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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Benefits of Guilds
  2.   2.  Guild Formation
    1.   2.1  Guild Formation Requirements
    2.   2.2  Guild Formation Application
    3.   2.3  Joining a Guild
  3.   3.  Current Guilds
    1.   3.1  Limthoron
    2.   3.2  New Caledonia Trading Company

Guilds are collectives of characters who possess co-ranks of similar categories and talents. The free-form nature of guilds allows characters to build connections ICly and form groups based on these common interests, rather than follow a predetermined track. Characters must be a member of the Enda tier to join or create a Guild. At this time there is no limit to how many members may be in any specific Guild, but remember - variety is the spice of life!

Creating a Guild is easy!

1.  Benefits of Guilds

  • Guilds are essentially like a union of workers. Nobility can barter for Guild Services, but must do so on the Guild's terms.
  • Guilds are flexible - they can be managed in different ways, it's up to the characters how they function!
  • Multiple Guilds of the same category can be made as long as they have different names and purposes. Guilds of similar backgrounds can be either be competitive or collaborative with one another.

2.  Guild Formation

2.1  Guild Formation Requirements

  1. Complete ONE founding thread with the characters who will be members of the Guild! The thread must be at least 2000 total words, which can be split between all participants.
  2. Must select a Guild Frontman (IC/OOC) and claim an area of the Guild Hall
  3. Characters must have at least one co-rank related to their Guild
  4. Characters can only be in one Guild at a time, and can leave Guild at any time. Once a Guild drops below 3 members it is automatically dissolved. There is no wait time to join or begin creating a new guild after leaving a guild or having it disolved.
  5. Characters must be in the Enda ranks to join or found a Guild.

2.2  Guild Formation Application

[b]Guild Name[/b]:
[b]Guild Purpose[/b]:
[b]Characters[/b]: (please also list their relevant co-rank)
[b]Guild Frontman[/b]:
[b]Guild Hall Room Claim[/b]:

Make sure to submit your form to the Maintenance Thread or to the Pack Account.

2.3  Joining a Guild

Characters must have at least one thread with the Guild of their choice that showcases their wish to join. This thread can display their skills, or involve a simple discussion! Joining a Guild must transpire In Character.

3.  Current Guilds

Guild frontmen are denoted by bold.

3.1  Limthoron

Guild Members:

Guild Purpose:

Created with the idea of ensuring all New Caledonia (and their mascot) is fed, Limthoron is a guild based around fishing, sailing, and expanding the various skills and crafts its members may need. The guild also promotes the tenets of its patron goddess in terms of sustainability and respect for the waterways within the Kingdom.

Relevant Co-Ranks:

Piscator, Corsair, Priestess, Tinker

Guild Hall Room #: 4

3.2  New Caledonia Trading Company

Guild Members:

Guild Purpose:

A group of industriously minded individuals who work cooperatively to produce goods, foster trade arrangements, and generate wealth for New Caledonia. Individuals contribute to any part of the process, including acquisition of raw materials, product manufacturing, trade negotiations, and distribution of goods.

Relevant Co-Ranks:

Merchant, Tinker, Diplomat, Magister, Ironpaw, Hunter, Herdsman

Guild Hall Room #: 5