New Dawn


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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Before the Foundation
    2.   1.2  Founding Members
  2.   2.  Territory
  3.   3.  Sub-territories
  4.   4.  Culture
  5.   5.  Ranks
    1.   5.1  Leadership Ranks
    2.   5.2  Subleader Ranks
    3.   5.3  Skilled Ranks
    4.   5.4  Subordinate Ranks
  6.   6.  Pack Relationships
    1.   6.1  Active Packs
  7.   7.  New Dawn's Moon Catacombs

New Dawn

ColoursEnergy Yellow (#FAD851) & Jungle Green (#28B869)
Founded ByZalen Damaichu & Titania Moonsong
Founded OnJanuary 1, 2012
DisbandedAugust 15, 2015
Current LeadersZalen Damaichu & Raeka Rain
Current Sub-leadersNone

Past Leadership

Former LeadersTitania Moonsong
Former Sub-leadersSoran Aatte, Tharin Lupei, Kiara Amarok, Ciara O'Callahan, Augustus

New Dawn is a wolf-dominant pack, founded on January 1, 2012. Members must be at least 33% wolf and no more than 25% coyote to join. The pack is located on the northern shore of the Isthmus of Chignecto and lays claim to the northern part of Halcyon Mountain and the easternmost portion of the Black River Reserve.

1.  History

1.1  Before the Foundation

In August of 2011, a lone wolf named Zalen Damaichu was visited by the spirit of his great-great-grandmother, Ruby, who had been in life a founder Alpha of the pack Silent Dawn. She revealed unto Zalen his heritage and the history of the lands he now inhabited. Spurned by this knowledge, Zalen began to become increasingly jaded when it came to the lives those around him lived. The Luperci of Nova Scotia were beginning to discard their animalistic natures and replace them with more human ones; they lived in human homes, cooked their food, clothed their bodies and fought with human weapons.

Zalen disagreed with this way of life and went north into ‘Souls lands to find a place where he could escape this humanization that was quickly spreading among his brethren, but instead met a young wolfess named Titania . The two both felt this calling back to their feral roots and decided that they would gather like-minded wolves and return to the northern area to found a pack. In the months following their meeting, they met with and formed the eight founding members of New Dawn.

Near the winter solstice, Zalen decided it was time to head north. He along with his new mate Titania, gathered amongst them the wolves they had met with previously, the majority of which were loners, but several of which were former Crimson Dreamers, including Zalen's mentor and adopted mother, Soran Aatte. Together they headed north, and after Zalen and Titania met with the leaders of Ichika no Ho-en, they settled north of that pack in the territory Zalen and Titania had scouted and marked.

1.2  Founding Members

Zalen, Titania , Soran Aatte, Shandom Qi’Vaex?, Deuce Rhiannon, Mordecai de Fonte, Thoirni Siondaite, Augustus

2.  Territory

New Dawn's territory is situated in the Northern parts of 'Soulsland, its closest neighbors being Vinatta, Sangi'lak and Inferni. The territory is comprised in nearly equal amounts of four different types of terrain. North is the virgin forest of Glen Eyrie which serves as the bread basket for the pack, supplying a plethora of wild game to hunt. To the East, the beautiful expanse of the Sunrise Meadow boasts many species of wild flowers. In the South, the Halycon Moutain range rises up, and after a good hike one can find the ethereal Avalon, a valley hidden in the mountains and the birthplace of the Pictou River. Lastly, in the center of it all is The Den, the large cavern that the New Dawn members call home.

This territory was chosen not only for its beauty, but for its location; it is set as far away from the human cities of Nova Scotia as possible. However, humanities touch cannot be completely evaded, for like a scar Highway 104 cuts through the center of the territory. Yet even this stretch of concrete has begun to be reclaimed by the ground, and is hardly recognizable as a road at all in some spots.

3.  Sub-territories

For complete descriptions, please see our website.

  • The Den: The communal den is centrally located and the main resting place for New Dawn's members.
  • Glen Eyrie: Glen Eyrie is New Dawn territory's largest green space and is the best place to find large game such as deer and elk and the occassional moose.
  • Aelcrest Shore: Aelcrest Shore is made up of both sandy and rocky beaches and is a good place for forage for sea-food.
  • Dagger Caverns: Dagger caverns are just to the south east of The Den, however it is very difficult to reach them for the terrain is uneven and treacherous.
  • Avalon: Nestled within the mountains, it is an oasis amongst the rock and snow.
  • Little River: Little River is the only water source that makes it out of the mountains and through the territory ending finally at Aelcrest Shore.
  • Sunrise Meadow: A relatively clear expanse of land just south of the majority of Aelcrest Shore that is covered in wild grasses and flowers.
  • Pictou River: High up in near the crest of the mountains the snow and ice melt off and create one of 'Souls land's largest rivers, the Pictou.
  • Medical Hut: North of Glen Eyrie, this tree-top hut was built by Sky Rhiannon as a clean storage place and safe haven.

4.  Culture

Firstly New Dawn is a wolf pack; each member must be at least 33% wolf and less than 25% coyote in order to join. The pack’s culture is very much based on the wolf packs before the extinction of humanity, behaving in far more wolf-like ways than the more humanized packs that surround it. Pack members may not sleep in human houses, nor do they keep livestock, of course within reason a wolf may keep a non-canine animal as a companion, but this is at the discretion of the leadership. Wolves of lower ranks are expected to be submissive and polite to the higher ranking members at all times, bowing their heads and lowering their tails; this is most prevalent when a lower ranked wolf is meeting with either the Alphas or Beta wolf; newcomers are also expected to show extreme submission at the borders. Between wolves of lower ranks the submission is at the discretion of the higher ranking wolf, however if two wolves are of the same rank and one is behaving in a dominant manner then it can be seen as an insult to the leadership, it can also work in the dominant wolf’s favor though, showing the leadership that they may be ready for a higher rank. Wolves are expected to mostly socialize within the pack, forming and maintaining a closely knit bond; usually the pack members will sleep in the same area unless circumstances force them to do otherwise. ||

Wolves move through the ranks based on their IC activity, showing that they are a valuable asset to the pack, showing that they have the skills for the role that they are seeking, if the rank that a wolf wishes to gain is already filled by an existing member, then they may challenge the wolf for it, this is overseen by one of the leaders of the pack. In keeping with older traditions mate-ships are mostly reserved for the Alpha pair of the pack, however other wolves can be mated, but must seek the permission from one of the leading wolves of the pack to do so. The same policy is applied towards pups, they are a blessing in the eyes of a pack, however any wolf seeking to have pups will have to gain permission from the leadership; any breaking of these two rules will lead to demotion or ultimately banishment from the pack.

When it comes to trespassers New Dawn is exceptionally proud of its territory and will not tolerate any uninvited parties upon the lands, any trespassers found will be firmly escorted from the lands. Relations with members of other packs are less important than relations within the pack; therefore wolves may have friendships with other wolves from other packs, but are expected to visit them on their lands more often than not and not to invite anyone and everyone over the borders into the pack’s territory. The wolves of New Dawn are wary of coyotes and hybrids, but seems to have a stable, neutral relationship with Inferni. They are also not very trusting of dogs, seeing them as a symbol of humanity and therefore to be avoided.

5.  Ranks

5.1  Leadership Ranks


The leaders of the pack, these wolves make the decisions for the well-being of pack members and discipline those who go against pack structure. They also are the only ones allowed to promote members in rank and must be gone to for permission for most things, including pups. If it is not a single male or female then it usually consists of a mated pair, male and female, however it can also be a sibling or parent/child pair.

5.2  Subleader Ranks


The second in command, the Betas are in charge of making sure all subordinate wolves do their jobs and are in control of pack morale. The Betas are usually the only ones who can take up the alpha position upon the death of an alpha.

5.3  Skilled Ranks


Gamma wolves are the eyes and ears of the Alpha and Betas. They serve as emissaries to the other packs, scouts and knowledge keepers. These wolves must be skilled in both low and high speech, reading and writing ability and have calm temperaments. The Alphas usually seek out these wolves for advice and counsel.


Delta(s) are the babysitters, midwives, and healers of a pack and are in charge of taking care of pups if the parents’ duties are needed elsewhere as well as the sick and injured. This rank is usually exclusively held by females who must be caring yet able to protect the pups in case of danger, however a male may become a Delta if they exemplify the qualities of the rank.


Epsilons are the warriors and hunters of the pack. Usually these wolves must possess exceptional strength, agility and strategy prowess. This rank is usually exclusively held by males, however a female may become an Epsilon if they exemplify the qualities of the rank.


The rank of Omega is one of the most complex within pack hierarchy. Omega wolves are jokesters and free spirits who take upon themselves the burdens of their pack mates so as to relieve tension. They are gracious, foregoing themselves and putting the needs of other before theirs. Therefore, they are usually the last to eat in a shared meal, and usually pick up the slack in no-so-appealing tasks. But they do it all with a smile and a laugh.

5.4  Subordinate Ranks


This is the rank for all other members of the pack. Subords can portray skills of any of the above ranks and therefore should train with those wolves who outrank them.


This is a rank reserved for wolves who can no longer partake in more strenuous pack activities but who hold within them a vast knowledge that is important to pack life.


The Pariahs are wolves who have done wrong, are to be punished, picked on and harassed. Pariahs are usually (but not always) wolves with less mental and physical prowess then the rest of the pack members. It is possible to move out of this rank, warranting good behavior and etiquette.

6.  Pack Relationships


-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

6.1  Active Packs

Northern Packs


Relations with Inferni are neutral, due to a combination of good and bad engagement between pack members.


Salsola is a pack to be avoided and wary of. They keep slaves and act as humans; they are not to be trusted.

  • Date?? 2013: Members of New Dawn aided Casa di Cavalieri and escaping slaves, thus causing bad blood with Salsola.


New Dawn has an overall positive relationship with this pack, due to the close proximity of the packs and members (present and former) moving between the two packs.


New Dawn is just learning of Krokar's formation and knows nothing about them.


New Dawn is just learning of Sapient's formation and knows nothing about them.

Southern Packs


New Dawn and AniWaya have had little to no interaction with each other.

Cour des Miracles

New Dawn and Cour des Miracles have had little to no interaction with each other, as such hold a neutral opinion of them.

Cercatori d'Arte

New Dawn and Cercatori d'Arte have had minimal interaction with each other, as such hold a neutral opinion of them.

Casa di Cavalieri

New Dawn and Casa di Cavalieri are officially allied.


Even though Anathema is not too far away, they are to be avoided.

7.  New Dawn's Moon Catacombs

New Dawn's Moons

Sickle Moon
Sickle Moon
Member of New Dawn for 3 months.
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon
Member of New Dawn for 6 months.
Half Moon
Half Moon
Member of New Dawn for 1 year.
Full Moon
Full Moon
Member of New Dawn for 2 years!
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Recruit and then vouch for an outsider to become a pack member upon their joining.
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon
Birth or father pups with a mate as per New Dawn's puppy guidelines. Leadership permission required.
Cold Moon
Cold Moon
Challenge someone for their rank or have your rank challenged. Leadership permission required.
Blood Moon
Blood Moon
Successfully defend the territory by facing off against a trespasser.
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Earn a skill rank sans challenge.
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Earn a leadership rank sans challenge.
Heart Moon
Heart Moon
Participated in the February 2012 Valentines Day thread prompt challenge.
Blood Moon
Stormy Moon
Participated in the September 2012 Hurricane thread prompt challenge.