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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Basics
    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Interaction
  3.   3.  Personality
    1.   3.1  Demeanor
    2.   3.2  Ideals
    3.   3.3  Abilities
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Key Relations
    2.   4.2  Family: Lykoi, Eternity & Kimaris & Rhiannon
    3.   4.3  Other Relations
    4.   4.4  Residence
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Thread Archive

Jackdaw is a mysterious man who, inexplicably, befriends Saut Asylum in early May of 2016. He's taken up residence in Wolfville and spends most of his time drinking and playing the violin sadly. He claims to be able to see the spirit world through his left eye, which is unable to open all the way.







  • None at the moment, sorry!

Southern pack members and loners may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Hearing his violin in the distance

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General

Although Saut is primarily wolf and dog, he is heavily hybridized: both of his parents are mixed species. All elements of his breeding are apparent in his appearance. His wolfish blood shows in his size and bearing, his dog heritage gives him his lanky build and elongated features, and his coyote heritage gives him overlarge ears with a slender, delicate nose. Parts of Saut's fur are strangely long and silky. Some parts are curly, especially around his neck. His elbows an haunches are feathered, though not exceptionally long. His tail, however, is magnificently long and silky-furred. Otherwise, he has the thick, double coat of a wolf, and is well-prepared for the cold weather. Saut's Optime hair dangles unkempt and is kept about shoulder length. It is very silky and slightly wavy. This is a result of the thickness of his locks and the volume of his hair. He has a long nose, reminiscent of a sighthound, though it is not quite as defined as his father's. The coyote and wolf muddle it too much, making it shorter and deepening the stop between his eyes. His eyes are, however, almond-shaped and very sharp. He has excellent distance eyesight, and unlike his father this does not come with any cost to his olfactory system. Saut is very tall, though is build is more athletic than willowy or thick. He has narrow shoulders, well-toned arms, and runner's legs. As a puppy, he had very large paws, ears, and features – giving rise to talk about his size when he grows up! His Lupus form is the most doggish of them all. His chest is too deep and large for a wolf or a coyote, and his skinny, runner's build is more apparent in this form. While he lacks the breathtaking speed of a true sighthound, his deep chest and large lungs do incline him to be a better runner than most. His Optime form is angular, sharp, and tall. With long legs and striking tallness, he tends to stand out in a crowd despite his dusky and monochrome coloration. He is moderately humanized, but enjoys wearing nothing as much as he enjoys wearing clothing.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: Black
General Colors
Chicago (#5F5C57)
Tea (#C0BAAA)
Shark (#303032)
Tutara (#1E1E1C)
Millbrook (#614633)
Jambalaya (#5F3310)
Eye Color
Buttercup (#F5C116)


85 lbs (-- kg)
33 in (-- cm)


Saut's Lupus form is the most doggish of all of them. His chest is too deep and large for a wolf or a coyote, and his skinny, runner's build is more apparent in this form. While he lacks the breathtaking speed of a true sighthound, his deep chest and large lungs do incline him to be a better runner than most.

144 lbs (-- kg)
47 in (-- cm)


195 lbs (-- kg)
6 ft, 11 in (-- cm)

Optime (Preferred)

His Optime form is angular, sharp, and tall. With long legs and striking height, he tends to stand out in a crowd despite his dusky and monochrome coloration.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: Chaos Star on the left side of his chest
  • Scars:
    • None


  • Saut will often wear clothing when out and about around the Inferni's territory, or when he ventures out of it. He prefers jackets/cloaks to shirts, and wears loose pants that don't screw with his speed when he runs.


Few at the moment – as he grows into his adulthood, he'll probably grow quite fond of jewelry and daubles.

  • Old red scarf
  • Gross old piece of leather (gifted by Sinech) to tie up his hair

2.  Interaction

  • Speech: His voice is typically quiet and soft spoken, without much emotion. He's developing a deep, smooth voice as he ages. No discernible accent. Middling grammatical accuracy, prefers short sentences to long ones with lots of details. It most resembles Kevin Kline's voice, when he's not muttering.
  • Scent: Inferni, honeysuckles, dirt and dead leaves
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Saut is infamously bad with names that are common nouns (such as Osprey Fleurine, who he thought was Eagle).
    • He's a tail-wagger. His tail wags when he thinks, twitches when he sleeps, and thrashes back and forth even when he's upset.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Typically confident, almost challenging body language. Tail in particular is held high unless Saut is scared or sad.

3.  Personality

by Raze

Angst Dissonance, The Anti-Nihilist, The Ditherer, The Tramp, Big Brother Instinct

To explore in roleplay.

3.1  Demeanor

  • Direct - Saut doesn't sugarcoat, and hates beating around a bush. For this reason his words may easily be mistaken as rude, but he usually means well by them. He may not always realize that what he's saying is impolite.
  • Awkward - He says/does weird things sometimes without understanding that they're weird. If Svasra were around, she would cringe.
  • Affectionate – Although he doesn't allow himself the chance to show it, Saut loves giving his affections to others, and receiving it in return. He's too awkward at this point in his life to be very good at it, though.
  • Argumentative – Saut likes to be right. He doesn't like being told he's wrong.

3.2  Ideals


  • Obsessions: -
  • Likes: Play, attention, physical contact (such as hugs, Saut likes hugs), herbal smells.
  • Dislikes: If you don't like your kids, Saut probably doesn't like you.


  • Outlook: Pessimist. Despite having a strong drive to try and make things turn out well, Saut has a low sense of self-worth and is very pessimistic when he thinks about the future.
  • Sociability: Saut is extremely socially awkward, but strongly desires the companionship of others.
  • Expression: Tends to be rather dominant and has a quick temper. Extrovert.
  • Alignment: True Neutral


  • Abandonment: Saut is terrified of being abandoned again. This is both a general fear of being abandoned, and a specific fear of those individuals with whom he's close leaving him.
  • Death: Kaena is old. He doesn't want to be left alone. Since Kaena's death, his fear of death has increased.


  • Love: Saut is strongly motivated by a need to gain the love and affection of others, though he will often simply settle for attention; bad or good.
  • Curiosity: He's young, and the world is interesting!
  • Inferni: As he matures, Saut will begin to feel indebted to the coyote clan which took him in. He'll want to do good by those who raised him, and prove himself more of a coyote than his looks would have others believe.


  • Packs: Based on Inferni's pack biases.
  • Species: He's heard bad things about wolves, but hasn't really made his mind up on that. Since his mother was a wolf-dominant hybrid, he understands he's probably more wolf and dog than coyote, and can't bring himself to hate them.
  • Non-Luperci: None.
  • Gender: Was raised by a gaggle of females. Feels more at ease around them, but doesn't know how to act around those his own age. Full-grown males are a bit intimidating to him.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: Through witnessing the relationship between Myrika and Vesper while young, Saut doesn't see same-sex relationships as particularly unusual.
  • Age: Saut likes the elderly. He tends to be calmer around them and loves listening to stories or helping them out.
  • Wimps: Saut has a somewhat self-directed dislike for those who complain and whine about their lot in life. As said, this dislike is often directed back at himself during his more upset periods.
  • Parenthood: He has an instant hate for neglectful, abusive, or absent parents; it is an irredeemable flaw in his eyes, unless the parents in question actually change their behavior. His view on his own parents is somewhat more complicated.


  • Bisexual
  • Saut has yet to realize his liking of both genders, but he will be most attracted to strong, intelligent females and non-domineering and non-intimidating males.
  • He'll want to be close with someone before engaging with them sexually, but he'll not be opposed to "platonic sex." When he's older, however, he'll look for something beyond platonic before sex.


  • Drinks when he's bored. Drinks more when he's hungover.
  • Doesn't drink often, but when he does, it's a lot.


  • Wonders. Is disinterested in Christianity, however; will be more attracted to loose polytheism.

3.3  Abilities


  • Scouting (Journeyman): Saut has great eyesight and is speedy-quick. A perfect combination for gathering information and getting it back to a group.
  • Lupus Hunting (Apprentice): Taught by Vesper when he was young, Saut has actually come to prefer hunting in his four-legged form to his two-legged form. He's successful only half the time, at this point.
  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman): Saut can read most things, thanks to Myrika Tears. His writing is weaker, and only a little legible, but he can do it.


  • Insecurity: Saut will doubt himself long into his adulthood, unless he's given a reason to trust his strengths.
  • Temper: Although he may seem mild in demeanor at first, if something irks Saut, he will not guard his words or restrain himself. He's prone to shouting.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Kaena Lykoi aka Gramma: She pretty much raised Saut. She was the closest thing to an actual parent that he had, and he relied on her for advise and happiness. Her death has had a great effect on his later development.

4.2  Family: Lykoi, Eternity & Kimaris & Rhiannon

4.3  Other Relations

Current Relations

  • Myrika Tears: His aunt. She helped raise him and spent the most amount of time with him (aside from Kaena) during his youngest months. Saut looks up to her and misses her sorely.
  • Vesper: She was also around when Saut was young, and he feels closer to her now that he's older. She taught him to hunt and track - some of his favorite memories. He looks up to her strength, and is curious to see the future of Inferni now that she's in charge.
  • Snapdragon Lykoi: to discuss
  • Kallistos Moineau: They played together a few times when he was a puppy. Kallistos made fun of him a few times, so Saut isn't sure what to think about him as an adult.
  • Sinech Dalisani: Friend! They hang out!
  • Crucifix de le Poer: Quiet girl.

Family Relations

  • Svasra: Sought her out in Salsola, when he was barely old enough to make the trip. Doesn't pine after her as he once did.
  • Gehenna Asylum: His father was around in the first day or so in Inferni, and that was it. Only saw him a few times during his childhood, but never approached because he was afraid of the man's reaction. His feelings towards Gehenna are complicated.
  • Wendigo Novosad: He was once quite jealous of her. Now he wonders what happened to her, but doesn't think much about her or their mother anymore.

Minor Relations

Childhood Relations

  • Rimel Molle: His wet nurse. Barely remembers her, but he misses her presence.

4.4  Residence

  • Saut has taken out the door to the balcony and instead hanged a heavy pelt over the frame. Similar pelts cover the windows and are rarely removed. There's a mass of sleeping pelts piled in an inner corner. A rudimentary map of the territory's paths is etched into a side wall. The room is a constant work in progress, so Saut often leaves discarded pieces of furniture in the hallway for grabsies or to sit till they rot.
  • A Luperci-Made table (courtesy of Sinech Dalisani is pushed against the other wall, neatly displaying his few belongings. A rickety stool, too tall for the table, is pushed up next to it, and Saut drapes his scarf and jacket over it.

5.  History

5.1  Thread Archive

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