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1.  About

Spirit Guides were a feature unique to AniWaya, described as:

"Transcended souls with little or no ties left to their once-living self or specific life. They exercise great control over their visual representation and are capable of limited physical representation. Spirit guides are firmly entrenched in the "living world" with no desire to interact with their fellow dead. Spirit guides as companions/NPCs are restricted to current and past members of AniWaya though they are capable of interacting with any character."

They are spirits that for some reason feel compelled or obligated to guide members of AniWaya through life. They usually come in to a character's life after they reach 6 months of age, and continue to be a part of their life until they die. Why they appear to be drawn to the AniWayans as a particular group is not explained, however they hold great respect and status within the tribe, and are honored as representatives of thespirit world godlike and unexplainable power. The spirits may choose to leave the character they have chosen to guide for various reasons; sometimes leaving the AniWayan community can be enough.

As of 1st October 2016, no new spirit guides may be created or obtained, regardless of any previous links to AniWaya or The Great Tribe.

2.  List of Spirit Guides

Character name - Spirit guide species - Spirit guide name (if applicable)

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