The Brigade

The Brigade is a small group of warriors which lives in Freetown. They are contracted by various members of Freetown for work, most often through Mahavites. Previously, they functioned as guards for the now-disbanded Outpost.

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  1.   1.  Function
  2.   2.  General Information
    1.   2.1  Living Space
    2.   2.2  Operations
    3.   2.3  Equipment
    4.   2.4  Trade
  3.   3.  Members
    1.   3.1  Caius
    2.   3.2  Jovita
    3.   3.3  Sabinus
    4.   3.4  Malvina
    5.   3.5  Paulus
  4.   4.  Threads

1.  Function

The Brigade's primary function is muscle. The Brigrade is supported entirely by Freetown -- their food, weapons, and anything else they might want is generally provided by the Outpost residents, as they are the primary sorce of protection against thievery, etc.

2.  General Information

2.1  Living Space

The Brigade owns three tents; they cluster at the edge of Freetown and are sequestered off from the remainder of the area by a short privacy fence. The men sleep in one tent, the women in another, and Caius in his own between the two. The tents are large enough to comfortably sleep four or five Luperci, though no more than two Brigade members dwell in any given tent.

The Brigade tends not to invite anyone in or allow long, lingering glances to the inner living spaces. It is nonetheless clear, however, from the outer appearance and size of the tents that the Brigade lives quite comfortably.

2.2  Operations

  • The Brigade works throughout Freetown.
  • The Brigade can be expected to show up as an enforcer if your character breaks the rules. Nearly all of the permanent traders will quickly report your rule-breaking character to the Brigade. Keep this in mind if your character intends to break the rules!
  • The Brigade sleeps in shifts. Three are always awake while the others slumber.

2.3  Equipment

  • Each is well-armed with leather armor and a large weapon (typically a sword). Smaller weapons vary by canine: most of the Brigade has at least two daggers, while Caius is known to walk around with a few throwing axes strapped to his leg.
  • The Brigade has an obviously "wealthy" appearance (e.g., strong, new leathers; excellent swords). This is primarily for purposes of show.

2.4  Trade

  • Wanted: These canines do not trade except to receive strong weapons.
  • Offering: Their offers are typically extremely stingy, at that (e.g., offering 5 candles for a dagger). They do not trade out their own weapons.

3.  Members




3.1  Caius

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf (Verto)
  • DOB: 2008

Caius is a pale gray wolf with dark brown eyes. He has a large scar across his ribs on the right side. While Caius may not be very tall, he is very well-muscled and can often be seen outside the camp in the morning, training to better his physical build. His hair in Optime form is shorn very short. Caius is never seen in Lupus form.

Caius is a born leader. He gathered up the other members of the Brigade himself and banded them together. However, he has become old and is traumatized by something lurking in his past -- his judgement has begun to fail him. Caius is most frequently seen strolling about, keeping eyes on everything.

3.2  Jovita

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: 2009

Jovita is deep gray with paler silver along her back. Her eyes are deep blue-green, harsh and stern. Jovita is a small wolf, but also very quick on her feet. Jo is never seen without her sword at her side.

Jovita is dedicated to Caius and the Brigade. She sees it as her duty to protect -- and to take Caius's place when he dies or retires. The Brigade has become her life -- directionless prior to its formation, she has taken to it wholeheartedly. Jovita is gruff to those outside of the Brigade, though not altogether unpleasant. She is simple, quiet, and dedicated -- it is difficult to bypass her sharp eyes and alertness.

3.3  Sabinus

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coywolf (~20% coyote)
  • DOB: 2010

Sabinus, or Sab, is tawny gray with a lighter underside. His head is darker in coloration, which fades along his neck and shoulders. His forepaws are also black. Sab is primarily coyote in heritage and his shows in his slender face and large ears. His eyes are strikingly sharp yellow.

Sab is jovial, and is the most kindly of the Brigade -- he will strike up a conversation with anyone, and treats the reading of the rules as a joke -- cause of a long-standing, oft-enflamed argument between himself and Jovita. Despite his trickster's nature, he loves his companions, life, and everyone he meets. He is not lax in attending to his duties, though sometimes telling a joke gets in the way.

3.4  Malvina

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: 2008

Malvina is a commandingly large Russian wolf. Malvina is covered in small scars, though she has borne not a serious wound in her life -- testament to her skill and prowess as a fighter. She is grizzled tawny gray in appearance with sectoral heterochromia in her left eye -- it is partially jade green and partially brilliant lime green. Her right eye is jade green.

Malvina does not speak English very well, and this hampers her interactions greatly. She is extremely suspicious and does not trust traders or outsiders. Despite her simple mind and the language barrier, Malvina is perhaps the most dangerous of the Brigade to would-be thieves.

She traveled over to the North American continent when she was a young child. Most of her family was slaughtered, and she was enslaved, forced to fight for her keep.

3.5  Paulus

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf-dog (50% dog)
  • DOB: 2008

Paul has deep blue eyes, his most striking feature. His coat is sandy brown with paler hints along his cheeks and throat. While not a physically impressive canine, he has inherited much from his hound ancestors: an exceptionally keen sense of smell, along with a deep, baying voice.

Paul is an extremely ambitious canine -- he wants, wants, and wants. He wishes to take Caius's place as leader, and also desires Malvina (though she has made it plain she is uninterested). Though he is good-natured aside from this intense ambition, Paul can be quite arrogant and haughty. Paul is often seen strolling about, scouting for trouble to deal with -- and sometimes making some up.

4.  Threads


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