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by Alaine








Dark Sienna (#312B1F)
Olive Green (#4B5320)


Sirius Revlis, Eris Eternity

Dates Active

7 May 2011 – Present

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Members
  3.   3.  Pack Relationships
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  4.   4.  Trivia

Salsola is a pack located in the Drifter Bay territory of 'Souls, claiming the whole of Cape Chignecto Park, Isle Haute, and Millstone Village and stretching north into Amherst and the Halcyon Mountain. Luperci of any type are welcome to join, though Salsola is highly matriarchal and has a strict cultural code.

The Family is tight-knit, valuing mateship, political rank and secrecy. While Salsola's social structure appears to be tightly-knit and there is a general air of public camaraderie, not everything is as it seems -- backstabbing, secretive trysts, and so forth are commonplace as a sinister undercurrent to the public persona of a tightly-knit community. Salsola has an abundance of subtle cultural codes and signals that form an unspoken language. Those who find themselves breaking any of the many strict conventions of the pack too frequently will find themselves ousted from the pack altogether in no short order.

Salsola is extremely strict with regards to IC hierarchy; canines are expected to show proper submission and dominance over other members. Those who do not risk being punished or usurped, respectively. Salsola respects its own above all else, and those who contribute to the well-being of the pack are held in especially high regard, finding themselves favored by the leadership and members alike.

One does is unlikely to find Salsola members outside of their lands very often, due to their intense secrecy; few Salsolans will identify themselves as such.

  • Scent: Pine. Salty, marshy. Strongly female. Wolfish, with weaker hints of coyote and dog.
    • Common 'cover' scents: Bayberry, earth, wild mint, sage, wood-smoke.
  • Archetypes:
    • Welcome: Loyalists/devotees, assassins/spies, sly/secretive folk, liars, slaves, occultists/witches, merchants/craftsmen
    • Unwelcome: Gentle/innately kind folk, heroes, wildlings/loner types, vigilantes, artists, non-luperci

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1.  History

Salsola was formed out of two canines' desire for power and privacy. By using intimidation, trade, and other means, Salsola has established itself as a formidable (if immoral and nefarious) pack among those in the North. In more recent years, Salsola has seen a tremendous growth in both population and presence. Skilled hunters, traders, entertainers and craftsmakers all have found their niches in the pack, owing to the extreme specialization of the Family's ranks. Since the conclusion of the Boreas Conflict, Salsola has taken a special interest in the breeding, training, and trading of horses. Due to its nature, Salsola has seen various conflicts large and small since its inception, and violence regularly finds the Family.

2.  Members



  • See The Outpost for current members of Salsola living in the pack's claim within the Portland area.


2013 Births

3.  Pack Relationships

3.1  More?

3.2  Key

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

Active Packs

Mainland Packs


There has been limited contact with Krokar on behalf of Salsola, though both groups are aware of each other and have traded before.

Mistfell Vale

Salsola and Mistfell Vale have had little formal interaction, though are aware of each other.
  • Saga D'Angelo, who was born in Salsola's Outpost, abandoned the Family to help form this new pack. Her brothers would later join her.

Peninsula Packs

Cour des Miracles

Salsola has had little interaction with Cour des Miracles, though have spied upon the pack previously.
  • Artemisia Eternity and her daughter infiltrate this pack in Autumn 2013.
  • Loki Helsi joins under guise to gain information on the CdM/Inferni skirmish in Summer 2015.

Casa di Cavalieri

Violence between Salsolan members and Cavaliers has occurred regularly in the past. The two groups remain at odds with one another -- involvement with this group is discouraged.
  • Though Casa initially sought peace with Salsola, in 2013 then-leader Jazper challenged Salvia as to Salsola's slave practices. She chased him off.
  • Sebastian Auditore infiltrated the pack on behalf of CdC. He fled the pack with two slaves.
  • Aedan de Valence infiltrated CdC seeking information regarding his son.
  • Salsola members Hyacinth Silevue, Boss Salvia Eternity and her mate, Stannis de le Poer captured Alistair Callow-Knight in February 2016. He was held for ransom in exchange for two of CdC's horses.

4.  Trivia

  • Using titles for members is common-place; ex: Salvia as "The Queen", "Boss", or "Tigress".
  • Salsola's creed words are Familia Fortis Elegit, which translate to Family Chose The Strong.