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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  The Valar
    1.   1.1  The High King
    2.   1.2  The Lord-Regent
  2.   2.  The Fili
    1.   2.1  Captain
    2.   2.2  Grand Maester
    3.   2.3  Outrider
    4.   2.4  Greenseer
  3.   3.  The Malcrin
    1.   3.1  The High Nobility in The Courts of Dusk & Dawn
    2.   3.2  The Nobility Ranks
  4.   4.  The Enda
  5.   5.  The Sitsina
    1.   5.1  The Commoners
    2.   5.2  The Peers
    3.   5.3  Page
    4.   5.4  Elders
    5.   5.5  The Haugrin

Hierarchy Visualization, Click for Larger!

New Caledonia's ranks are centered around the court system of feudal Europe and possess a hierarchy strictest at its lowest tiers. Emphasis is placed on attaining a noble title and thus such lords and ladies possess the most freedom in their everyday affairs. Rank names are inspired by languages from high fantasy and often refer to the geography of New Caledonia.

Promotion requirements vary between ranks. Activity is measured in IC posts per month, but some have additional requirements, such as earning a certain tier of co-rank. Characters may be demoted if they show poor activity (>5 posts) over a few months.

Ranks are listed below in order of highest to lowest in the form of six tiers: Valar, Fili, Malcrin, Enda, Sitsina, and Haugrin.

The Powerful, Leadership Ranks

1.  The Valar

1.1  The High King

The High King is the ruler and figurehead of New Caledonia. First elected during war-time, the High King passes on his name and rank by adoption, blood, or marriage. The King has the final say in all matters of state; his is the guiding light that unites the disparate pieces of Caledonians new and old.

1.2  The Lord-Regent

Second in command is the Lord-Regent, an individual hand-selected by the king from the seat of high nobility. They act as co-counsel to the king's affairs and as a public official to the realm. If the King is outside of pack lands, indisposed, or passes away the Lord-Regent assumes their authority and rules in their stead until the King returns or an heir is found. The Lord-Regent works closely with the king to ensure the health and prosperity of the realm, and heads a great many matters of state. Very little is outside of their authority.

  • The High King and his Lord Regent are often pre-dispositioned to either the Court of Dusk or the Court of Dawn, and act as the opposing heads of court.

The Fair, Masters of the Realm

2.  The Fili

Masters of the Realm are highly ranked individuals who have proven themselves to be the upper crust of the nobility. It is their duty to lend voice to Guilds of similar interests -- i.e., a guild of warriors would report to the Captain, while a guild of healers would report to the Grand Maester, and so on. The four masters have pledged their allegiance to the High King, and are expected to attend all pack events. They are also able to accept newcomers into the pack.

  • Please Note: The titles and summaries below are open to be changed. Should your character be promoted you may submit/discuss with Leadership for a new rank name as an esteemed Master of the Realm!

2.1  Captain

The Captain ensures the safety of all within the realm. Often a master of arms, it is the Captain's duty to secure the pack's borders and maintain the guard. They must be skilled in some form of combat, and familiarize themselves with all forms of weaponry and defense. In wartime, it is the Captain's duty to lead the troops and secure victory for the pack. They are closely tied to Guilds related to combat, defense, and weaponry.

2.2  Grand Maester

The Grand Maester provides counsel to members of the pack, and is known to be an expert in the arts of healing and care. Depending on their family background, they could follow Old Gods or New Gods and have a predisposition to either of The Courts.

2.3  Outrider

The Outrider is in charge of all scouts and scouting missions. Known for riding fast horses and keeping tabs on local landmarks and groups, the Outrider is a respected member of the Kingdom. They are tied to Guilds related to (but not limited to!) scouting, horses, and map making.

2.4  Greenseer

The Greenseer is in charge of the grounds of New Caledonia. They are often gardeners or herbalists, and care deeply for the wooded areas of the North.

The Noble

3.  The Malcrin

3.1  The High Nobility in The Courts of Dusk & Dawn

The high nobility are split into two courts, the Court of Dusk and the Court of Dawn, representative of the nobles' values and priorities. Whether traditional and pious, or progressive and inclusive, every noble can find their place. Refered to in title as High Lord or High Lady, these esteemed nobles are the epitome of class and charm, representing the core values of New Caledonia in their every endeavor.

It is important to note that nobles need not uphold or represent all the values of their court; they may choose whatever they feel suits them best and will likely fit among a spectrum -- some more conservative than others.

The Court of Dawn

Those who choose the Court of Dawn, consider themselves open-minded and forward-thinking. They see the world for what it could be and place their focus on forging outward relations. A member of the Court of Dawn might respect their heritage, but also consider the value in a fresh perspective. They prefer to solve problems through compromise and understanding and pay due respect to the beliefs of others no matter the forms they might take.

The High King Iomair presides over this Court, fostering affability and inclusivity in its ranks, with little use for posturing nor great demand for deference, preferring the nobles speak their minds.

Court of Dusk

Tradition drives the Court of Dusk. They cling to the Caledonian gods and prefer not to sacrifice their long-held beliefs on the altar of progression. Theirs is an inward perspective, considering Caledonian needs paramount and fostering wealth among their own people, suspicious of the motivations of outside influences. Some choose to hold their power above the heads of their low-ranking brethren, while others are as amicable as any noble of Dawn.

The Lord-Regent Athras Eryn presides over this Court, emphasizing the value of the Caledonian gods. Putting Caledonian people and culture first, he endeavors to preserve the traditions of yore, and demands from his nobles the respect his bloodline commands.

Promotion Requirement

  • Characters are promoted from High Nobility to the Fili ranks...
    • ...if they make 15+ posts, AND
    • ...have two Tier 3 co-ranks, AND
    • ...are a member of a Guild.

3.2  The Nobility Ranks

Named to honor the four clans, members from the Enda are promoted into this rank once they have established themselves as well-respected members of a local guild, or by bringing honor to their name through quest completion.

Other ways to be promoted into this rank are: marriage, adoption, or bribery.

The Nobles are split into four sections: The Escal (The Veil of Clouds), The Oeglir (The Mountain Range), The Tavar (The Woodland), The Aear (The Sea). These names represent the journey from sea to sky, and consistent activity will see you through each level.

Promotion Requirement:

  • Characters are prompted through the nobility ranks with 12+ posts.
  • Characters are promoted from Escal to the High Nobility (Courts) with 15+ posts.

Note: All characters rising from the Escal (The Veil of Clouds) into the High Nobility must pledge themselves to The Court of Dawn or The Court of Dusk. Depending upon this allegiance, they will be titled as a High Lord or High Lady of the Dawn or Dusk, according to their preference.

The Heart

4.  The Enda

The Enda is the heart of New Caledonia. This is where Caledonians begin to make names for themselves. In this rank characters begin to collect honor either by joining or starting a Guild, OR by completing quests. This is an excellent rank for members who wish to master their co-ranks and grow the influence of their Guild and name. The Enda ranks are split into two sections: the Distinguished and the Privileged.

Promotion Requirement:

  • Characters are promoted from Privileged to Distinguished with make 10+ posts.
  • Characters are promoted from Distinguished to the Aear if...
    • ... they make 10+ posts AND
    • ... have either a Tier II co-rank or have started/joined a Guild.

The Common

5.  The Sitsina

5.1  The Commoners

All members start in this rank upon joining New Caledonia. They are pledged to no Court and instead use this time to learn about the realm's history and developing culture. Here they solidify their relationships and interact more with the Enda. This is where members first begin to associate with Guilds and start earning their co-ranks. Commoners may be called upon to work for the nobility and are looked to shoulder the burdens of labor and the more menial tasks of day to day life.

Promotion Requirement: Characters are promoted from Commoner to Privileged with 10+ posts.

5.2  The Peers

This is where pNPCs and cNPCs will linger.

5.3  Page

Page is a rank reserved for children. Children of the nobility (Malcrin or above) ascend to the ranks of the Enda upon their first shift. Otherwise they move up into the Sitsina tier, starting their adult life as a Commoner.

Promotion Requirement: Characters are promoted from Page...

  • Commoner after their first shift.
  • Privileged after their first shift, if they are children of nobility.

5.4  Elders

A rank reserved for the oldest of members (9+ years) of New Caledonia. The Elders are known for their wisdom and quiet servitude. They remain in this rank indefinitely.

The Lowly

5.5  The Haugrin

Reserved mainly for criminals, the Underthing is a deep dark hole to the north of the Enedwaith. New Caledonians who run afoul of the King or Shadow Council's favor are banished to the Underthing as punishment for their crimes.

Characters who live in the Underthing maintain the ability to create Guilds and earn co-ranks despite their status. Some members willingly choose to join the Underthing based on their predisposition to the darker arts. It is a little known fact that some Caledonians flock to its seedy core knowing full well that a certain clientele lurk deep within its depths.

Promotion Requirement: Characters are promoted from Haugrin at the IC discretion of the King and Shadow Council.

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