Thalia Amaranthe

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  3.   3.  Residence
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Thalia will never be an active character in 'Souls, but she may be played in Canon Lasky. Contact San for more information!

Thalia Amaranthe is the Baronesa of Onuba and the mother of Semini and Akantha. She is the current head of the Amaranthe household.

In early February of 2015, her lover and the father of her children, Captain Edgar Lanseer perished while out at sea. His ship was sold to traders on the coast of the Americas. In the winter of 2015, she left with Laevisa Arena and an entourage of Onuban women to acquire the ship at Freetown. With the assistance of Scarlett Arena, Thalia was able to obtain the ship for a very reasonable sum.

Rather than return right away, Laevisa led the Baroness into Nova Scotia so that she could confirm the rumored pregnancies of her daughters. In a stroke of luck or fate, the group found Semini and assisted with the birth of Thalia's first grandchildren, Tiamat and Lotan. Thalia left Camellia Amaranthe to assist Akantha with her birthing, which was later in the month, as well as Caoba Robles and the Arena sisters. She then returned to Onuba with the remaining Onubans and a new crew for the Saltwater Storm.

Thalia Amaranthe



Miscellaneous Info

OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: July 15th, 2010
  • Human Age: 40s
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Husband: None
  • Residence: Onuba
  • Position: Alta Baronesa (High Baroness)
  • Family: Amaranthe
  • Birthplace: Onuba
  • Species: Dog
    • Australian Shepherd
    • King Charles Spaniel
    • Alaskan Malamute
  • Name Meaning
    • First Name: Latin, Blooming, Flourishing
    • Last Name: Latin, "Unfading"
  • Nicknames: The Goddess
  • Pronunciation: TAH-LEE-UH
  • Player: Unplayed
  • Creator: San


Plot Opportunities

  • Onubans may assume the following:
    • Having heard of Thalia or having seen Thalia in the markets
    • Having heard of Thalia's accomplishments (and varying opinions about them depending on the person, e.g. "She shouldn't have given Amaranthe territory to the Robles Family!")
    • For specific interactions, please discuss with San!
  • Have a sailor character that would port in Onuba? Thalia has acquired the trading ship Saltwater Storm and has begun exporting Amaranthe goods to the Mediterranean. She could use all kinds of information and may pay handsomely for it.
    • For specific interactions or ideas, please discuss with San!

1.  Personality

Thalia is, first and foremost, gracious. She conducts herself with the utmost composure and does not break. She has never once been seen to back down, wilt, or otherwise falter. As far as everyone can tell, Thalia has complete confidence in who she is and what she does.

Thalia learned at a very young age to transform her sorrows into strengths. The early loss of her parents and the rise to power helped to inform her ideas about the world and about who she had to become. She has a natural intuition for many things, not the least of which is manipulating her own image in the public eye. Her cunning and intellect flourished under the attentions of her many tutors and mentors. She was counseled primarily by her uncle in her formative years, until she began to fear his influence and sent him on a duty that took him far out of her way.

Thalia is industrious and self-serving. She does not squander her time and has her hand in everything. She does most things with a veil of altruism, finding that the appearance of goodness is her most valuable ally (and it's sort of a win-win anyway, for many of her actions do benefit others as well). She is incredibly stubborn about her achievements but not inflexible - she will reach her goals, but she does not deny that there are different ways of getting to it. She has crafted an identity and an image that feeds itself, for as she behaves to fulfill her role, she simultaneously is and becomes her role.

Her motivations tend to be intricately tangled. Thalia desires to do good for her family; she is proud of her heritage and is extremely motivated to make the Amaranthe family great. She does not have an idealistic bone in her body - Thalia is very rooted to her surroundings and reality, but she also believes that ideals are incredibly important for others. The aesthetic-obsession ruling her family has been interpreted by many as superficial and vain, but Thalia sees it as a necessity. She discerned that to escape suffering and to promote progress, a person must be able to dream. She saw the power in hope, which has driven her to cultivate this perception of herself as an idol of hope to others. If she embodies the ideal, then she controls the most and persuades the most.

Most men that have courted Thalia have insisted on finding her "vulnerable" side, and were greatly shocked to discover that Thalia's vulnerability simply does not exist. Thalia grows. She flourishes. Where pockets are made, she plants seeds. This was her coping mechanism for her childhood trauma, and it became a source of power and strength.

She pretty much has high expectations of herself and meets the shit out of them.

1.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Thalia has a way of speaking that is eloquent but a touch informal - this kind of thing delights Onuban Courtiers, who expect her language to be overly flowery in the manner of other Amaranthes.
  • Scent: Extremely floral, almost overwhelmingly so. She literally smells like a whole garden.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language:



Thalia Amaranthe has a reputation for pushing the envelope of what is considered polite or decent in Onuban society. Nothing is too taboo for Thalia, and with her winsome guile she is able to banter out the respect of her fellow courtiers. Her secret is that her "eccentric" opinions (that some may find to be attention-seeking) are her true opinions, and though delivered with levity she is genuinely passionate about them.

She frequently takes in orphans and gives them a place in the Amaranthe estate (mainly as servants, though sometimes family members will adopt a child if they are young enough or pretty enough). On rare occasion, she will tutor them herself. She has also taken to providing food and board for old sailors as long as they help maintain the gardens and do other sorts of menial labor.


The political climate of Onuba is one of tense yet sustainable peace. The Amaranthe family has always kept itself aloof, and with its large stake in territory, the family has traditionally maintained neutrality in conflicts so as to not have the rest of the Inner Court turn against them. Despite this, they have found themselves the target of certain families, specifically the power-hungry Moreno and Arena families.

Thalia dislikes both the Moreno and Arena families, though she has not shared this with anyone (except her daughters in very private circumstances) and maintains an appearance of liking everyone. She plots extensively to damage and undermine these families.

The Amaranthe Family has greater bonds with the Salcedo, Ortega, and Robles families, mostly due to Thalia's influence.


Thalia is proud of her heritage and cares deeply about her family, and it could be said that the Amaranthe family as a whole is her "child." Every decision she makes is on behalf of the family, even if it is not immediately apparent.

Individuals in the Amaranthe family do not always receive such favor, however. She is distrusting by default (albeit not openly), and she will connive to have others in debt to her or will emasculate those she suspects will or could betray her. She collects spies and information to keep ahead of her detractors, justifying herself with the notion that what she does is for the "good of the Family." Thalia believes fully that she knows what is best for everyone.

Ever realistic about her own mortality, Thalia has always planned to someday relinquish the burden of her position. Past attempts to groom an heir proved not only difficult, but impossible due to the wayward characters of her children. She no longer expects that either of her children will claim the Amaranthe throne. Her grandchildren, however, are something of interest...


Thalia uses intimacy as much as anything else to reaffirm her sense of self and strengthen her influence.

Though she has courted many men, the only man she has ever truly known has been her lover, Edgar. Her relationship with the Captain was a passionate affair. Her emotional investment came as a surprise to her, but she was able to take it in stride. Due to the dynamics of their livelihoods, they did not have the time to frequently spend together, but it is said that the two were madly in love.

Religious Views

Thalia follows the dominant religion of Onuba to keep the peace with the Moreno family, but she has a particular disdain for it. She grudges the Moreno family for having such a huge influence on her parents, which inevitably lead to their deaths.

She tried to raise Semini and Akantha to be very transparent about religion - it is used, but it is not to be used for guidance or governance of oneself. Thalia emphasizes tradition and ritual over true spiritual enlightenment.

2.  Appearance

Like a goddess

I'm just gonna put a picture here some time

2.1  Fashion

Jewelry and Accessories

General description of all her trinkets and fashion style and maybe links to stuff


General description of all her clothes and fashion style and maybe links to stuff

3.  Residence

  • The Amaranthe Mansion (it has a fancy name I have to think about it though)

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family: Amaranthe

  • Mother: Selena Amaranthe
  • Father: Jacinto Rosales
  • Siblings: Eloisa (F), Rosalind (F)
  • Children: Semini, Akantha
  • Grand-Children:
By Semini: Tiamat, Lotan
By Akantha: Solomon, Lucian, Odalis
  • Notable Cousin: He coo' cause he did a thing
  • Notable Uncle: Taught me dat archery, acted as my mentor, advisor
  • Notable Aunt: She scary and crazy
  • Notable Nephew/Niece: I can use this one

4.2  Relationships

(Positive) (Neutral) (Negative)

  • Edgar Lanseer: Her lover and the father of her children. He's dead now.
  • Laevisa Arena: An orphan that found her way to Thalia and was partially raised and mentored by her. She was then found by the Arena family and given a home among them.
  • Sol Salcedo: Thalia and Sol, the current Mayordomía, openly express affection towards one another, but this is construed by many as harmless and familial in nature. The truth is not as innocent.
  • Ander Salcedo: Ander is deeply infatuated with Thalia, and she indulges him only enough that he'll do what she wants him to do.
  • Asier Robles: Old, noble, and tough as nails, it took a lot of work to get Asier to come around, but Thalia was eventually able to earn her respect and approval. They wouldn't choose to be around each other, and only come together when work demands it, but this balance works out perfectly for them both.
  • Fulgencio Ortega: The head of the Ortega family is too damn old. He can't hear half the things Thalia says, and he doesn't like the rest he does hear. Anyway, Thalia spoils the old dog with food, which he loves, and sometimes a kiss (which he enjoys only sometimes, because sometimes he thinks Thalia is his sister).
  • Peeps: like
  • Peeps: ok i guess
  • Adelmira Montero: Sol's wife and Thalia do not get along.
  • Moreno: Thalia basically distrusts every Moreno dog she meets, but they wouldn't know it by the way she acts. She has one Moreno member that she meets with regularly and asks to perform ceremonies for the Amaranthe family.
  • Arena: Likewise, Thalia dislikes the Arena family, albeit for different reasons than she does for the Moreno dogs. She will be more hostile with Arena dogs in public.
  • Peeps: i will crush my enemies and all their dreams

5.  Court

5.1  Role and Duties


  • Education and Learning:
  • Skill:
  • Skill:
  • Skill:
  • Skill:
  • Skill:
  • Skill:


  • Education and Learning:
  • Skill: describe skill
  • Skill: describe skill
  • Sense of Smell: Thalia has a reduced sense of smell, and fears someone will use this against her. Surrounds herself with plants and tons of aromas to confuse other people.
  • Skill:

6.  History

6.1  History Overview

Thalia faced tragedy at an early age. Her parents were both killed in a barbarian raid in the northernmost corner of the Amaranthe territory. The shock of this event caused her to shift, and this moment is said to mark the beginning of her reign as Alta Baronesa.

Prior to her claim of the throne, the Amaranthe family was politically aloof. When Thalia rose to power, she immediately began to rectify this. With the advisement of her uncle, she was able to create a horse breeding program with the neighboring and powerful Salcedo family. The horses were all raised on Amaranthe soil and trained by Amaranthe family members, thus enabling Thalia to oversee that the horses were trained to very high and specific standards.

She took steps to end the decades long feud over territory between the Robles dogs and the Amaranthe by ceding a small town to them. The Robles dogs accepted the town, and then as a gesture of goodwill, they offered to share the town between them. The town is currently inhabited and maintained between their families and is flourishing.

With two strong connections at her back, she was finally able to persuade the Ortega family to an alliance by offering a great deal of their metals and minerals from their mines to create Ortega armor. The Ortega family, in turn, offered warriors to guard their northern border from barbarian attack. At first, Thalia's actions were met with great disapproval. Many Amaranthe members felt as though she had given away their valuable resources and were reducing their power while increasing others. They also were wary of having another family, especially one as ambitious as the Ortega family, within Amaranthe territory. After the barbarians attacked the borders and were successfully fended off by the Ortega reinforcements, many retracted their positions. Thalia was praised for her foresight.

Her actions and grace helped reinforce the image of an innocent, blossoming figurehead of the Amaranthe family. Many merchants began pledging to the Amaranthe family and they saw a great spike in trade and gifts. She used the influx of wealth to help fund the completion of the renovation of Onuba. She went out herself to plant gardens and trees, and the Robles dogs were joined by Amaranthe members to help deconstruct old buildings and create new Luperci-friendly homes. Onuba saw an increase in visitors following its renovation, having become an extremely beautiful and bustling seaside town.

Once she was of age, her uncle began encouraging her to take on suitors. This was meant to increase her appeal and invite more wealth to their family, but Thalia had no interest in taking on a husband. Though the Amaranthe family is traditionally a matriarchal family, Thalia did not want to divide her power or influence.

However, her courtship was unavoidable, and so Thalia allowed for arrangements to be made. Her uncle presided over these affairs. She was rumored to be extremely difficult to please given the amount of men that came and went. The most notable courtship ended following a grand humiliation. Thalia's suitor was very power hungry and pushed for marriage as soon as possible. Thalia challenged this by organizing an archery party, where guests were invited from all Inner Court families to compete with one another for recognition and prize. The suitor attended this party and participated in the challenges, which he met with relatively decent results. Thalia entered herself, to the surprise of many, and there revealed her skill with the bow and arrow. She competed with such a high degree of skill and talent that her suitor was shamed. Their courtship was dissolved immediately after. This caused a great rift between Thalia and her uncle, and she reappointed him to another part of the Amaranthe estate where he would no longer serve as her adviser. When her sisters began to marry, she took the opportunity to send them to other parts of the territory as well, to keep them out of the limelight and to keep their political ambitions at bay.

When Thalia took Edgar as her lover, she immediately began to parade their affair around to instill an image of love into the eyes of the residents before they could create their own rumors. People were amenable to the reasoning behind it; they believed all her previous courtships had been political and for wealth, but her choice to be with a humble ship Captain could only be true love. This bolstered her image in the eyes of many, and Thalia was praised for valuing truth and beauty and love. She became a symbol of virtue to the Onubenses.

Through Edgar, Thalia won the favor of many fishermen and seamen by gifting them when they made port and offering them residence on the Amaranthe estate. By these connections, Thalia began to spread her influence farther than the humble port town. She seeks to take advantage of what Nova Scotia may have to offer her through her daughters.

6.2  Edgar and Thalia

Thalia had just entered the second year of her life the day she met Edgar. She rode into town on her favorite mare, Anatola, along with a small entourage of her advisers and lady's maids. They spent the day greeting and meeting with several Outer Court families and merchant patrons of the Amaranthe, until Thalia decided that she would like to go to the port and trade among the locals and fishermen. It was customary for Thalia to interact with the residents; she considered it to be her duty as much as she enjoyed walking among the colorful markets.

The ports that day were full and busy. Onuba rarely saw bad weather in the summer, but a big storm was brewing out at sea and many ships were forced to wait it out at port until they could continue on to their destinations. Among these ships was Edgar Lanseer's Saltwater Storm. The great ship stood out among the smaller vessels, with grey sails speckled with white and a curling ocean wave figurehead at the prow. It was difficult not to notice its crew as well, who were cheering and chucking crates of supplies into the water. Many traders and merchants had gathered to watch. Thalia left her entourage to investigate the commotion.

The locals made way for Thalia's approach, though many of the sailors did not recognize the Alta Baronesa. When she asked the nearest sailor why he was pushing his shipments into the ocean, he explained that the Port Manager decreed all the ships staying at Onuba from the storm would have to pay half their cargo. Another ship left into the storm in protest, effectively dooming themselves to wreck. The sailor, wearing nothing but a white and navy striped shirt, flicked out a cigarette and began to smoke. He was Edgar, the Captain of Saltwater Storm, and he was going to pay his share to Onuba, certainly. The Port Manager would just have to fish for it.

By this point, many other crews were beginning to follow Edgar's example. Finally the Port Manager came through the crowds to force Edgar either to stop or to leave. Noticing that the Port Manager was of the Arenas family, Thalia intervened quickly. Sweet as a rose, she inquired why he was making such a steep request of the docked foreigners. He told her that there was limited space at the docks. With all these ships coming in from the storm, there would not be any room for the local sailors.

Thalia beckoned for one of the fishermen she had traded with earlier to come over and asked him if he had trouble finding space to dock. The fisherman told her that they had plenty of space. All the locals were already moored before the traders came in, and the goods that the Port Manager took from foreigners never were distributed among the locals but kept by the Arena family.

They were surrounded by crowds of spectators. Thalia began to repeat the situation slowly and loudly enough for everyone to hear. She spoke of how Onuba could not have been made so great if not for the help of traders, and how their livelihoods depended on the good product being thrown into the sea.

The crowd became agitated and restless. Edgar's sailors started shouting obscenities at the Port Manager, which broke the tension and caused an uproar of protest among the people. The Port Manager was cowed by the pressure, and he and his men retreated bitterly. Thalia called on her adviser to inform the Mayordomía of the situation, knowing that the honest Salcedo man would rectify the problems caused by the Arena family.

Edgar had finished his second cigarette by the time everything had transpired. He gave his thanks to Thalia, to which she told him very clearly that Onuba was her town and he had thrown her people's goods into the water. It didn't matter that the original decree was unfair. The slight would require an apology of action.

Confused, Edgar nearly gave her a mouthful about it when she said to him that he could regain his honor by teaching her how to sail. He relented with some anger and confusion. She then told him he would have to fetch the thrown cargo as well and left him to his men. He snorted and told his men and anyone else around that whoever pulled the cargo out got to keep what they salvaged.

Word of the day's events had traveled quickly. As Thalia departed the markets, the residents threw flowers at her feet and shouted, "Honor and Beauty!"

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