Sinech Dalisani

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  • Date of Birth: 11 November 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Coy-dog (75% Coyote, 25% Dog -- Border Collie, German Shepherd, etc.)
  • Birthplace: Midwest
  • Subspecies:

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Skills
  4.   4.  Residence
  5.   5.  History
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Sinech Dalisani is a coyote pNPC of Inferni.

1.  Appearance

by Sie

Sinech is a coy-dog hybrid. She is medium-large in size, owing primarily to her dog's blood. Her build is somewhat thick, with muscular legs and broad shoulders. Her arms and hands are well-worn thanks to spending most of her time working. Both are nicked with cuts and small scabs. Her fur is slightly longer and silkier than the average coyote's.

  • Bonjour (#DFDBDB)
  • Mist Grey (#B8B8AE)
  • Natural Grey (#8B8984)
  • Tapa (#726E6B)
  • Kabul (#554339)
  • Cocoa Brown (#1F1A18)

2.  Personality

by Yzz

  • Extremely extroverted and outgoing -- Sinech likes hanging around others, and will readily engage in small talk with pretty much anyone. She talks animatedly when it comes to horses and horse gear.
  • Proud bordering on arrogant, especially where it concerns her skills. This arose of necessity in her homeland; if she did not defend her skill constantly, she was ridiculed. As a result, she is somewhat intolerant of critique, and definitely intolerant of insult. Sinech will readily throw herself at a much more highly ranked or better combat-skilled coyote than herself if her work is insulted.
  • Dominant. While Sinech does not buck the system in her everyday life, her respect for authority is somewhat lacking. She's definitely not one to grovel over anyone else.
  • Playful -- she is not without her charms. Sinech loves to play, whether it's a simple game of chase or a complex game. She is very competitive, though quite capable of losing gracefully; she understands it's "all in the game" and that sometimes losing is inevitable. She is absolutely intolerant, however, of cheating -- if there's one way to bring out Sinech's bad side, it's cheating her -- even if the game's all in good fun. Cheating basically ruins Sinech's fun.

3.  Skills

  • Horse tack and gear (Master): Sinech's most developed skill, and the one she's dedicated the most time to, includes the manufacture of horse gear and tack. She works leather, cloth, scavenged buckles and similar items, and much more into her gear.
    • Creates saddles (various styles; capable of creating custom-made saddles, specialized to a horse and Luperci pair's size/build), reins, halters, hackamores, hobbles, ropes, and more.
  • Horse training (Journeyman): Sinech is capable of training horses, though she specializes in breaking wild ones to gear, saddle, and rider. Young, domestic-bred horses are not her forte; she tends to be too rough and demanding of them. Nonetheless, she produces results on all but the most stubborn of horses.
    • Horse low speech, wild horse breaking
  • Horse medical care (Dabbler): Sinech dabbles in horse medical care. She cuts hooves and cleans teeth, primarily, and can tend to minor wounds.
  • Games Journeyman): Sinech has a natural knack for games; coupled with a natural curiosity and a competitive nature, she's willing to try just about any game.
    • Carries a set of checkers and plays; carries a set of cards and plays several games (poker, several varieties of rummy, war)

4.  Residence

5.  History

Somewhere in the midwest, Sinech was found as a puppy and adopted by a wolf family. What happened to her real family is unknown. She grew up amongst a large wolf pack, something like a primitive ranching town: they owned horses and sheep, farmed grains for these animals to eat, etc. Although she was well-loved by her family and never treated any differently, those outside of her family (from the larger pack) looked down on her. Some were cruel when she was young, but as she grew older cruelty became prejudice. Despite her work's quality (by the time she was three, she made -- without a doubt -- some of the best saddles and tack in the whole pack) she was always overlooked -- not only due to her species, but her gender, too.

In the spring of 2014, Sinech took her leave, citing the lack of tolerance from her fellow canines. On the night before she was planning to depart, a pair of wolves chased her around the pack's village, their intent unknown. Though her wolf brother Fidel saves her from harm beyond fright, she is obviously shaken by the experience. She departs early the next day with only her family to see her off. She rides away quickly, fearing further harassment from her former pack, but finds none. Her journey east is thereafter uneventful, aside from a chance encounter with Ananse in Iowa gave her a destination -- Inferni.

5.1  Threads

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