Naseer - NPC to Sybil

Naseer ♂



Chilean Blue Eagle
'Geranoaetus melanoleucus'

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Naseer looks much like a typical chilean blue eagle. The under side of his neck, most of his chest, and legs have lighter gray feathers around them. Along the top part of his chest and the back feathers on his legs have darker shades to them. Naseer's head and wings are colored with different shades of blue gray, most of the darker portions being at the tips of the feathers. His beak is yellow with a black tip on the top of the beak.


Naseer's name means ‘helper’ in Quranic. He holds up to his name in that regard, especially with his training. Naseer had been wild for quite a while, though soon came into the possession of Leonardo Auditore. After bringing him and another eagle to Sapient, he was given to Sybil as a gift. She happily took him and began to train him alongside Leonardo, who kept the other eagle for himself. Naseer and Sybil developed a particular relationship. The two of them have a good relationship, but he is not above pointing out her teasing. Whenever teased, he will often pull on her hair to her back at her. She'll go off on him, but they soon dissolve back to their original relationship quirks.


  • Family Unknown


  • Born in the wild.
  • Comes into the possession of Leonardo Auditore.
  • Leonardo gifts the bird to Sybil.
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