Salsola's Animals

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  1.   1.  Rules/Procedures
    1.   1.1  Update, Please!
    2.   1.2  Animal Residences
  2.   2.  Owned Animals
    1.   2.1  Horses / Riding Animals
    2.   2.2  Birds
    3.   2.3  Cats
    4.   2.4  Other

1.  Rules/Procedures

1.1  Update, Please!

  1. Remember, it is up to you to either add or let us know if you need an animal added to these pages. You can request the leadership do this is you provide information in our maintenence thread.
  2. Please keep the total word count of your description below 150 words. If you need more space, use an NPC Template or your personal Wiki page. This page is only meant to be a brief catalog of your companion animal. o:
  3. If your character leaves Salsola, or is placed on NPC status and moves to the SL Trading Outpost, their animals will be removed from this list. Make sure to keep your own copy of the information you put here, in case it is thus removed.
  4. Please note that the art made for the below animals is done for fun, and as a courtesy, by Alaine. They are done in her own time, for no cost, and under no duress. If you have added an animal to the below list, it is likely that art will be made of it for you at her earliest convenience - However, this art is done for 'Souls and Salsolan use only. Please do not use it on any other sites. Please do not modify it in any way. It may be used on your character's personal wiki page and in their on-boards pages, but please note if your character permanently leaves Salsola, it may be requested that you cease using the artwork.

1.2  Animal Residences

Animals may be kept in various areas: there are communal stables; another option is to allow your animal to simply meander around Salsola. This is acceptable where the animal is not overly aggressive or dangerous; animals which are dangerous or aggressive must be kept quartered.

2.  Owned Animals

  1. These animals belong to a particular character; they are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their Salsolan owners. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.

2.1  Horses / Riding Animals

  1. These horses live in various places and are not sorted by their usual residence or location.
  2. You do not need to fill in the About section if you have information available elsewhere about your animals on the Wiki. Just link to that instead; it's easier to update in the long run.
  3. Horses are listed by owner's rank + alphabetical order!

Mafioso + Sotto Capo Members

Icon Gender DoB Residence About

Olaf (O'Riley)

Stallion May 2013 O'Riley's private pasture.
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, strong but a little slow.
  • Personality: Fearless, friendly.
  • Description: Large, mostly dark with a few white markings. Slight feathering can be found along each leg.
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Jonesy (O'Riley)

Male April 2013 O'Riley's private pasture.
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, but not as fast as a horse and better suited to carrying a load or pulling a cart.
  • Personality: Temperament is a little stubborn, but easily food-driven
  • Description: Large, strong bay Mule - This animal is built to work!
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Berkanan (Loki)

Mare 2013 Millstone Village
  • Abilities: Extremely fast, sure-footed, excellent stamina.
  • Personality: Curious and eager to work. Spirited, a little vain. Alert.
  • Description: An Appaloosa with a wavy mane and tail.
  • Notes:
  • See NPC page for more information.

Tonnerre (Brocade)

Stallion 2010 TBD
  • Abilities: Strong, dependable, can carry/pull large weights. Battle-trained.
  • Personality: Boisterous and loud, but not overly difficult to handle; Tonnerre is not aggressive, but will push his hefty weight around.
  • Description: Tonnerre is a high-percentage Gypsy Vanner stallion. He has been trained for battle by Brocade, and is difficult to startle or spook.
  • Notes:
- His name means "Thunder" in French

Faction Members

Icon Gender DoB Residence About

Cedar (Kamari)

Stallion Spring 2013 ---
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, good endurance and fast, specifically trained for a scouting role
  • Personality: Quiet, patient, observant/watchful, does not trust unfamiliar Luperci
  • Description: Bay dun with one white ankle, black mane and legs; dark brown eyes
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Inner Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Residence About

Nacht (Salvia)

Stallion 2010 Salvia's private pasture.
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, labor, combat.
  • Personality: Relaxed, even-tempered, very friendly.
  • Description: Pure black and well muscled, Nacht is a draft-mix.
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Tiger (Salvia)

Stallion Mar 2012 Salvia's private pasture.
  • Abilities: Extremely fast and sure footed.
  • Personality: Luperci are warned to steer clear of Tiger, who will bite and kick if unfamiliar canines approach.
  • Description: Tiger is a medium-sized horse with a unique coat.
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Daly (Stannis)

Gelding April 2012 Salvia's private pasture.
  • Abilities: Great stamina, very strong
  • Personality: Eager to work, relatively friendly
  • Description: Daly is a chestnut draft-mix. He has a blaze on his face and half-stockings on all four legs.
  • Notes: See NPC page.

Dama (Grievous)

Stallion 2011 Grievous' Cabin
  • Abilities: Warhorse, rider trained, sure-footed, very strong. Will pull a cart for apples.
  • Personality: Smart, spirited, and fearless. Good natured, when handled by a knowledgeable rider is an an absolutely stellar horse. Will do anything for apples, and likes to steal things and prance about.
  • Description: A unique mix of black and white, he presents a striking, strong figure.

Usrsula (Grievous)

Mare October 2016 Grievous' Cabin
  • Abilities: None yet.
  • Personality: Friendly, outgoing, easy-tempered.
  • Description: A large, long-legged horse. Entirely gray all over, with dark skin. Plush mane and tail, notable feathering on feet.

Midnight (Scorpius)

Mare 2008 Scorpius's house
  • Abilities: Rider trained, sure-footed, high stamina.
  • Personality: Strong-willed, levelheaded, fearless.
  • Description: Midnight is a large but lean dark blue roan and black Percheron.
  • Notes: She will bite or kick anyone she doesn't trust but is docile around other horses.
    • Gave birth in April 2015 to Onyx, sired by Korosk.
    • Gave birth in March 2018 to Soot, sired by Black.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Soot (Scorpius)

Colt March 2018 Scorpius's house
  • Abilities: None.
  • Personality: Unknown.
  • Description: All black with a big head and long legs.
  • Notes: Currently inseparable from his mother.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Sahar (Indra)

Stallion 2012 Eastern Watchtower
  • Abilities: Incredibly fast and boasts exceptional endurance, but doesn't handle rocky terrain well.
  • Personality: A surprisingly passive horse, given that he was never gelded. Absurdly proud.
  • Description: Completely brown with a black mane and tail.

Maschine (Till)

Stallion June 2004 The Old Wall
  • Abilities: Fast, tough, experienced, rider friendly
  • Personality: Overly friendly, talkative, easy to work with, and intelligent. Read more
  • Description: Maschine is large in height but remains on a leaner side of the spectrum weight wise. He's mostly black in coloration but has appaloosa markings in white on his rump and hind legs. His face is tattooed like a horse skull and because of this he looks very intimidating.
  • Notes:
    • Till is actively looking to breed Maschine because of his age. Feel free to discuss with J if you are interested in a stud!

Jun (Till)

Mare approx 2009 The Old Wall
  • Abilities: experienced warhorse, unshakable
  • Personality: Not friendly at all, aggressive, favors only her rider Read more
  • Description: Jun is a grade horse that is not big, nor is she small. She's average height and weight, sure footed, and has one hell of a temper. Her fur is a light gray all over with no real distinguishing marks. She often can be found wearing fitted armor, even when not in battle.

Central Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Residence About

Faust (Ankh)

Stallion NA Free-roaming around Ankh's hermitage
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Faust is a very docile, yet somewhat flighty horse.
  • Description: True White
  • Notes:
    • Traded for some years back for a handsome sum.

Ondine (Cleome Valentine)

Mare 2010 Cleome's home
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, cart-trained.
  • Personality: Eager to please, needy and motherly. Very active and playful, and loves physical contact and attention.
  • Description: A blue roan overo mare, with Mustang and Quarter horse traits.
  • Notes:
    • Fiercely protective of Luperci and other horses, will charge at perceived threats.
    • Loves treats and hugs, give her some and she'll consider you part of her herd instantly.
    • Doesn't appreciate pushy and overly-dominant riders, and will buck them off.

Ignis (Vesta)

Stallion 2008 Scorpius's house
  • Abilities: Rider trained, cart trained, war horse, robust, and strong.
  • Personality: Calm, docile, reliable, compliant, adaptable, but a little dumb.
  • Description: Huge, heavy, and stocky. A rich warm flaxen chestnut that fades into honey gold.
  • Notes: Stubborn with strangers but easily bribed with food.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Finn (Duncan)

Stallion 2008 Duncan's house
  • Abilities: Rider trained, extremely fast, and agile.
  • Personality: Bold, fearless, intelligent, alert, perceptive.
  • Description: Large but lean, sleek, and streamlined. A smoky silver grullo with accents of black.
  • Notes: Wary of strangers but not aggressive. Loves carrots.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Gaia (Serene)

Mare 2012 Scorpius's house
  • Abilities: Rider trained, sure footed, and high stamina.
  • Personality: Calm, playful, reliable, intelligent, levelheaded.
  • Description: Long body, long legs. A solid dark chocolate brown with a pale mane and tail.
  • Notes: Very friendly and easily approachable. Loves treats.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Chestnut (Mirte)

Mare 2011 ---
  • Abilities: Rider and cart trained.
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: Dun Fjord horse.
  • Notes:

Nightmare (Coaxoch)

Colt 2017 Mustang hybrid
  • Abilities: Nothing because he's a pleb
  • Personality: He is a nippy, loud, and annoying colt who has only just started to train as a future warhorse
  • Description: Mostly white with mottled black facial markings and chest. some black butt spots and groin area. Mostly black mane with one large patch of white going midway through.
  • Notes:
    • Colt of Maschine and Jun

Kratos (Sidious)

Stallion 2012 Scorpius's house
  • Abilities: Strong, agile, and very fast.
  • Personality: Currently strong-willed and unpredictable. Will be adaptable and reliable later on.
  • Description: Large and sturdy grade horse. Pure black with a white mane and tail, pale hoofs.
  • Notes: Currently in training with Scorpius. Very aggressive toward strangers.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Outer Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Residence About

2.2  Birds

Mafioso + Sotto Capo Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Faction Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Jet (Scorpius)

Male 2012 Black Eagle Scorpius's house See NPCs of Eve

Cosme (Weaver)

Male ~2016 Snowy Owl The Ruins
  • Abilities: Excellent hunter (rats, mice, and voles, hares when older), training scout
  • Personality: Timid, but intelligent, not fond of luperci except for Weaver
  • Description: Appearance is that of a normal snowy owl, smaller though since he is still a juvenile. Most of his feathers are completely white except for some hints of black feathers on his chest, legs, and wings.
  • Notes:
    • Salsola members are likely to catch sight of Cosme around Weaver's home at the Northern Watchtower.

Inner Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About


Male 2011 Peacock Millstone Village, free-roaming Salsola residents are well-advised not to eat this peacock. When left behind by Sirius, the peacock was left without a true owner; however, the leadership has made it very clear the animal is to be left alone. It's occasional caretaker is Itachi. Members may find use of his shed feathers, however.

Crows (Itachi)

Various Various Common Crow Millstone Village These crows are owned by Itachi Lykoi and reserved for his use. They were obtained on the trip to Freetown in Summer of 2011. There are ten in total.

Sandalio (Itachi)

Male ?? Barn Owl Millstone Village More?

Sorcha (Indra )

Female May 2013 Bald Eagle Eastern Watchtower With a wingspan of just over 7 feet and overall weight of 14lbs, Sorcha is a fairly typical bald eagle insofar as size and body conformation are concerned. Her big golden eyes are anzac (#ddae46).

Muerte (Till)

Female Spring 2009 Great Horned Owl The Old Wall She was owned originally by Kesho in Inferni, but upon his death she was cared for from Valkyrie. When Valkyrie left Inferni, she gave the bird to Viktor as a present and she has been with Viktor ever since. She's rough around the edges and has seen many battles, and often will play dumb to those who speak to her that are not Viktor or Till. Since Viktor's disappearance, she has spent a lot of time looking for him, and only comes back to tell Till of her findings.

Central Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Ire (Vesta)

Male 2015 Gyrfalcon Scorpius's house See NPCs of Eve

Flurry (Serene)

Male 2015 Snowy Owl Scorpius's house See NPCs of Eve

Barbas (Urho )

Male ~2016 Northern Goshawk Urho's House
  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: Willful and nippy.
  • Description: Dark charcoal and grey when full grown with deep red eyes.
  • Notes:
- Found in a nest by Urho.
- In the process of training as a scout and messenger.

Skrak & Barkek (Coaxoch)

Male(s) Skrak 2010 Barkek 2006 Ravens Salsola, free-roaming Formerly two of the unclaimed ravens residing in Anathema, Skrak and Barkek were adopted by Lillith in pup-hood. Skrak is a healthy, black raven, while Barkek is a little scruffy and scarred from fights with other birds. Upon Lillith's Death, Skarak and Barkek started to follow Coaxoch around, for some unknown reason.

Thistle (Senua)

Female 2016 Eurasian Magpie Scorpius's house See NPCs of Eve

Bramble (Sidious)

Male 2016 Eurasian Magpie Scorpius's house See NPCs of Eve

Outer Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

2.3  Cats

Mafioso + Sotto Capo Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Keenan (O'Riley)

Male 2016 Eurasian/Canadian Lynx Free-roaming; most commonly seen with O'Riley or hunting in the Pine Barrens.
  • Abilities: Messenger, Scouting, Hunting
  • Personality: Cautious, secretive
  • Description: Healthy looking, warm pelt colors.
  • Notes:
    • Son of Abenrot and Mirjam

Adelia (Brocade)

Female 2016 Norwegian Forest Cat Free-roaming; Most commonly seen with Brocade in the Ruins, travels as she pleases
  • Abilities: Annoying Brocade and being a herald of doom
  • Personality: Extremely vain, but well used to travel and Canadian wilderness, and not afraid to get her paws dirty
  • Description: White, very fluffy and regal
  • Notes:
    • Used to belong to Hyacinth Silevue
    • Competent speaker of High Speech (the common tongue)

Faction Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Stone (Kamari)

Male 2017 Domestic cat Free-roaming; most commonly seen at the Kaiser family home or with Kamari
  • Abilities: Messenger, spying/scouting, hunting/tracking, climbing
  • Personality: Blunt, brave, intelligent, serious, protective
  • Description: Stub tail, tufted ears, brown tabby with yellow-green eyes, large size for domestic cat
  • Notes:
    • Traded for in Portland by Kamari's father, Heine
    • See here for more information

Agate (Kamari)

Male 2017 Domestic cat Free-roaming; most commonly seen at the Kaiser family home or with Kamari
  • Abilities: Messenger, spying/scouting, hunting/tracking, climbing
  • Personality: Friendly, playful, lazy, intelligent
  • Description: Orange and white tom with green eyes
  • Notes:
    • Traded for in Portland by Kamari's father, Heine
    • See here for more information

Inner Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Abendrot (Salvia)

Male 2010 Eurasian Lynx Free-roaming; most commonly seen in the Pine Barrens, Shulie Farmland, and Millstone Village.
  • Abilities: Hunting, spying, message delivery to and from Salvia.
  • Personality: Unfriendly, aggressive.
  • Description: He weighs in at a staggering 66lbs (30kg), and stands 28 inches tall at the shoulder. This impressive size is the direct result of protection and good hunting. His fur is sleek and thick and overall, he appears massive.
  • Notes:
    • Abendrot is currently absent from Salsola's territory, though his "claim" in and around Salvia's home remains.
    • Non-Salsolan members are wise to avoid Abendrot; he has trained with Salvia and is familiar with lupus-based canine combat. He will attack young or weak Luperci with the intent to kill.
  • See NPCs of Mel.

Mirjam (Till)

Female 2014 Bobcat Canadian Lynx The Old Wall
  • Abilities: Hunting, spying, speaking in low&high speech, tracking
  • Personality: aloof, doesn't often speak to other luperci that aren't in her troupe.
  • Description: Decent size for a bobcat (but small for a lynx), though on the dainty side because of gender and lack of eating good meals, but still big enough to realize that she can be a threat.
  • Notes:
    • Originally thought to be a bobcat because of her small size and ashy pelt, Cotl passed down the rumor that she was a bobcat and not a Canadian Lynx. She is often referred to as a bobcat by both herself and her owners.
    • Read more..

Central Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Conor (Duncan)

Male 2013 Domestic Cat Free-roaming; most commonly seen around The Ruins, Millstone Village, and Marrgerd.
  • Abilities: Pest control, spying.
  • Personality: Friendly, laid-back, talkative.
  • Description: An average sized male calico with polydactylism, mostly white with patches of black and orange. He is somewhat brazen and foolhardy when caught in the right mood but for the most part prefers to be amiable and social.
  • Notes: Wary of strangers but warms up quickly when treated nice.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Ardor (Vesta)

Male 2010 Eurasian Lynx Free-roaming; most commonly seen around The Ruins, Grimrun, and the Blackwoods.
  • Abilities: Tracking, hunting, spying.
  • Personality: Approachable, watchful, calm.
  • Description: Noticeably larger than average due to being raised in captivity, a good life, and a good diet. He is somewhat lazy and stubborn but can quickly adapt to any task that needs to be done, given enough motivation.
  • Notes: Can be aloof to strangers but not aggressive.
    • Easily and often mistaken for Abendrot.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Ixion (Coaxoch)

Male 2016 Eurasian/Canadian Lynx Free-roaming; most commonly seen around the Blackwoods.
  • Abilities: Messenger, Scouting, Hunting
  • Personality: Shy, Fleeting, Fiery
  • Description: Runtish, and very light colored. He is easy to spot. His bright blue eyes are haunting. He is noticeably smaller than most other lynxes in the area. He is fed well despite this, and is a constant companion to the one armed boy - Coaxoch.
  • Notes:
    • Son of Abenrot and Mirjam

Allspice (Ankh)

Male NA Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Large, dominant tomcat, territorial and battle ready
  • Description: Black, medium hair
  • Notes:
    • Formerly feral

Ginger (Ankh)

Male NA Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Affectionate, will readily approach others
  • Description: Ginger and white, medium haired
  • Notes:
    • Traded for by Ankh

Clove (Ankh)

Female NA Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Usually found in high places, sagely surveying the world
  • Description: Seal colour point, medium hair
  • Notes:
    • Traded for by Ankh

Dill (Ankh)

Male NA Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Playful and adventurous
  • Description: Black and white bi-colour short hair
  • Notes:
    • Formerly feral
    • Son of Allspice, and the youngest of Ankh's five personal cats

Rue (Ankh)

Female NA Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: ---
  • Personality: Fiesty, quick and smart. Is rarely seen in one place for a long time.
  • Description: Brown short haired mackeral tabby
  • Notes:
    • Formerly feral

Outer Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Ugly (Shaamah)

Female NA Domestic Cat Free-roaming
  • Abilities: Exceptional hunter.
  • Personality: Loves pets. Very friendly.
  • Description: Domestic Short Hair/ Brown Tabby/ Sparse coat due to burns.
  • Notes:
    • Ugly as sin due to burns obtained during the Red Star.

2.4  Other

Mafioso + Sotto Capo Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Faction Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Cirsium (Idrieus)

Male 2015 American Black Bear The Ruins
  • Given to Arte by Loki , passed on to Idrieus after her death.
  • An adult bear, but still can act like a rambunctious cub. Protective of Idrieus.
    • Being trained for combat and to protect not just her.
  • Can be found roaming around the Ruins from Spring-Fall. Hibernates during the winter.
    • Usually seen around Idrieus' wing or often inside her room.

Inner Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Ivor (Scorpius)

Male 2015 Kermode Bear Scorpius's house
  • Found orphaned during the spring floods and "adopted" by Scorpius.
  • Leucistic; born completely white instead of natural black.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Central Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Raine & Oriel (Cleome)

Mated pair 2015 New England Cottontail The Ruins
  • Traded for in Portland.
  • Raine is very pushy and bossy, and growls in complaint a lot. Prone to thumping and stomping.
  • Oriel is as moody as his mate, but more prone to sudden bursts of energy.
  • Despite being bitter from being around canines all the time, the two rabbits are very fond of Cleome.

Selma (Tink)

Female 2010 Cow Marrgerd
  • Mixed breed longhair cow, used for milk.
  • Docile and friendly, enjoys the company of other cattle.

Nox (Sidious)

Male 2017 Red Fox Scorpius's house
  • Raised by Serene alongside Sidious and Senua as part of the family. Fluent in high speech. Comfortable around luperci though wary of strangers.
  • Dark silver color variant. Appears solid black faintly peppered with silver with a white tipped tail. Bright orange eyes.
  • See NPCs of Eve.

Olla (June)

Female 2015 Indian Gray Mongoose The Ruins
  • Given as a coming-of-age gift to June from her father in Barbados.
  • She can often be found twined around her mistress' neck like a furry scarf.
  • Olla is a kleptomaniac, especially likes shiny things.
  • She is very spirited and energetic on moment then lethargic the next..

Outer Ring Members

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Alphonso (Shaamah)

Male 2009 Goat Marrgerd
  • Anglo-Nubian dominant hybrid. Larger than average in height, de-horned and on the slimmer side of things. He has minimal markings.
  • Stolen and donated to Sapient by Keir Greyson, named by Akantha. Given to Shaamah upon Sapient's disbandment; Gifted to Salsola by Shaamah.
  • A patient animal that only tends to butt when pestered.
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