Kurayami (暗闇) - NPC to Miwa

Kurayami ♀



Carrion/Hooded Crow
'Corvus corone'
'Corvus cornix'

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Kurayami gets most of her looks from her mother, as she is not an albino like her father. Her feathers are primarily black with gray feathers around her neck, trailing along the sides of her chest, and her stomach. She is one of the smaller ones compared to her siblings, but is fit and healthy. Her beak is short and pointed out forward.


Kurayami's name means ‘darkness’ in Japanese. Born a hybrid between Alaki's (Now Ren's) carrion crow Beyaz and Ryo's hooded crow Chiya alongside her sibling Serenade and four other crow siblings in Anathema. Kurayami and her other siblings were trained on Anathema's alert system. Independent from her other siblings, Kurayami often kept herself and went off on her own. Before leaving Anathema with Alaki and her siblings, Miwa choose to keep Kurayami. Still as independent as ever, Kurayami freely roams around the lands of Sapient, though can sometimes be seen in Miwa's company, especially when she has food.



  • Born in Anathema along with Serenade and four other siblings.
  • Raised in Anathema and trained in Anathema's alert system.
  • Alaki leaves with his children. Miwa takes Kurayami with her.
  • The two live Kaiho suiiki for two years after the events in Salsola.
  • Returns with Miwa to join Sapient.
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