Rita "Daisy" Rizzo

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  • Date of Birth: 4 April 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Immunes: Sanitas



  • Help Rita earn the Yeoman co-rank!
  • Help Rita earn the Arborist co-rank!
  • Rita is a pNPC -- basically adhere to her wiki info and Inferni's pNPC policies, and go wild!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Rita is small and skinny, but relatively fit: a runner's build. With a dainty muzzle, large ears, and a bushy tail, she resembles the average coyote. She cuts her hair rather short.

1.2  Colors

  • ---

1.3  Miscellaneous

  • scars, details
  • accessories
  • form preference
  • scent

1.4  References

2.  Skills

  • Terraforming & Landscaping:
  • Hunting: Hunts mostly small prey, but is very good at working with a hunting party.
  • Archery: Has experience with a bow and arrow, but doesn't have one and hasn't used one in a while.

3.  Personality

Relatively shy, but trying very hard to break out of their shell. Positive, generally upbeat, loves plants and flowers. Doesn't like violence, but would assist someone in danger.

3.1  Details

  • Sociability:
  • Values:
  • Vices:
  • Motivations:
  • Fears:
  • Biases:
  • Sexuality:
  • Spirituality:

4.  History

Originally from Iron Mountain, Rita was born into the Selvaggia pack, a coyote-heavy group much like Inferni. Lacking the ambition of their peers, who all sought the prestige of becoming pack scholars or hunters, Rita found a budding interest in the landscaping which helped Pine Grove "return to the wild" so quickly. Over time, Rita grew tired of the politics within their birthpack and decided to seek out a life elsewhere. They heard about Inferni from one of its traveling traders, and sought the Clan out eager to have a chance to put their skills to the test.

4.1  Threads

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