Gamma 7

Gamma 7

ColoursNeon Green (#2CE800)
Founded ByAlexander Wulfric
Founded On~2007
Defunct On~2007


Alexander Wulfric, Moira Drakyn


Sergeant Diesel, Faith Hayes

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Territory
  3.   3.  Notes and Etc.
    1.   3.1  Humans? Wat?
    2.   3.2  Why isn't there any information on this plot?

1.  History

Gamma 7 was a group of humans who came to try and recolonize the overrun territory. Though this was their primary mission, they also included many werewolf hunters and scientists who sought to both exterminate and research the mutation. Overall, they were a mixed bunch of folks. They ultimately left Bleeding Souls upon realizing that the "infestation" of werewolves was too great for them to handle alone. Because of their research, Canada has been judged a lost cause and abandoned to the wild. Gamma 7 returned to New York City, which has been serving as the hub for remaining human life.

2.  Territory

The Gamma 7 Group makes its home in the southwestern portion of the Concrete Jungle. The group of approximately thirty humans has taken up residence on a small block of homes, tearing down the fences separating individual backyards to create one commune-like setting, ringed by four houses. There is generally one guard on the roof of the tallest house, keeping an eye out for potential danger.

3.  Notes and Etc.

3.1  Humans? Wat?

G7 was a one-time plot where the 'SA authorized the introduction of a small, controlled group of humans. It didn't work out -- in the future, it is extremely unlikely we'd consider another plot involving humans. This one didn't do well at all. :(

3.2  Why isn't there any information on this plot?

It happened during 2007, when 'Souls was hosted on IPB 2.2.2. That board and all of its archives were destroyed, unfortunately, so no one has any real recollection of this plot. Sorry!

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