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This page houses information regarding NPCs of New Caledonia, separate from the Character Directory.

All New Caledonia members may roleplay freely with these characters.

pNPC Guidelines

If you thread with or OOC assume something with a pack NPC it is highly courteous for you to edit that NPC's Wiki page or profile with this information, or post in our Maintenance Thread to let us know. Please try your best to help us keep their records up to date.

When utilizing a pNPC, make sure:

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  • Not to cause extreme injury or death to an NPC without Leadership approval. Minor, treatable injuries are fine!
  • Adhere to board-wide pNPC procedures.

Otherwise, have fun! We sincerely encourage you to make use of our pNPCs, and if you have any suggestions regarding them, please contact us.





  • Name: Ambrose Rose
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog (Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Finnish Spitz)
  • DoB: 9 October 2017

Hailing from England, Ambrose is a well-traveled gentleman with a keen eye for drink and debauchery. He sings for his supper and is often able to barter for passage using tales from his travels and the sparkle in his eyes. He was taught to play music by his father who passed away in a freak accident -- and though he says that he is traveling in search of his muse, perhaps this is a ruse? In Portland, he heard about the trials and tribulations of New Caledonia and decided to seek them out to offer his services as the Realm comes into its own.

A lute-playing, singing chronicler, Ambrose often makes up songs about the goings-on in the pack -- much to his comrades' chagrin.

  • Skills:
    • Singing (Journeyman)
    • Writing (Journeyman)
    • Bi-lingual (English, French)
    • Lute (Apprentice)
    • Diplomacy (Apprentice)
    • Trade (Dabbler)





  • Name: Jasper
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Low content Coydog
  • DoB: 14 September 2016

A surprising addition to New Caledonia, Jasper lives in the dark passages of the Underthing. Aloof at first, persistent and kind-hearted folk may just earn themselves a loyal friend in Jasper, who's more than willing to throw himself into harm's way for his newfound people. His poor eyesight makes him sensitive to sunlight sequestering him to the caves by day, but Caledonians can sleep easier knowing that Jasper is on guard.

  • Skills:
    • Pathfinding: (Master)
    • Hand-to-hand: (Apprentice)
  • Companions: "Gorgeous" Gary (little brown bat),
  • Please note: Jasper has poor eyesight and is not inclined to surfacing in the sunlight due to this.





  • Name: Rabbit
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog (Plott Hound, Bloodhound, Mountain Cur)
  • DoB: 17 March 2018

Born and raised on New Caledonia's territory, Rabbit learned to fend for himself from an early age. One day he awoke to strangers living in the lands that had lain mostly vacant for so long. After attempting to steal from the King Iomair, Rabbit was chased off by the City Watch to fend for himself -- but after surviving a lonely winter, he has decided that perhaps his life would be easier if he joined the pack.

Rabbit is a good-hearted boy beneath his dour mood, if bashful about his namesake: his overly-large ears. He has a knack for horses and contributes to the pack through various menial tasks and labor. He can often be found in the Rhovanion, or tracking game in the woods.

  • Skills:
    • Animal Husbandry (Apprentice)
    • Tracking (Journeyman)
    • Labor (Apprentice)





Originally from a small town called Glaenarm, Ridgewell (or Ridge to his friends or those who dare to goad him) was recruited at an early age to join a group of wolfdogs as a mercenary in the wild north of Ontario. He took a keen interest in herbalism while training with them, and became the group's medic some time into his third year. Ridgewell is not squeamish and can sometimes be too blunt, though this only adds to his rough-edged charm.

He is a bulky animal, with a smattering of scars that announce him as a soldier and a gruff brow that is often gathered into a firm frown. He is missing his right eye; the one that remains is a fiery shade of orange. Now that he is in retirement he is looking for a place to settle down that is quieter than the battlefields that he is used to -- and somewhere he can raise his six cats in peace.

  • Skills:
    • Medic (Master)
    • Gardening (Journeyman)
    • Combat (???)





Few, if any, of Taur's clanspeople know this woman's true name; she is referred to only as the "Dark Strider." She speaks little and is neither social nor interested in the petty squabbles of the nobility and politics. A "lone wolf" by choice, she's an excellent hunter and prefers to hunt only the most dangerous game... as anything less would be a waste of her skill. She's quick to take on new challenges, and because of her reputation the High Druids of Taur were known to employ her services to end any potential threats to the clan. With her standoffish disposition, it's unclear whether or not the tales of her deeds are honest or simply rumor. The Dark Strider is not outright hostile, but her presence and visage are unsettling enough to put anyone on edge.

A highly skilled hunter, the Dark Strider also knows how to butcher and tan the hides of her prey -- which were rumored to include the war's deserters. (Surely just a rumor?)

  • Skills:
    • Big Game Hunting (Master)
    • Skinning & Tanning
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