The Preacher

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    1.   1.1  Summary
    2.   1.2  Interaction
    3.   1.3  Essentials
  2.   2.  Relationships
    1.   2.1  Key Relationships
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  3.   3.  History
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The man known as The Preacher is one of several collaborators responsible for founding the Eyes of Omni, centralized at the Watchtower in West Virginia. A mute with his tongue removed by enemies of the Eyes, any elements of the Preacher's identity prior to the foundation of his religion is completely and suspiciously unknown.

The Preacher is father to two daughters, born into and raised within the Eyes: Starling, a defector, and Stella, his interpreter. Currently, he leads a small branch of Omniscients on a pilgrimage to Nova Scotia, inspired to preach there by rumors of otherworldly flowers in the spring of 2018, thought to have been delivered there as a sign by the Omniscients' many-faced god.






  • Date of Birth: Spring 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Family: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Species: Wolfdog (25% wolf, 25% dog)1

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

A peaceful, subdued man at a glance. Mute due to missing tongue. Gentle and patient mannerisms. Enjoys being a witness to people and behavior. Does not relax in the company of others; instead, he tends to self-isolate for prayer during any free time. Tends to move slowly in all his motions, with the exception of when performing sign language. Emotes within a small, controlled range only. Does not appear in any way "mad" to the outside observer; rather, carries an extremely intelligent air to the point of it being intimidating. Smiles often enough. Somewhat of a recluse, when not needing to serve as a leader during important moments. Absolutely and unflinchingly devout to the Eyes, and prioritzes the Eyes above all else. Self-interested to some degree, and believes his own way of thinking to be the only road to salvation.

Does not take betrayal or resistance well.

1.2  Interaction

  • Speech: No tongue. Communicates through rapid sign language.
  • Scent: Watchtower, ash, incense
  • General Posture and Body Language: Well-mannered, subdued, unrushed, analytical. Authoritative when necessary. Often assumes a prayer pose when idle.
  • Sociability: Introverted, secretive. Likes the company of others.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "Will uphold the law regardless of whether it is considered just or not."
    • "Rebellion is a crime regardless of the purpose behind revolt."
    • "Sees law and order as of prime importance."
  • Tropes: Well-Intentioned Extremist, The Fundamentalist, Tranquil Fury

1.3  Essentials


  • just so goddang mysterioso
  • professional jazz hands
  • looks zen, probably not zen
  • TBD if you can't tell

Appearance Basics

  • Species: A dog-dominant hybrid, the Preacher is built doggishly from head to toe.
  • Fur: Thick and silky.
    • Optime Hair: Dark and blends in with his collar scruff.
  • Facial Features: Friendly face, but startling eyes.
  • Build and Size: Stocky with short limbs. No muscle definition.
  • Forms: Optime only (5'9").

2.  Relationships

2.1  Key Relationships

  • Stella Flint: The daughter that didn't abandon her family or their god. The Preacher maintains a surprisingly professional relationship with Stella. He cares for her as a father should, but he does not dote upon her publicly or treat her with esteem over fellow Omniscients. Rather, as his interpreter and his voice (and just about the only one who can keep up with his brand and speed of sign language), Stella is his closest ally. Warm and paternal only when necessary, the Preacher usually steers their conversations to matters of the Eyes, and tends away from discussing feelings or acting as a confidante. He just has too much else on his mind for that.
  • Harper Flint is the Preacher's wife, currently "manning the fort" back at the Watchtower. A stiff, professional woman and one of the Eyes' earliest recruits, theirs is a relationship behind doors only, as both the Preacher and Harper prioritize the Eyes.

2.2  Family

  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Littermates: Unknown
  • Offspring: (with Harper Flint) Starling Flint, Stella Flint

3.  History

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3.1  Post Log & Archives

January 2017

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


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