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Avalon belongs to the pack Casa di Cavalieri. It is docked at the Northwestern tip of the pack's territory to ensure easy access to the Bay of Fundy.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Travel
    1.   2.1  Policies
    2.   2.2  Crew

The Avalon

Owned by

Casa di Cavalieri

Date Acquired

October 2013

Type of Ship




40 feet


20 luperci

1.  History

Avalon was acquired by Casa di Cavalieri after their victory in the Casa Pirate Conflict. In April of 2016, it was washed inland due to tsunamis after a meteor made impact with the ocean and sustained major damages. Cavaliers managed to repair the vessel and it is now once again usable, if appearing more patchy.

2.  Travel

Avalon is used by Casa di Cavalieri to travel to distant packs more easily, however the ship will only travel to Drifter Bay or the coast of Fundy National Park. Avalon travels at approximately 6 knots or 7mph/11kph.

Drifter Bay - A short trip of less than an hour (approx. 30-45mins). This stop gives Casa members quick access to Salsola and Inferni.

Fundy National Park - A longer trip of approximately 3-4 hours. This stop gives members access to Krokar.

2.1  Policies

Members must request use of Avalon by PMing the Casa di Cavalieri Account.

The ship will only dock in Drifter Bay for a maximum of two days to avoid conflict with Salsola.

2.2  Crew