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  1.   1.  History (Overview)
    1.   1.1  Foundation 2014
    2.   1.2  2015
    3.   1.3  2016
  2.   2.  History (Timeline)
    1.   2.1  Contribute to Sapient's Timeline!
    2.   2.2  The Timeline
  3.   3.  IC Leadership
  4.   4.  Inactive Pack Relations

1.  History (Overview)

1.1  Foundation 2014

As the numbers of a small loner group began to rise, the space within the cabin quickly became insufficient. With no other options, they headed north toward the mainland, to where they then settled within the Government Estate, the sprawling construct located in the center of Bathurst. Time began to pass, their numbers still growing, until enviably their group formed into the pack known as Sapient; father and son combo, Nivosus Moineau and Ardoise Moineau took up leadership, with the founding members of Nivosus Moineau, Ardoise Moineau, Alessan Stormbringer, Constantine von Troy, Icarus de le Poer, Yelena Denikin, Maximilian Barnet, Tierney Brádaigh, Diarmid Ahearne, Ciellen Loreath, Leonardo Auditore, Aleski Glazkov, Chrysanthemum, Máire Brádaigh and Akantha.

Desiring a more civilized pack, their culture focused on humanized living; they reached out, began to establish relations and offering their services and trade to those around them. Several members extended a helping hand, aiding the re-forming pack Midnight Shores as they moved north to Prince Edward Island, with the promise of future trade established with neighboring packs.

Whilst things have certainly been productive, there's been a good share of tensions, fights and broken furniture within the Estate as the pack grows more and more familiar with each other. Sapient also had it's first litter born; Ruari Ahearne, the sole child of Tierney Brádaigh and Diarmid Ahearne.

1.2  2015

Sapient completed their part of a commissioned trade deal that had been struck with Krokar back in 2014 just as floods struck the lands, delaying delivery of what was otherwise a successful transaction to begin the groundwork of relations between these two northern packs. With water levels rising, those who resided within Bathurst at the time found themselves facing great difficulty traveling throughout the pack lands, for the rivers that dissect the pack lands and surround the main residential areas were quick to overflow. Thankfully, with quick thinking and preventative methods, Sapiens were relatively unaffected by the downpour.

Encouraged by this initial success of branching out to the packs, invites were set out to all other local packs, for the Sapiens intended to hold a grand ball. With the ball coming into play, relations with the secretive Salsola were ignited, their goodwill vital as things were quick to fall apart during the masquerade ball. Whether by design or accident, Lola, a member and diplomatic representative of Casa di Cavalieri found herself responsible for the death of Desiderio Auditore, to which she quickly hid her involvement. Holding to the white flag of peace that they extended to all who had come, despite her actions, Sapient allowed the culprit to leave unharmed, although bad blood was thus created between the two packs.

Casa di Cavalieri was not the only pack to find themselves subject to Sapient's displeasure! After a one night stand between Nivosus Moineau and Snapdragon Lykoi, it was revealed that the Inferni member had stolen from Sapient. But that was not all; the coyote female was also pregnant with Nivosus's children, resulting in the birth of Valentina Lykoi and Sybil Moineau, who later moved to join their father and live in Sapient. In addition to this litter, Diarmid and Tierney had their second, bringing Dareios Ahearne and Kadir Ahearne into the Sapient ranks, with Akantha expecting her first litter come January!

1.3  2016

Greed does seem to be our downfall and never had that been more apparent than during March this year. In retaliation for the theft of some prized horses and a small (just a small!) murder, a group of canines began to attack and infiltrate Sapient, seeking revenge. Whilst defending the borders, Diarmid Ahearne was the first and only Sapien to fall during the conflict, leaving behind many a soul behind to mourn the loss of one of our finest warriors.

Tragedy seemed to bite at Sapient's heels, for before they even had much of a chance to recover, the red star fell. Luck and good location protected the pack from extensive damage, allowing everyone to gather and offer aid to our allies in Krokar who were hit harder. When all the damage was repaired, the drive to create new things continued, with a training grounds plan put into place and completed, lead by Naenia Ortega, with Nivosus styled dummies for everyone to beat up included.

Yet this year wasn't all just loss for the pack. Three litters graced us this year: Akantha became a single mother to Solomon, Lucian and Odalis. Nivosus and Naenia became parents to Nieve Ortega and Sloan Ortega, whilst Miwa and Shaamah had their luck in threes, with Jamaigo, Kaimu and Zetsubo being born.

Whilst many members have climbed those ranks, filling in some rather large shoes has been Shaamah, taking up the rank of Adcredo in Akantha's place. Not only that but as our ranks expand; increasing from three tiers to now four, along with esteemed Concili ranks, Sapiens have also gained their first Primor ranked member, Naenia Ortega.

2.  History (Timeline)

2.1  Contribute to Sapient's Timeline!

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2.2  The Timeline

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

May 2016

April 2016

  • April 1st The Red Star has fallen off of the western coast of Nova Scotia! An air blast, earthquakes and tsunami's threaten destruction in Sapient's lands. Krokar suffered greater damages, and Sapient offered aid to help rebuild.
  • April 23rd Sloan Ortega and Nieve Ortega were born to Naenia Ortega and Nivosus Moineau.

January 2016

December 2015

November 2015

September 2015

July 2015

June 2015

December 2014

November 2014

  • During the foundation of Midnight Shores, Sapient provided aid to help the pack move as part of a trade for horses.

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

3.  IC Leadership

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Nivosus Moineau 2014-Present
Ardoise Moineau Oct 2014-Feb 2017

4.  Inactive Pack Relations


Aniwaya and Sapient had a neutral relationship born form distance; their few interactions were genereally positive.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP previously made contact for trade attempts with the southern pack.

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  • September 2015: Akantha journeyed to the south after meeting Galilani Adahy and being invited to visit their home. She joined in on their celebration of the Green Corn Festival and stayed for a few days to meet their members and other southern delegates. 'Danalisdayvhvsgv

New Dawn

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP disliked the culture and beliefs of New Dawn.

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Midnight Shores

The two packs have had multiple mutually beneficial engagements, resulting in friendly ties.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: MS/SP share charge over the Wildwood horses.

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  • November 2014: Sapient traded manual labor from Tierney and Leonardo and a small rowboat in exchange for a horse and her foal during Midnight Shores's foundation.
  • January 2016: Shaamah brings firewood to the Shores, and Skana Creo acts as his sponsor during his stay.
  • June 2016: Sapient and Midnight Shores work together to capture horses from Prince Edward Island's horse herds.
  • December 2016: When Midnight Shores is disbanded, acting leader, Skana, gives half of the pack's communal livestock to Sapient. As well, Sapient accepts a good handful of their members into the pack.


OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP was largely neutral towards Vinátta.

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