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Holy crap, we've had a lot of packs. :|

1.  Editing

  1. Pack information is pretty important, so it's good to keep it updated! Some packs offer incentives for members who choose to update their pack information on the Wiki -- double check with your pack information if you're not sure!
  2. Feel free to make edits to the pack's history and other relevant information. If your pack's website says something different from the pack's Wiki, it's usually safe to assume the website's information is correct.
  3. Don't edit anything you know you shouldn't -- pack colors, acronyms, etc. should be left alone unless there has been a change.
  4. Leaders can freely make "subpages" for their packs -- e.g., Salsola History or Inferni Animals.

2.  See Also

3.  Active

3.1  Non-Packs

4.  Defunct


April 01 2008 — Present

Bleeding Souls

November 18, 2001 — April 01, 2008

5.  Pack Twitters


6.  Pack Maps