Keziah Keller

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  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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Keziah Keller is a young dog who formerly lived in Cour des Miracles before going off to pursue her dreams. She was Skoll Haskel's companion NPC.

Keziah Keller

by Raze




Date of Birth

31 May 2011





cassia, a spice tree




Birth place

Detroit, Michigan


100% Dog




Pack Loners


Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Seigneur

1.  Appearance

Keziah is a lithe and strong mutt, obviously well-muscled and well taken care of. Her fur is predominately black, but she has tan points: brow dots, muzzle, chest patch, and leg lining. Some of her features look similar to a Doberman Pinscher’s, such as her longer muzzle, but her overall build is too heavy for her to be a purebred. She likely has other similar-looking dog breeds, such as Austrian and Polish scent hounds, who also have the common black-and-tan look. Her ears are large and floppy, helping her to catch scents better.

She looks like a Rottweiler in Secui form, with added bulk and powerful jaws, as well as a bit of a coarse mane growing along the nape of her neck in contrast to her otherwise short fur.

In Optime, Keziah looks even lither and leaner, her limbs and neck almost elegant and long. Her hair is usually worn in short black dreadlocks with hints of tan. She tends to wear tank-tops and shorts regardless of the weather; if she needs more warmth than her short coat can provide then she’ll bundle up in a blanket and stay inside.

1.1  Other


  • Bracelet of light metal links


  • Teeth marks on her throat.

2.  Personality

She is presently quite timid around strangers but is carefree and casual once she's comfortable with someone. She has the tendency to be a partier and usually has a good amount of weed on hand. Her passions include butterflies and tattoos as well!

2.1  Ideals


Tattooing, drugs, butterflies, martial arts.


  • Species:
    • There is no sign of aggression toward them, but Keziah is less comfortable around full-blooded wolves than dogs, coyotes, or wolf hybrids of the two.
    • Keziah shows an extremely cruel streak with prey animals and tends to play with her food if she's bored, as well as completely and needlessly thrashing anything that puts up a fight. She is respectful of boundaries when they're set, but she has an extreme urge to chase smaller predators like cats and foxes in particular.
  • Foreigners: Keziah distrusts Luperci with strong accents; she is especially frightened by Russian or Arabic-sounding accents. She is also xenophobic toward those with strange mannerisms, including unexplained gestures or rituals.


Keziah is homosexual, though she rarely pursues relationships with others and is relatively private with this aspect of her personal life.


  • Marijuana is your friend!
  • Enjoys smoking other various recreational drugs.
  • Stays away from very hard drugs, as well as alcohol.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Skoll Haskel is her best friend and "bodyguard" of sorts.
  • Liam Catori healed her when she came to the pack and is regarded with trust.

3.2  Family

  • Has a sister, Jemimah Keller.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Keziah has a slightly deep voice, one with a smooth, droning inflection like a buzz. Her way of speaking involves incorrect use of negation as well as clipped words (such as dropping the "g" on -ing words, or letting her "you"s coming out as "yuh" sounds). If bothered about this, however, she can switch to more correct speech, which suggests that a lot of her grammatical errors and verbal quirks were once just a fabrication.
  • Scent: Weed! Dog, Skoll, Cour des Miracles.

4.1  Residence

Keziah lived in the room next to Skoll's in the Chien Hotel.

4.2  Abilities

  • Tattooing: Keziah is fairly skilled at inking tattoos; she is precise with small designs (though has a hard time keeping track of larger intricate ones) and has a knack for finding and creating the actual ink. She's relatively unskilled involving the medicinal element of tattooing -- namely, preventing a tattoo from getting infected. She is also relatively clueless about branding. As a result, she's only really practiced on short-haired Luperci and with a healer present.
  • Martial Arts: She knows limited martial arts and was able to pass on some basic knowledge to Skoll.

4.3  Inventory

  • Needles and ink for tattooing
  • Sketchbook full of designs
  • Book about butterflies and butterfly gardens

5.  History

5.1  Threads

  1. [M] there's a hate inside me like some kind of master (October)
    Keziah is assaulted by Levent Kartal and saved by Skoll Haskel.
  2. I found these were the thoughts I brought along (October)
    Keziah patrols with Skoll.
  3. its nothing but flesh (October)
    Keziah gives Skoll his sun tattoo with the help of Liam Catori.
  4. Empty thoughts fill my ears (November)
    Keziah urges Skoll to see Rio Marino to heal his recent battle wounds.
  5. Alone in the Morgue (November)
    Keziah and Skoll meet Mars Bartholomew Russo at the training grounds.
  6. who watches over the knight? (November)
    Keziah gets high and shows Skoll her tattoo designs until Liam shows up.
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