Bogart (NPC of Merari Tears)

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Skills & Abilities
    2.   2.2  Likes & Dislikes
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Bogart is an ugly young raven, the son of Stormeye. He was gifted to Merari Tears by her grandmother upon the disbandment of Inferni.



NPC Info

  • Date of Birth: March 2018
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common Raven


The Cartel members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Bogart often just perches around the camp like a gloomy gargoyle, watching others. If he's up to mischief, he's usually harassing the pigs by tugging their tails, though once chastised he'll go right back to sulking.
  • Though not fully "trained," Bogart will alert someone if he sees someone suspicious near the camp. His definition of "suspicious" varies.

1.  Appearance

About average in size, with a 45 inch wingspan, Bogart more or less blends in with other ravens. He has black, iridescent feathers, a large black bill, and shaggy feathers around his throat typical of his species. However, youth has not treated him kindly, and so he seems a little "gawky," with some thinner feathers around his face that give the impression of a goofy-looking bird. Once he becomes an adult, he'll turn into a beautiful swan~ with his only defining feature being eyes a few shades lighter than the dark brown-black of his kin.

2.  Personality

Perpetually angsty.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

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2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: --
  • Dislikes: --

3.  History

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