Jardins de Rêves


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The Jardins de Reves is the location found and cleared to form the new meeting place for the Court following the destruction of the Amphitheater during the 2016 Meteor. It is located west of the burned portions of the Kodiak Pass, north of the Fairy Lights. It was once a large stonework building though has lost its roof and several walls since then. The path leading to this open area has been cleared, and a stage set up to elevate speakers for ceremonies and meetings.

Chamberlain Alder found the location after the expansion of the Court following the Meteor, and thereby showed it to King Silvano, who agreed to convert it into their new meeting place. [1] It underwent some renovations mainly to clear out fallen debris and to create the stage setting. A pathway was also added as a decorative measure and the first of the stones were added to honor those already born before and those that had died before the location was found.

1.  Ceremonies

For more information on the ceremonies and what they entail, please see the ceremonies page

Many events are held at the Garden of Dreams, ranging from births to honoring the dead. There are a series of events that the location hosts, though it should be noted that the funerary ceremony may vary by location depending on the wishes of the deceased's family.

2.  Birthstones

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3.  Cemetery

3.1  Death List

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