Céleste Girardot

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(This page is technically still a WIP because i have no idea what I'm doing with her anymore but I'm moving her from Characters to NPCs anyway)

Her journey to 'Souls began on unsolid ground, but following the Blizzard of 2019, Céleste Girardot has finally established herself in a new land. After shedding the deadweight of her lover, she found a new spark in a fellow trader, Oliver Landry, who had ties to New Orleans by way of a cotton farm. She is now the face of the Landry Collective in Amherst, and while she is a stickler for her product and very adverse to lowering her standards, she does provide a useful and coveted product for those willing to pay the right price.

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  • Date of Birth: January 2, 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Amherst
  • Birthplace: Saint-Félicien, Quebec
  • Species: Coydog hybrid (Dog heavy)

OOC Assumptions!



  • Seeing Cél haggling with potential customers in Amherst in her little makeshift store front
  • Frequenting Biff's Bar to make new connections, find clientele, etc.
  • You do NOT have to consult veldt on any assumptions unless you just want to for fun ;D
  • Consult the Landry Collective page for more info
  • Céleste is not willing to relent on her prices. They are somewhat steep and non-negotiable, but she is, to an extent, willing to be flexible if someone is offering a sought-after product of their own. For the common peddler, however, they will find that she knows the worth of her product and not willing to sacrifice it for frivolous novelties.



  • Species: Very clear doggish heritage, only a trace few coyote traits to be found; she's dog through and through.
  • Fur: Short, coarse and thick, but doesn't provide the best of insulation.
    • Optime Hair: Silky and shiny, though its length is often undermined by the fact she ties it up in a nondescript top-knot.
  • Facial Features: A shorter muzzle to compliment her blood; tall ears; sharp eyes. RBF anyone???
  • Build and Size: tall and leggy; an otherwise athletic build has dwindled into something less, but she's not small or demure by any means.
  • Humanization/Clothing: Usually doesn't wear clothes unless she is expecting a high-level client. Highly humanized.


 EMPEROR (#544C4C)
 THATCH (#B79492)
  • Fur: Primarily THATCH
    • Markings: Forearms, thighs/legs, bust/neck fade to PIPPIN; mask of PIPPIN as well; aberrant patch of FRANGIPANI on the back of her head
  • Optime Hair: FRANGIPANI, faint highlights of PEACH CREAM
    • Nose, Paws, and Skin: EMPEROR
design by Miranda


  • Speech: Speaks with a pretty prominent Quebec French accent, as English is her second language; sometimes slips into speaking Québécois, and parts of her English are somewhat broken.
  • Scent: Cotton, fabric, lavender, leather.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Expressive face, especially with her eyebrows; rolls her eyes; using her hands as she speaks. Transparent.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She's confident and it shows, mostly because she keeps her chin up high and stands straight and tall. Completely readable and not good at hiding emotion.


This a general outline. Contact veldt if you have more specific questions!

"This character is confident to the point of vanity, self-possessed and sure of themselves above all others. They are intelligent and quick-thinking, ever aware of their own mortality and the chaos reigning where there is no law. They are used to looking out for themselves, and nurture a selfish streak that is eroding from time and life experiences. Despite their arrogance, they do try to be polite and welcoming, but have little patience for slow thinking or those who don't hear them out. They also expect others to treat their fellow canine with some level of decency, and despite some mean qualities, they do have the capacity to care and feel a sense of injustice. The right circumstances could lead them to becoming more charitable and compassionate of others."

"This character was raised in a very "I have mine, you have yours" type of pack or family. They survived off the land with little to no "civilized" tools or structures, and are unfamiliar with newer ideas Luperci are pursuing. They experienced a very sheltered or cloistered upbringing, with a distrustful and tight-knit family that didn't tolerate any sort of disobedience or control from others. They have absurdly high expectations of others, and find it difficult to keep relationships (friendly, parental, romantic or otherwise) where devotion and loyalty to one another isn't emphasized. This said, they value flexibility and freedom in any relationship, and may break rules and be hypocritical to satisfy their own wants and needs. It's very likely they've had a lonely or strained life outside the company of like-minded individuals or kith and kin they weren't raised with."

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