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  1.   1.  Rules/Procedures
    1.   1.1  Update, Please!
  2.   2.  Animal Residences
  3.   3.  Communal
    1.   3.1  Horses
    2.   3.2  Other
  4.   4.  Owned Animals
    1.   4.1  Horses
    2.   4.2  Birds
    3.   4.3  Other

1.  Rules/Procedures

1.1  Update, Please!

  1. Please let us know of ANY animals, whether communal or personal.
  2. Please keep the total word count of your description below 150 words. If you need more space, use an NPC Template or your personal Wiki page. This page is only meant to be a brief catalog of your companion animal. o:
  3. If you need a pixel, let us know.

2.  Animal Residences

Animals may be kept in various areas: there are communal stables; another option is to allow your animal to simply meander around Casa di Cavalieri. Free-range birds have access to the open bird cage located at the end of the stables. The barn is reserved for livestock.

Barn & Chicken Coop

Bird Sanctuary

Constructed in early 2016 by Casa members (project initiated by Luca and Lyris), all free-range companion and communal birds have access to the bird sanctuary. Located at the forefront of Casa's South twin stable, two vacant stalls have had their connecting wall blown out. Where these stall's gates used to be has been replaced with floor-to-ceiling mesh wire. The windows of the stalls have been blown out and left empty for the entry and exit of birds at will. Several spaced perches have been installed, as well as a container for bird seed and water. The only point of access to the sanctuary is a crude door located at the corner end of the stable. This is where Casa's falcons and companion birds can reside (excluding chickens, who live in the coop).

Communal Stables

Casa's stables are divided into tthree separate buildings, identified as North, South, and East or sometimes Stable one, Stable two, and Stable three. Stable one and two each contain twelve fair-sized stalls with wooden doors reaching 4'5" in height. Stable three holds twenty due to its larger size. Each stable building has two large rooms; one is utilized as storage and the other is prepped for foaling pregnant mares. The South Stable has had two of its stalls' connecting wall blown out and has been modified into a sanctuary for Casa's birds. Horses tend to wander freely around Kingsbury throughout the day but it is encouraged that owners of horses arrange for their companion(s) to sleep in a stall safely. Members are welcomed to claim an open stall for their horse. Stabled animals are cared for by the Stable Master.


North Stable (Stable 1)

  • N1: Apollo (communal)
  • N2: Ulrich (Luca)
  • N3: Tupelo (communal)
  • N4: Elda (Veri)
  • N5: Buckeye (communal)
  • N6: Milité (Callum)

North Stable (Cont.)

  • N7: Vito (Remus & (Arlen)
  • N8: Nagini (Qyska)
  • N9: Ears (communal)
  • N10: Shasta (communal)
  • N11: EMPTY
  • N12: Noble (Arthur)

South Stable (Stable 2)

  • S1: Alanna (communal)& Baby (communal)
  • S2: Cinzia (Aldora)
  • S3: Abelie (Teagan)
  • S4: Kenyon (Teagan)
  • S5: Cecil (communal)
  • S6: Unnamed Stallion

South Stable (Cont.)

  • S7: Snowdrop (Myra)
  • S8: Dorian (Riley )
  • S9: Whiskey (Mako)
  • S10: Apollo (Teagan)
  • S11-12 (Combined): Bird Sanctuary

East Stable (Stable 3)

East Stable (Cont.)

  • E11: EMPTY
  • E12: EMPTY
  • E13: EMPTY
  • E14: EMPTY
  • E15: EMPTY
  • E16: EMPTY
  • E17: EMPTY
  • E18: EMPTY
  • E19: EMPTY
  • E20: EMPTY

3.  Communal

  • These communal animals may be used for any purposes. (Note each animal's tag and adhere to it.)
  • Note that trading, killing, injuring, etc. these animals is not barred: however, IC consequences may occur if permission is not sought from the leadership.
  • Communal animals are stabled within the communal stables except where noted otherwise.

3.1  Horses

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Stallion 2012 [NT!]

[RT!] [EX!]

  • Abilities: Rider trained.
  • Personality: A prime example of horseflesh, this stallion is large and full of personality. He is quite strong-willed and will challenge inexperienced riders.
  • Description: Buckskin quarter horse. Perfectly capable of being put to stud, this horse will likely produce strong, larger foals which are far more desirable for larger Luperci riders.
Apollo was traded for during Cour des Miracles' Birthday Bash and named by Alex.


Mare 2005 [NT!]

[PT!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Cart pulling; bareback riding.
  • Personality: She is gentle and loves treats, though she shows a stubbornness toward being tacked and prefers to be ridden bareback.
  • Description: Palomino with extensive white paint markings.
  • Notes:
    • Foaled Shasta, sired by Muddy.
Gifted to Casa di Cavalieri by Alder. Bore a filly in 2011, a palomino named Sassafras. Bred to Muddy in September 2013.


Stallion 2004 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding.
  • Personality: Gentle, with more of a gelding's personality than a stallion's. He's a sucker for attention and loves being taken for rides.
  • Description: Buckskin.
Gifted to Casa di Cavalieri by Alder.


Stallion 2014 [NT!]
  • Abilities: None! Currently in training, will be trained as a warhorse and for riding.
  • Personality: Mischievous and playful.
  • Description: Palomino splash.
Foaled by Tupelo and sired by Muddy in September 2013.


Stallion 2014 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Trained for riding, some cart, and available as a stud.
  • Personality: This stallion has a powerful temperament, still tends to be wary rather than immediately aggressive towards Luperci. He's fast and large for his age. While now tamed, he still requires a more experienced hand and will test his handler if he picks up they're inexperienced.
  • Description: Speckled gray. Very strong and able-bodied, a prime potential warhorse and stud.
Captured from Mirage Glade's wild herd during CdC's Diplomacy Summit (leadership gathering) in early June of 2016, and was named by Raze. Recently Guinevere has taken an interest and started working for a claim to him.


Mare 2010 [NT!]


  • Abilities: In training to be ridden, and used for breeding.
  • Personality: This mare has a wild fire in her heart. A hellion when she wants to be, only experienced handlers should dare to be her company. Despite her aggressive temperament, once tamed, she will prove to be loyal and a valuable asset.
  • Description: Cream and white. Still young and in her prime years. She is strong and able-bodied.
Captured from Mirage Glade's wild herd during CdC's Diplomacy Summit (leadership gathering) in early June of 2016. Alanna was named by Raze.



Filly June 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Baby
  • Personality: TBD
  • Description: TBD
Born to Alanna, sired by Apollo


John 2007 [NT!]

[PT!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Cart pulling; riding; general labor.
  • Personality: Playful, mischievous, very "talkative" and easily distracted.
  • Description: Bay mule.
Donated for the pack's use by Chevelle Dallas.

3.2  Other

Icon Name/Species Gender Number/DoB Tags About


Ibai - Saanen goat x Alpine goat Male [NT!]
  • Appearance: Ibai is dark brown in coloration, with erect ears, tall horns, and a tufty beard. He weighs over 160 pounds.
  • Personality: Ibai can be a handful. He doesn't mind being handled on his own terms, but he is strong-willed and independent, preferring to do his own thing.
  • Traded from Inferni by Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii in June 2018
Drosoferu Cow -- [NT!]
  • Drosoferu is a quiet and timid brown cow.
Gemma Cow -- [NT!]
  • Gemma is a calm and very indifferent black cow.
Pippa Cow Jan 2017 [NT!]
  • A young cow born to Drosoferu in January of 2017
Moo Moo McMooFace Bull Jan 2017 [NT!]
  • A young bull born to Gemma in January of 2017
  • Nat volunteered this name in an OOC naming contest and because all of you Cavaliers are trolls, this is his name now
  • IC it's assumed that Arlen named him, that little brat
Rambo Ram ~2013 [NT!]
  • Rambo was traded from Inferni in late May of 2016.
  • Large and distinctive, Rambo can be aggressive to any who appear threatening. Can be seen wearing an eartag engraved with an "RA".
Unnamed Ram ~2016 [NT!]
  • Obtained by Teagan Stryder while she was in Portland in September 2017
  • Young, lively, and brave, he is sure to be a handful
Sheep Ewes & Lambs Varying [FT!]
  • Description: Six of these ewes were given to Casa by Midnight Shores upon their disbandment. Two of the ewes from MS are named Betty and Whippy. All of the ewes (Whippy is more friendly) are very skittish and frightened by canines in Lupus or Secui. All sheep are sheared once a year and bred once to twice a year, lambs are normally born during the summer/fall. T
  • Trading: Ewes and lambs can be traded by any packmember WITH explicit permission. Current Stock: One unnamed ewe that originally came from Midnight Shores is available for trade.


Chicken Rooster Varying [NT!]

The chickens are skittish of canines and need to be kept in their coop or otherwise watched; they might bolt if left unattended. The hens will lay eggs that can be harvested, though some of these eggs are fertilized and hatch into chicks, so use caution! The number of chickens fluctuates as the chicks grow or as members take the chickens for food. In late 2016, Casa received 3 roosters and 16 hens from Midnight Shores when they disbanded.

Hen Varying
Chick Varying
Oonu Male 2012 [NT!]
  • Peregrine falcon. Oonu is the offspring of former member Neela Garcia's old falcon, Grynn. He is brother to Marahute. Oonu is very canine friendly having been hand raised in Casa but is harder to win over than Marahute. He is regularly seen mindfully watching the Fort or residing in the bird sanctuary.
Marahute Female 2012 [NT!]
  • Peregrine falcon. Marahute is the offspring of former member Neela Garcia's old falcon, Grynn. She is sister to Oonu. Marahute is very canine friendly, having been hand raised in Casa. Marahute can regularly be seen perching around the Fort or residing in the bird sanctuary and interacting with pack members. In 2016 she mothered a clutch of three eggs with an unknown falcon: Agrona (Teagan), Murdock (Luca), and an unnamed chick that was traded to Inferni.

Kiska & Gkesa Female 2018 [NT!]
  • Canadian Geese. Two average, black and gray-brown Canada geese. Kiska has a yellow band tied around her leg and Gkesa has a green one. Kiska and Gkesa were unintentionally orphaned by Nayavota and Uriah. Hand-raised and sweet, but mischievous. Kiska is playful and a troublemaker, whereas Gkesa is lazy and docile.


Domestic Cat Queen 2010 [NT!] This cat -- unimaginatively nicknamed "Tabby" -- lives in the pack stables. She keeps the barn free of mice and also provides companionship to the horses, though she's no lap pet. She likes to be talked to, and briefly scratched behind the ears, but hates being held. She does not understand more than a few words of High Speech.
Domestic Cat (Maine Coon) Tom 2015 [NT!] Jackson was formerly a traveling companion of Iorek. But, once he got to Casa di Cavalieri, he ditched the oaf and lives in the barn. He catches mice, but may also be seen fishing or swimming. He is quite intelligent and capable of high-speech and conversations. He may converse with Cavaliers. Wiki
Domestic Cat (Nebelung) Queen 2015 [NT!] Addison was formerly a traveling companion of Iorek. But, once she got to Casa di Cavalieri, she ditched the oaf and lives in the barn. She catches mice alongside Jackson and may be seen climbing the rafters. She is quite intelligent and capable of high-speech. She may converse with Cavaliers. Wiki

4.  Owned Animals

4.1  Horses

  • These horses belong to a particular character; you must PM them to ask permission to use the horse.
  • These horses live in various places and are not sorted by their usual residence or location.
Icon Gender DoB About History

Ulrich (Luca Knight)

Gelding 2009
  • Abilities: Riding, warhorse in training.
  • Description: Draft mix
  • About: For a gelding Ulrich is very docile, however he learns tasks easily. He is a gentle soul but with some training he will become a great war horse!

Won at auction in ND

Kenyon (Teagan Stryder)

Stallion 2010
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, warhorse in training.
  • Personality: Free-spirited, arrogant, confident, loved to run with Lyris saddled and bareback. In tune to her every command, a very loyal companion. Aggressive/distrustful of strangers.
  • Description: Very tall and strong, with feathered feet. Black on white dappled pattern.
  • Notes:
  • Originally Sangi'lak pack horse, inherited by Lyris after disbandment.
  • Given to Lyris' daughter, Teagan, when Lyris passed away in Nov 2017.

Abelie (Teagan Stryder)

Filly 2016
  • Abilities: Warhorse in training. Not ride-able, she's too young!
  • Personality: Abelie has inherited her father's free spirit and occassional arrogance. She will grow to be a confident mare with fine potential as a war-horse and rider.
  • Description: Chestnut tobiano. Reference image.
  • Was foaled in July of 2016 by Nevada, sired by Kenyon.
  • Given to Lyris' daughter, Teagan, when Lyris passed away in Nov 2017.

Apollo (Teagan Stryder)

Stallion 2012
  • Abilities: Rider-trained; Warhorse in training; surefooted; easily trainable and could be cart-trained
  • Description: Brown dapple, well-muscled, athletic. Percheron and stands 18hh (73 in; 185 cm) at the withers.
  • About: Surprisingly docile for a stallion, playful, intelligent, brave and unafraid to attack a perceived threat.

Stolen during Indi and Teagan's escape from a fight [1] [M] in 2016.

Whiskey (Makoto Ridley)

Mare 2010
  • Abilities: Cart and Rider-trained; surefooted; good with all levels of experience
  • Description: Blue roan, well-muscled, lithe. Suspected Shire and stands 17hh (68 in; 173 cm) at the withers.
  • About: Gentle, calm, and patient, and good with smaller animals.

Taken by Mako after defeating a group of sell-swords with Teagan [2] [M] in Portland.

Elda (Veri Secanti)

Mare 2011
  • Abilities: Rider trained, in training for cart pulling and possibly war horse training.
  • Personality: Friendly towards Luperci but free spirited and slightly aloof. Quite intelligent; she will test her handler's patience when asked to perform tasks and needs to be shown who's boss.
  • Description: Stands about 17 hands, buckskin with white splash; white mane and a faded tail.

Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment. Won in an auction by Veri

Dorian (Riley Rockateer)

Gelding 2015
  • Abilities: Rider-trained
  • Personality: Docile, obedient and playful
  • Description: Palomino. Reference image.
  • Notes:

Traded for at Casa's Portland Outpost.

Nevada (Sylvie Agnès)

Mare 2000
  • Abilities: Cart pulling; riding.
  • Personality: Unshaken by anything. Gets bored easily, and is very eager to work.
  • Description: Chestnut.
  • Notes:

Obtained by Wayne in a trade with Dieter Köhler. Given to Sylvie during the horse give away.

Milite (Callum)

Stallion 2008
  • Abilities: Can carry heavy loads; trained to ride but has a poor attitude toward most Luperci. He does not pull carts.
  • Description: Bay with four white socks and a blaze. Resembles a Shire and stands 18hh (72in, 182.8cm) at the withers.
  • About: Mil tends to be a bit of an ass most of the time, but is slowly becoming more docile.

Bought in Freetown by Tony; gifted to Callum in Nov 2013.

Aippaq (Asuilaak)

Mare 2011
  • Abilities: Rider-trained, sure-footed, answers to whistles and commands in Inupiatun
  • Description: Quarter Horse cross. Light, flaxen chestnut with four white socks, a white, upside-down triangle "star and strip" marking, and a white snip between her nostrils and her lip. Reference.
  • About: Friendly, gentle, mischievous, eager to please.

Given to Asuilaak by Kattituyok, Shtiya's father.

Isaia (Asuilaak)

Stallion --
  • Abilities: In riding and warhorse training.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Originally a member of the Mire herd. Full grown, he will stand about 15 hands; buckskin with a white blaze and sooty muzzle, mane and tail, and legs.
Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment. Subsequently won by Asuilaak in CdC's 2017 horse auction.

Puttuksriruk (Shtiya)

Mare 2012
  • Abilities: Rider-trained and answers to whistles and commands in Inupiatun.
  • Description: Quarter horse/Draft horse cross. White-gray palomino with four white socks and a white snip below her nostrils to her lip. Reference.
  • About: Friendly, free-spirited, skittish, intelligent.

Given to Shtiya by her father, Kattituyok.

Seeker (Isobel)

Stallion 2009
  • Abilities: Rider trained, pull trained (not necessarily cart), war horse trained.
  • Personality: Out of the saddle, Seeker is a sweetheart that loves scratches and treats and will always 'seek' out one or the other. In the saddle he's a far more serious soul, eager to please and responsive to every command he's given.
  • Description: Thoroughbred dapple grey with black mane and tail, dark points on his legs and around his muzzle. About 16hh at the withers. Due to severe injury during the Syndicate Conflict, he has been retired as a war horse

Gifted to Veri by her father, Solomon. Given to Isobel when she left for the Portland Outpost.

Percival (Everett Moreau)

Stallion --
  • Abilities: --
  • Description: A sturdily built stallion, possibly a hybrid of various pony breeds such as Fell Pony, etc. He has a pale grey base coat, with cream highlights and a dark muzzle. Reference Image.
  • About: Docile and friendly, his temperament is closer to a gelding's than a stallion's. He loves to run and be fussed over.

Given to Everett as a parting gift from the group that looked after him during the end of April til late May.

Snowdrop (Myra Garcia)

Mare 2007
  • Abilities: Rider-trained. Sure-footed and quick.
  • Personality: Friendly, gentle, and eager to please.
  • Description: Snowdrop is somewhat short and wiry, making her able to run very fast over short distances.
Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment.Myra earned Snowdrop, though is still "paying" for her with work and things she obtains for the pack.

Liriopé of the Spring (Myra Garcia)

Mare 2012
  • Abilities: Riding,
  • Description:Reference Image.
  • About: Is still in training and will learn how to pull carts as well as ride, usually mostly bareback, but saddle trained, and is trained bitless

Given to Myra by Raine as a present.

Cinzia (Aldora Knight)

Mare 2011
  • Abilities: In training for archery riding.
  • Personality: Haughty and a bit flighty, but gets along well with other mares and geldings; loves sheep
  • Description: Originally a member of the Glen herd. Stands about 16 hands, champagne paint with a white mane and tail.
  • Notes:
    • Cinzia is currently pregnant by Artan - due late Spring 2019

Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment. Subsequently earned by Aldora in CdC's 2017 horse auction.

Artan (Jace Wolfe)

Stallion 2012
  • Abilities: Artan is a fully trained, experienced Warhorse. He does not balk at loud noises, blood or sudden movements. He is also broken to ride and cart trained.
  • Description: Artan is a brown colored stallion with a flaxen made, his lineage is unknown but he is a huge stallion.
  • Personality: His temperament is aloof and begrudging around strangers. He can be found staked in Jace's camp outside of the Fort

Artan was traded to Jace by Saul Stormbringer in exchange for her son aiding in the construction of the Sveit Village Hall in Vinátta. Artan is stabled at Jace's camp

Salvia (Jace Wolfe)

Mare 2010
  • Abilities: Salvia is broken to ride and car trained.
  • Description: Salvia is a black and grey grade horse of unknown lineage.
  • Personality: Salvia is a peppy and upbeat mare, very friendly of most luperci.
  • Notes:

Salvia was born to Jace's older mare, Pandemic in Ichika no Ho-en. Salvia is stabled at Jace's camp

Lady Buttercup Rosie (Jace Wolfe)

Mare October 2017
  • Abilities: None
  • Description: Lean and fast, Lady Buttercup Rosie will be a long distance runner when fully grown. Coloring.
  • About: She is a young horse, she loves to play!
  • Notes:

Born to Salvia in Casa di Cavalieri. Lady is stabled at Jace's camp

Brehn (Temo Wolfe)

Mare unknown
  • Abilities: Brehn is rider trained
  • Description: Stands about 16 hands, bay with white, bald-face markings as well as white stockings; mane and tail are a darker shade of brown.
  • Personality: Brehn is a quiet, sweet tempered mare.

Originally a member of the Mire herd, claimed by Temo upon Midnight Shores disbandment. Bhren is stabled at Jace's camp

Vito (Arlen Stryder & Remus Knight)

Stallion 2012
  • Abilities: Fully trained in riding and cart pulling
  • Description: Extremely large gypsy vanner/percheron
  • Personality: Somewhat goofy and playful

Originally belonging to Jazper, won by Arlen and Remus in Casa's horse auction.

Milkberry (Dawn Hushhowl)

Gelding Unknown
  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: Very loyal to Dawn. Independent and perceptive. Will bite and kick and hostile Luperci
  • Description: Stands about 16.5 hands, light colored coat with dark mane, tail, and feet. Ref

Stolen from the slavers when the chance came to escape.

Horse (Darkness Hushhowl)

Stallion Unknown
  • Abilities: Rider Trained, Bareback Trained, Cartpulling
  • Description: Kladruber, Barbant and various breed draft mix. 17 Hands tall, heavy draft build, Bay Roan with white markings.
  • Personality: Bombproof horse. Calm and gentle for riders, but has a sly streak. Known to break out of stables and chew through a hitch when bored. Can be extremely silly with other horses. Only answers to being called Horse.
  • Idle Location: Stall 5 in Stable Three.

Hartt Attaya and Dawn Hushhowl stole several horses when escaping from a slaver camp. Hartt Attaya Gifted Darkness Hushhowl this stallion. Lovingly named 'Horse' by Darkness.

Noble (Arthur Knight)

Stallion 2012
  • Abilities: Rider trained, sure footed, very fast
  • Peronality: Calm, docile, not easily spooked, aloof to strangers
  • Description: Very large suspected quarter horse, buckskin colored
  • Notes: See Arthur's NPCs for more information

Acquired in Portland.

Resheph (Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii)

Mare Unknown
  • Abilities: In training
  • Description: Light dappled grey with soft white spots all over her body. Her mane, tail, and feathered legs are all a creamy white. She has a white bald face, light pink muzzle and intelligent brown eyes. Ref
  • About: Untrained - feisty and fiery

Sired by Emmet. Traded from Sapient in March 2018 Resheph is stabled at Jace's camp

Emmet (Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii)

Stallion 2009
  • Abilities: Tentatively rider trained, although rather unpredictable.
  • Personality: Emmet is a rather stubborn stallion with more than a bit of a mean streak; exceptionally prone to biting, kicking and generally aggressive towards luperci and other horses.
  • Description: Smoky cream tobiano baroque mix.
  • Notes:

Emmet is stabled at Jace's camp

Unnamed (Indi Knight)

Mare --
  • Abilities: --
  • Description: --
  • About: --

Stolen during Indi and Teagan's escape from a fight [3] [M] in 2016.

4.2  Birds

Icon Gender Species About

Agrona (Teagan Stryder)

Female Peregrine Falcon - 2016 One of Marahute's clutch. Sister to Murdock. See Teagan's NPCs for more information.

Murdock (Luca Knight)

Male Peregrine Falcon - 2016 One of Marahute's clutch. Brother to Agrona.

Birdflower (Iorek)

Male Magpie Birdflower was found by Iorek in a flower bush. He now rides on Iorek's back and keeps him from bumping into things. See Birdflower for more information.

Druzy (Iorek)

Female Crow A smaller crow with lilac eyes. Loves shiny objects. See IoreksNPCs#Druzy for more information.

Poe (Arthur Knight)

Male Common Raven See Arthur's NPCs for more information.

Tyler (Dawn Hushhowl)

Male Barn Owl Big barn owl with dark brown eyes. See Dawn Hushhowl#Tyler for more information.

Nunavut (Jace Wolfe)

Male Gyrfalcon - 2013 Traded from Cody Rhiannon

Hathor (Garrett Masquerade)

Female Golden Eagle
  • Tame and loyal to Garrett and Spencer. Can speak high-speech.

Tochina (Nayavota Denahlii)

Male Canada goose - 2018 Tochina was unintentionally orphaned by Nayavota and Uriah. Hand-raised and sweet, but mischievous. He'd follow Nayavota everywhere, given the chance. Instead, he wanders around the Wolfe-Denahlii camp, constantly honking and getting underfoot.

4.3  Other

Icon Gender Species / DOB About

Snowshoe Hares (Jace Wolfe)

Various Rabbit These rabbits are kept by Jace in a makeshift hutch. She breeds them for meat and fur, particularly the white fur they develop in winter time.
  • Notes:
    • Bucks x 3, Does x 7, Kits x 10

Arlene (Arlen Stryder)

Female Highland Cow - Jan 2017
  • Obtained by Teagan Stryder while she was in Portland in September 2017
  • Teagan gave it the temporary name "Arlene", but the name stuck, so the name was kept
  • Was given to Teagan's brother, Arlen, upon returning to the pack to give him some responsibilities (and because he loves cows)

Oda (Howland Reeves)

Female Nubian - Jan 2017

Gitte (Howland Reeves)

Female Nubian - Jan 2017

Prescilla (Howland Reeves)

Female Anglo-Nubian dominant hybrid doe, B. 2008

Skeiron (Garrett Masquerade)

Male Sudan Cheetah
  • Given to Garrett by his father
  • Intelligent and hates being treated like a pet
  • Trained to hunt


Male Siberian tiger - Jan. 2011
  • Became Aldora 's companion upon meeting her on Prince Edward Island.
  • Fluent in canine high speech

Name (Characters)


Gender Age & Species Description
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