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A flock of ravens lives in Ravenswrest. These ravens scout and spy for Inferni in exchange for food and protection.

1.  About Ravens

Ravens range between 56 and 78 cm (22 to 30 inches) in length, with a wingspan of 100 to 150 cm (40 to 59 in) and recorded weights ranging from 0.69 to 2 kg (1.5 to 4.4 lb). They are therefore larger than their crow cousins, with shaggier feathers around the throat. Their plumage, while black, has an iridescent sheen to it.

The lifespan of ravens in the wild can be as long as ten or fifteen years; the ravens protected by Inferni are capable of living a little longer, due to their steady supply of food and smaller chance of death by predators.

Ravens are very intelligent and social animals. They squabble like any other animals, but they are devoted to their families; birds often mate for life. They also like to play, and it isn't uncommon for a raven to provoke a coyote into a game of "catch me if you can." If a predator threatens them, however, they'll often gang up and peck the animal, or even drop small rocks on them!

The birds have a very wide range of vocalizations, and their intelligence means that they're able to learn broken High Speech. That isn't to say that most Inferni ravens can, however; many of them simply don't care enough to learn, or they may only be able to speak a few basic words -- "food" being one of the most common.

Ravens are omnivorous and largely opportunistic. They do scavenge, but they might also hunt very small animals or eat plants, such as berries and cereal grains. Many ravens have a favorite kind of food, and any coyote who learns this can find themselves in the birds' good graces!

2.  Partnership

Inferni's ravens scout along the clan's territory and are frequently first to bring news of incoming canines or other potential threats. In addition, intelligent ravens might be given orders to scout out other territories. The Infernian half of this agreement entails frequent meals for the birds; coyotes often bring scraps and other goodies to Ravenswrest to provide for the ravens.

Not all of the ravens in Ravenswrest are part of the group; there are many wild ones who reside with the flock. Some might be convinced to be taught, but several are content to just freeload in the relatively protected area.

Most of the care for the ravens falls to the coyotes who have the Falconer co-rank. These coyotes are in charge of the birds' upkeep and should be able to communicate in the ravens' Low Speech. Coyotes with the Ravenmaster co-rank train these ravens to spy for Inferni!

3.  Directory

This is a list of some of the individual ravens who reside with the flock; it obviously doesn't cover all of them!

3.1  Rules

  1. Members are free to reference this list when threading with the ravens -- or come up with your own! Feel free to make up a communal raven and add it to the list.
  2. If your character claims/partners with a raven, you can add them to the list. Communal ravens can be claimed as well, though they may return to Inferni ownership if your player disappears. There is no current hard limit to the number of raven NPCs that can be claimed, but keep it reasonable -- three birds is probably enough, while an entire half of the flock cannot realistically be at your exclusive control.
  3. Partnered birds are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their coyote partner. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.
  4. Treat the unpartnered ravens without partners as communal animals, but less restricted (the coyotes can't provide 24/7 protection for a bunch of birds like they can for horses, after all -- deaths of ravens do happen).

Name Gender Age About Speech Favorite Food


Sheker Female Adult Clumsy and runty but very affectionate. A few words of High Speech. Berries
Rogue Male Adult Chipped beak, missing some toes. Temperamental after losing his mate, Quinn. Only Low Speech. Any soft food
Speedy Male Adult Regularly chases intruders (real or not), fast and agile flier. Only Low Speech Vole
Twitchtail Male Adult Raggedy, often shivering. Always seems to be in trouble. A few words of High speech Cooked meat
Benji Male Juvenile Has an odd habit of digging at the ground to hide things. Fast, adept flier. Only Low Speech. Rats
Alban Male Juvenile Particular about objects are arranged, not very affectionate. Only Low Speech. Venison
Delia Female Juvenile Competes fiercely with other young scouts. Arrogant, contemptuous. A few words of High Speech. Chicks


Stormeye Female Juvenile Partnered with Vesper. Blind in one eye, mischievous. Speaks broken High Speech. Fond of nuts and seeds. More info?
Scout Male Adult Partnered with Antioch de le Poer. Picks fights with other ravens, but likes to fly around the borders. Only Low Speech; sometimes echoes what coyotes say.
Acaph Male Adult Partnered with Versace Inferni. Self-centered and lazy, and a notable hoarder. Speaks broken High Speech, loves cooked food.
Kol Male Juvenile Partnered with Sophie Horne. Hard-working, large. Like mice and frogs. Only Low Speech.
Feldspar Male Adult Partnered with Fang Espinoza. Shifty-eyed tattletale who speaks broken High Speech.
Narcissus Male Juvenile Partnered with Magpie Trouillefou. Builds "shrines" of shiny objects, obsessed with reflections. Capable of a few words of High Speech (notably 'lilyote' and 'shiny'). Eats anything that fits in his mouth. Often fights with Magpie over shiny objects they both want.
Maja Female Adult Partnered with Jhiral. Large and highly intelligent with seemingly bright-blue eyes, Maja acts as Jhiral's translator and resonsible adult. She has good high-speech, able to understand the sign-language used by her partner and is trying to teach other ravens how to talk better. Maja is friendly, chatty, thoughtful and watchful, though becomes defensive regarding her charge's welfare and can at times being sardonic, petty and teases both younger coyotes and ravens as well as those with haughty dispositions, while sometimes feeling and then hiding guilt and loneliness.

4.  History

The pact between raven and coyote began in 2007 with Marlowe and Kaena Lykoi, then the Aquila of Inferni. [1] Marlowe offered his and his kind's services with scouting in return for a steady supply of food. After the fire ravaged Bleeding Souls, the ravens followed Inferni over the mountains and settled in Drifter Bay.

The pact was further cemented in 2011, when wildcats attacked flock; Marlowe asked for Ezekiel de le Poer's help and requested that he raise his sons, who would go on to learn how to speak and scout. [2] Unfortunately, Marlowe died in a rockslide only about a month later. [3]

During the Inferni-Salsola War, several scouting ravens were killed by enemy archers. When the territory was compromised and the clan decided to return to their ancestral lands, a much smaller flock followed.

5.  Threads

  1. 25 Feb 2012: Vesper meets her raven partner Stark for the first time.
  2. 19 Jun 2012: Aspiring Falconer Vesper learns about some of the particular ravens and their speech from her bird partner, Stark.
  3. 07 Aug 2012: An unidentified raven alerts Myrika to the approach of Salsola's leader, Salvia and is rewarded with grain!
  4. 16 Oct 2012: Young bird Skel recounts a tale of flock cooperation, before Midnight comes and warns Vesper of a wolf approaching the borders.
  5. 15 Dec 2012: Dusk and Myrika realize how crazy the ravens go for food; Vesper gives the some advice.
  6. 09 Jan 2013: Vesper teaches Azucena a little about the ravens.
  7. 11 Jan 2013: Vesper "rescues" Loki from the raucous birds, then teaches him a little bit about them.
  8. 2014: Myrika and Delilah feed the ravens.
  9. Aug 2014: Inferni shows appreciation for the ravens with a festival!
  10. Jan 2015: Amity Williams first claims a raven (Lael) then feeds the rest with help from a friend.
  11. Jul 2015: Various coyotes partner up with some of the ravens in preparation for the Inferni and Cour des Miracles conflict.
  12. Apr 2016: Several ravens (including Quinn, Disarray, Brokenclaws, and Shoal) are killed from an air blast upon the meteor impact.

6.  Links

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