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  1.   1.  Owned Animals
    1.   1.1  Horses
    2.   1.2  Birds
    3.   1.3  Pets
    4.   1.4  Livestock

1.  Owned Animals

  1. These animals belong to a particular character; they are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their coyote owners. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.

1.1  Horses

  1. These horses live in various places and are not sorted by their usual residence or location.
  2. You do not need to fill in the About section if you have information available elsewhere about your animals on the Wiki. Just link to that instead; it's easier to update in the long run.
Icon Gender DoB Residence About

Tigana (Vicira)

Mare 2008 Free Roaming
  • Abilities: Riding-trained, warhorse. Quick and agile.
  • Personality: Dominant, stubborn, temperamental.
  • Description: Dark reddish-bay pinto with blue eyes and stock horse traits.
  • Notes: Click here for more info.

Kresnik (Vicira)

Gelding 2011 Free Roaming
  • Abilities: Riding-trained. Bombproof.
  • Personality: Spirited and energetic, but loyal and obedient. Difficult to spook, sometimes a little overexcited with many stimuli.
  • Description: Chestnut Svantevit.
  • Notes: Click here for more info.

Riselka (Vicira)

Filly 2017 Free Roaming (with Tigana)
  • Abilities: In basic ground training. Large and strong.
  • Personality: ???
  • Description: Large, muscular buckskin sabino with a distinctive face marking.
  • Notes: Click here for more info.

Ronin (Antioch)

Stallion 2013 Free Roaming
  • Abilities: Riding-trained, strong and very fast.
  • Personality: Boisterous, jovial.
  • Description: Ronin is fit looking a bay mustang with white markings. Click here for more info.

Sassafras (Jethro)

Mare 2011 Free Roaming
  • Abilities: A smooth horse to ride with an ambling gait.
  • Personality: Friendly and mild; Sassy is submissive around other horses but never timid. She is a quick learner and easily motivated by treats.
  • Description: Laser in coloration, with a Pearl mane and tail, along with socks on each leg. She has striking Cornflower eyes. She is very tall -- yet still refined and well-built, far too much so to suggest draft heritage.

1.2  Birds

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Bogart (Merari)

Male 2018 Common Raven Ravenswrest Ugly baby raven, son of Stormeye.

Stormeye (Vesper)

Female 2014 Common Raven Ravenswrest Blind in one eye, mischievous and pouty.

1.3  Pets

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Flea (Jethro)

Male 2013 Domestic Cat Free Roaming Runty ginger tabby with olive-green eyes. Affectionate, clingy, and high-energy. Click here for more info.

1.4  Livestock

Icon Gender DoB Species Residence About

Murphy (Merari)

Male 2018 Pig New Homestead Tan piglet with black patches.