NP Cs Of Mads

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  1.   1.  Horses
    1.   1.1  Rødhest
    2.   1.2  Heks
    3.   1.3  Stjerne
  2.   2.  Goats and Sheep
    1.   2.1  Orm
    2.   2.2  Prinsesse
    3.   2.3  Gunna
    4.   2.4  Gyda
  3.   3.  Cattle
    1.   3.1  Meta

1.  Horses

Icon Gender DOB About

1.1  Rødhest

Stallion 2011
  • Description: Medium-sized with a shaggy red coat. Rødhest is of Aegidienberg heritage and therefore of Icelandic Pony heritage also.
  • Abilities: Rider trained, with some pulling experience.
  • About: Easy going and bomb proof, Rød and Mads have a close bond, therefore he has little trouble instructing the stallion.

1.2  Heks

Mare 2009
  • Description: A medium sized silver dapple tobiano grade horse.
  • Abilities: Heks is still largely in training. Though ridable, she is less reliable and more prone to spooking that Mads' stallion.
  • About: Gentle and social, Heks (despite her name) is a very easy going horse. She's easily spooked by loud noises but is quick to calm down with comforting. She was claimed by Mads during Sapient's disbandment, having originally planned to borrow and return her, the Dane ended up keeping her as his own.

1.3  Stjerne

Colt April 2018
  • Description: Silver black tobiano, leggy and alert.
  • Abilities: Currently too young.
  • About: Lively and mischiveous, whether this spirited colt settles down as he ages is a mystery. Born in Sapient a few months beforeit's disbandment, he was "borrowed" alongside his mother in late June and never returned.

2.  Goats and Sheep

Icon Gender Number or DOB About

2.1  Orm

Ram 2014
  • Description: A large, soldily built, but otherwise unremarkable ram, with two large curled horns.
  • About: Orm is an asshole. He doesn't like to be touched, he doesn't like to be looked at. Orm doesn't like anything at all. He's just about placated by food but that's it.

2.2  Prinsesse

Doe 2010
  • Description: Petite Anglo-Nubian cross, with common black and tan markings.
  • About: Claimed by Mads during Sapient's final days after his previous work mating her with Orm to create goat-sheep hybrids. Princesse is adventerous and enjoys climbing things.

2.3  Gunna

Ewe 2013
  • Description: A typical white-faced ewe.
  • About: The younger and more dominant of the two ewes, curious and smart, Gunna is always first to investigate.

2.4  Gyda

Ewe 2012
  • Description: A typical black-faced ewe.
  • About: The older ewe, reserved and quiet. Gyda is perhaps the least troublesome member of Mads' band of livestock.

3.  Cattle

Icon Gender Species; DOB About

3.1  Meta

Cow 2010
  • Description: A large, white cow.
  • About: Meta is another one of Mads' laidback animals. Her interests are food, being slow, and staying in one place all day.