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  1.   1.  Inventory
    1.   1.1  Specialty Offerings
  2.   2.  Want to Trade?
    1.   2.1  Trade Guidelines for Infernians
  3.   3.  History

This page lists the trades of Inferni -- current trades, as well as some recent major past trades. While the page is an official, pack-wide resource, members who are forward traders can put their own trades up here for added visibility, too! Both inter-pack and intra-pack trades can be listed here.

1.  Inventory

1.1  Specialty Offerings

If Inferni has something special to offer or if Inferni wants something special, we'll put it here.


  • Free Trade: Items as listed on the three Inferni inventory pages
  • Skill: Myrika Tears may be willing to trade her leather-working skills and create a custom item for a Luperci.
  • Skill: Myrika Tears may be willing to trade her horse-taming and horse-riding skills to a Luperci needing training.
  • Skill: Asher Thompson may be willing to trade his archery skills to a Luperci needing trading.


  • Make an offer! There's no way we can be comprehensive in the list of things Inferni is willing to accept; therefore, this list only has a few essentials Inferni is in need of or things the clan specifically wants.
  • Plants for the D'Neville Mansion Greenhouse would be valued.
  • Horse items (bridles, reins, saddles, etc.) -- Inferni will accept broken items of this nature (at a lower value of course), as they can be repaired
  • Books for the Library, always!

2.  Want to Trade?

  • PM the Inferni Account! Non-Infernians are welcomed to PM us trade offers, too! We'll consider offers from packs or individuals.

2.1  Trade Guidelines for Infernians

  1. Minor trades (e.g., a few chickens for a pair of new plants) are fine without leadership approval. Major trades (e.g., horses, all of Inferni's stock of a particular good, etc.) must be approved by the leadership.
  2. Some items are not to be traded under any circumstances. They are noted on the relevant inventory pages with inventory tags prohibiting trade. If you want to trade these items please PM the leadership first to ask permission. Thanks!
  3. Please update the inventory totals of whatever you get and take. Do not trade without updating our inventory totals! Thanks!

3.  History

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