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  • Novice Journeyman Master - Indicates a current co-rank, hover to see what co-rank is held.
  • Mate to Character - Indicates a mateship, hover to see to who.
  • Weapon indicates a character's weapon of choice.
  • The Brotherhood: Rank indicates member holds a Brotherhood Rank.




Aldora Knight Journeyman Artisan (Vocals) Journeyman Hunter The Brotherhood: Master Tactician Weapon of Choice: Bow Minerva Griffith Cedric Stryder
Master Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Blunt Weapons Weapon of Choice: Shield

The Council

War Lord

Lead Diplomat

Labor Head

Pack Advisor

Keeper of Whispers

Chief Cleric

-- -- Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii (aNPC)
Novice Famer Novice Herdsman The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff, bow Mate to Guinevere
-- -- Veri Secanti
Novice Healer The Brotherhood: Master of Medicines Weapon of Choice: Sword and Daggers

The Brotherhood


-- -- -- --


-- -- -- --


Guinevere Callow-Knight (cNPC to Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii)
Novice Carpenter The Brotherhood: Master of Bladed Weapons Weapon of Choice: Sword and Axes Mate to Honrin
Starlight Hushhowl Novice Blacksmith Novice Stable Master The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian
Weapon of Choice: Sword
-- --

Honored Elders

Morty (pNPC) Journeyman Healer Journeyman Barber The Brotherhood: Master of Medicines (retired) Weapon of Choice: Tooth and Claw Jace Wolfe Novice Hunter Novice Guardsman The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons (retired) Weapon of Choice: Bow Mate to Temo Temo Wolfe Weapon of Choice: Staff Mate to Jace --

The Officers

First Officers

Isaac Coblentz (pNPC)
Journeyman Butcher Journeyman Carpenter Weapon of Choice:Axe
Howland Reeves (pNPC)
Journeyman Guardsman Novice Herdsman Weapon of Choice: Spear and Staff
Armani Catori Novice Blacksmith Weapon of Choice: Sword Dawn Hushhowl --

Second Officers

Leoris Steinmeister (pNPC)
Novice Merchant Novice Armorsmith Weapon of Choice: Mace
Darius Pierson (pNPC) Journeyman Tailor Weapon of Choice: Daggers Callum Knight (cNPC to Kira Damaichu) Novice Pupsitter Weapon of Choice: Sword and Dagger Quinn Damaichu Novice Fisher Weapon of Choice: Spear
Eros Damaichu Novice Scout Weapon of Choice: Dagger Nora Knight Novice Hunter Weapon of Choice: Bow Minerva Griffith Journeyman Spiritual Advisor Novice Herbalist Weapon of Choice: Spear, staff Mate to Aldora Knight --

The Cadets

First Cadets

Theodore Hudson (pNPC)
Journeyman Barber Novice Guardsman Weapon of Choice: Baseball bat
Josephine LaBelle (pNPC)
Journeyman Cook Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives and Tooth and Claw
Night Hushhowl (cNPC to Dusk Hushhowl) Weapon of Choice: Axe Mate to Remus Knight Jacelyn Denahlii (cNPC to Quinn Damaichu) Weapon of Choice: Tooh and Claw
Temnota Hushhowl (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Spear and Staff Bhasu Marino (aNPC) Orion Knight (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Staff Zetsubou Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
Nayavota Denahlii Novice Carpenter Weapon of Choice: Staff Pallas Nephus Weapon of Choice: Spear Dusk Hushhowl Weapon of Choice: Tooth and Claw and Sword Pushok Hushhowl Weapon of Choice: Sword

Second Cadets

Arlen Stryder (cNPC to Starlight Hushhowl) Novice Herdsman Novice Scout Weapon of Choice: Rapier Mate to Damon Alaric Ivanov (yNPC to Veri Secanti) Day Hushhowl (aNPC) Novice Stable Master Mercy Nightshade (cNPC to Day Hushhowl)
Remus Knight (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Sword Mate to Night Hushhowl Borya Hushhowl (aNPC) Weapon of Choice: Staff Tlamatini (cNPC to Borya Hushhowl) Damon Novice Cook Mate to Arlen Stryder
Kira Damaichu Weapon of Choice: Staff and Sword Dawn Hushhowl Weapon of Choice: Rapier and Bow Mate to Armani Catori Risa Rivera Weapon of Choice: Spear Sian Damaichu Weapon of Choice: Bow
Wally Sherman Weapon of Choice: Spear -- -- --

The Recruits


Lotai Wolfe-Denahlii (yNPC to Nayavota Denahlii) Winifred Wardley (pNPC) Leviticus Wardley (pNPC) Kjindrah Wolfe-Denahlii


-- -- -- --

Junior Cadets



-- -- -- --


Bastian Nightshade (yNPC to Nora Knight) Soledad Stryder (yNPC to Cedric Stryder) Celia Knight (yNPC to Cedric Stryder) Lyall Hushhowl (yNPC to Armani Catori)
Nilda Catori (yNPC to Armani Catori) Brannon O'Neil (yNPC to Armani Catori) Maisie O'Neil (yNPC to Armani Catori) Caspian Knight (yNPC to Veri Secanti)
Lucian Marino (yNPC to Veri Secanti) -- -- --


Co-Rank Information || Claim a Co-Rank




Callum Knight --




Veri Secanti, Morty Minerva Griffith

Spiritual Adviser

Minerva Griffith

Animal Husbandry

Stable Master


Starlight Hushhowl, Day Hushhowl Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Arlen Stryder, Howland Reeves



Food Management



Jace Wolfe, Aldora Knight, Nora Knight Quinn Damaichu



Damon, Josephine Labelle Isaac Coblentz




-- Aldora Knight

Laborers & Craftsmen



Veri Secanti, Theodore Hudson Isaac Coblentz, Nayavota Denahlii, Guinevere Callow-Knight


Armor Crafter

Armani Catori, Starlight Hushhowl Leoris Steinmeister



-- Jace Wolfe, Cedric Stryder, Theodore Hudson



Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii Darius Pierson

External & Trade



Leoris Steinmeister Arlen Stryder



-- --


Ambassador Information


Salsola Del Cenere Gang
-- --
New Caledonia

Loner Bands

The Troupe Bête Noire


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Game Scores

First Place: Aldora Knight 1574
Second Place: Jace Wolfe 202
Third Place: Minerva Griffith 150
Starlight Hushhowl 134
Veri Secanti 121
Pushok Hushhowl 60
Sian Damaichu 35

Inactive or Previous Character Game Scores

Morty - 196 Nadia Ancientfire - 260 Lyris Stryder - 1058 Iorek - 2370
Indi Knight - 710 Everett Moreau - 449 Rohan Damaichu - 175 Aniki - 363
Arthur Knight - 100 Khyren - 104 Howland Reeves - 282 Arlen Stryder -368
Callum Knight - 989 Day Hushhowl - 10 Tessa de la Croix - 81 Dawn Hushhowl - 212

The Brotherhood Ranks

See our Brotherhood website page for more information.


Master of Bladed Weapons Guinevere Callow-Knight
Master of Ranged Weapons Jace Wolfe (Retired)
Master of Stealth --
Master of Blunt Weapons Cedric Stryder
Master Tactician Aldora Knight
Master of Medicines Veri Secanti, Morty (Retired)
Master Equestrian Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Starlight Hushhowl
Master of Tooth and Claw --
Master of Poisons --

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