NPCs of Songbird

Below is a list of all of the NPC history of Songbird and their characters.
This was kept to ensure there aren't broken links in old threads; and was reused as an overall reference guide

Current Characters' NPCs

Teagan Stryder

Kamari Kaiser

Argive Hemlock

Skadi Eklund

Raghnall Thorburn

Past Characters with NPCs

Skana Creo

Heine Kaiser

Shikoba Whiplash

Elias Blueridge

Barracuda (Dead)

Asura Creo

  • Pan (Common Raven)
  • Muddy (Draft Horse)
  • Thanos (Great Horned Owl)
  • Peck (Common Grackle)
  • Saul (Roosevelt Elk)
  • cNPC: None

Ragna Eklund

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