2012

  • Ezequiel joins Salsola and is accepted by Eris, who also grants legitimacy to Tlantli Kimaris and Ezequiel's mateship; however, Tlantli does not receive a promotion, which she ought to have for recruiting two to Salsola (Ezequiel and his sister Anita) and gaining a mate. Tlantli makes angry faces because Eris is a jerk. [67]

18 March 2012

22 March 2012

  • Tlantli Kimaris finds a beached whale just north of Salsola and fetches her brother Miqui Kimaris to help her carve its corpse up. Miqui uses the horse cart with the Salsolian communal horses Trader and Blanche and follows his sister to the site of the whale. The pair use machetes to carve the whale's corpse, and the slave Gjalda returns when Miqui brings the first load back to Salsola. [69]
  • Eris Eternity, Miqui Kimaris, Draugr Helsi, Gjalda, and Darijus Ostroszek help boil, fry, and eventually jar the products of a beached whale. [70]

3.3  2013

3.4  2014

3.5  2015

2 October 2015

22 December 2015

3.6  2016

January 2016

  • Dead bodies start turning up on the edges of Salsola's territory.

March 2016

  • A number of foals are born over the course of the month. [72]

April 2016

  • The red star crashes down into the ocean near Nova Scotia. Salsola suffers damages from the after effects, but everyone works to recover from the disaster.
  • The dead bodies return and finally the killers come to light. The Five have been terrorizing Salsola and they are swiftly put to justice.

3 May 2016

3.7  2017

3.8  2018

3.9  2019

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