• Size: Large, mature male peafowl
  • Coloration: Serial over-preening over a short stint of time left a few patches of feathers, which have regrown, lacking pigment. This has resulted in mottled white feathers on his neck, a handful of white feathers through his train, and two white primaries in psuedo-piebalding.


Typical peacock - Malchior is proud, aloof, and irritable (and very food-motivated). He will not tolerate being approached, but will be social so long as it's on his own terms. Can be aggressive, if pressed. He's 100% a little punk and does get up to mischief.

Skills & Abilities

  • Being an annoying lil turd
  • Screaming during the summer

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes chickens - specifically hens, because he's confused and they're fine ladies. Also likes Nazario, reluctantly.
  • Dislikes everything, generally.


  • Gifted to Inferni in early 2014 by Drystan Ulrich as a chick; he's grown around coyotes his whole life. In 2017, the impish and persistent Nazario del Bosque attempted to befriend him via bribery with food, and he was named by the child and a soldier. This was okay, Malchior suspects. He follows Nazario because he totally wants to and not at all because he likes him, or something.


  • Dam: --
  • Sire: --
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