Heat Cycles

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1.  About

In the wild, non-Luperci wolf females usually go into heat around late December and rarely any other time of the year. However, this has changed due to the virus, and Luperci females can and will go into heat once every one to three months. When a female goes into estrus, she releases a potent pheromone that signals she is ready to mate. This scent can cause the mood of the pack to become hyper-sexed, and all fertile males and females will react to the urge to reproduce.

Usually, it is only the Alpha male and female who have the right to mate, but this has changed in New Dawn. The Alpha expects all the members to act with tact and discipline during a females heat cycle. If any subordinate members were to copulate without being formally mated and the meeting result in puppies, they have the chance of being run out of New Dawn.

For more information on Luperci reproduction and gestation, please view the 'Souls Comprehensive Roleplay Guide.

2.  IC Discretion

The leadership of New Dawn realizes how difficult it is to remain reserved when the heat-scent is present. However, the Alphas can, and will, discipline those who behave contrary to New Dawn standards. Flirting and playing are allowed and encouraged, but mounting and copulating are forbidden between wolves who are not a mated pair. The scent of mate-ship is hard to miss, so the leadership will find out if copulation has occurred and there will be consequences.

If you would like your character's heat cycle to be listed here, simply click the edit button and add yourself in. Not comfortable editing the wiki? That's ok, just post to the New Dawn maintenance thread instead.

3.  Current Member Details


Month Frequency



Seeking Mate


Every 2 months.

6-10 days.

More affectionate, moody, blunt, flirty, bold, she tends to absorb the attention given to her.

Not currently.

Kiara Amarok

Yearly, late Jan-Early Feb.

7-12 days.

Temperamental, slightly flirty.


Lucia Amarok

Febuary - June - October.

14 days.

Affectionate, flirtatious, playful, restless.


Raeka Rain

January, May, and September.

9-14 days.

Incredibly flirtatious but more aggressive.


Veyra Damaichu

Every 2-3 months.

3-5 days.

Shy, easy to provoke, craves attention from friends.


Sin Rhiannon

April, August & December

7-14 days.

Shy, flirtatious, short tempered.

Possibly, yes.