Belmonte D'Amore

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Belmonte D'Amore was a short-lived member of Cour des Miracles. He was killed by Skoll Haskel after he attacked the King and his son.

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Belmonte D'Amore

by Raze


Date of Birth

02 Feb 2011





100% Dog




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Seigneur

1.  Appearance

Belmonte is a medium sized dog with a slim body. His fur is long and fluffy in places, such as around his neck, cheeks tail, and feathering along his long and narrow legs, though it's shorter on those legs and along his stomach. His breed is nigh indistinguishable, but there is obvious sighthound and spitz influence in his lean long-leggedness and his gait.

His coat is a diluted black-and-tan -- Dorado (#5F5651) with Cashmere (#E3C5A3) underneath, washing up his legs and underside. His face might have been marked fully with this lighter color, if not for a "mask" of Dorado that leaves Cashmere only around his eyes and streaked along his cheeks. As per the dilute gene, his eyes are a pale amber -- Manhattan (#F4C694) in color.

He is slightly smaller than the average wolf, but makes up for this with tall posture. He can be seen equally often in any form, and doesn't usually wear clothes.

2.  Personality

On first impression, Belmonte is a friendly and engaging character -- a little bold and daring, perhaps, and with a sense of mischief about him, but charismatic and well-liked. He makes it clear from the beginning that pleasure is the only pursuit worth anyone's time, but it sounds more like a silly quip as he shouts it over a bottle of wine or with a woman sitting on his lap. He might not be the best role model for children, and more uptight and moral characters will undoubtedly scoff at his antics, but he isn't bad.

It might take a long time, but eventually, one learns just what lengths Belmonte goes to in order to satisfy his hedonistic nature. He only wants what is best for himself, after all, and while others might laugh at his declarations of selfishness, there is no laughter when he betrays them. He literally looks out only for himself, and while he is capable of befriending others and will help them out on occasion, he always expects something in return -- and if you aren't useful or fun to be around, you aren't worth his time.

2.1  Ideals


Hedonistic, lazy, impulsive, daring, engaging.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil


  • Claustrophobia: afraid of confined spaces and prone to panic attacks if "trapped."
  • Mutilation: especially mutilation of genitals and hands, or prominent scars on the face like missing eyes; avoids individuals with similar deformities.


  • Hedonism is Belmonte's only true motivation. He seeks pleasure in all its forms, and disregards anything that might cause him discomfort or boredom. He acts only for himself.
  • The advancement of dogs is the only potential motivation beyond Belmonte's selfishness.


  • Species: Belmonte hates wolves with an undying passion, and gladly kills any he thinks he could get away with killing, such as unarmed loners or the forgotten and infirm. His bias does not, interestingly enough, extend to wolf hybrids unless they identify as wolves. He is extremely friendly to dogs and dog hybrids.
  • Gender: He isn't hateful toward them, and treats them all kindly enough (especially where it benefits him), but Belmonte thinks little of women as leaders or authority figures.


  • Bisexual, with great female preference.
  • Brazen and uncouth with regards to looking for physical favors.
  • Always dominant in a relationship, unless submission gives him pleasure.


  • Highly experimental, partakes in drugs that give him pleasure.
  • No inclination to specific addiction, but will likely become dependent with repeated encounters.


Belmonte is atheistic, as he sees every religion he's personally encountered as restraining. He is actually generally respectful of other's religious beliefs and practices, and often curious and helpful with regards to ceremony, but he is intolerant of others attempting to press their morals onto him.

3.  History

Belmonte D'Amore was born and raised in a pack of dogs, which had frequently been harassed by wolves, its members ridiculed. He grew up very anti-wolf due to his experiences and his pack elders' tales, and acted as a warrior-in-training to defend against the attacks. However, his half-brother -- a littermate, though the non-bastard of the family -- secretly fell in love with a she-wolf. When Belmonte discovered this, and heard that his brother was ready to choose the wolf over their bond and the pack, he killed him.

Belmonte fled the pack, stealing his brother's warhorse, and eventually ended up in Nova Scotia.

3.1  Threads

  1. Led You Straight Aboard This Rusty Train — Belmonte meets Skoll Haskel after his horse tries to breed with Skoll's.
  2. What'd You Do To End Up Here? — Belmonte and Skoll hunt in Northern Tides.
  3. [M] We Still Are Made of Greed — Skoll, Belmonte, and Temeraire Stormbringer head to Halifax for a night out on the town, drinking at a bar and being rowdy.
  4. Secrecy and Spears — Belmonte gives Skoll a fine spear.
  5. Turn and Run — Belmonte and Skoll chase a trespasser on pack territory. Belmonte is very aggressive toward the trespasser because it is a wolf, and gets into some trouble for his speciesist remarks. Skoll sends him off as he tries to keep the situation peaceful.
  6. His Last Chance — Skoll confronts a drunken Belmonte to get to the bottom of his hatred of wolves and how it will affect his standing in the pack. Belmonte insults Skoll and the pack, and is sent off.
  7. Where the Dogs Were Hungry, Roaming — Belmonte returns to Cour des Miracles. He finds the King's son, Pascal Sadira and attacks the boy to goad Silvano Sadira into fighting him. Skoll appears and enters the fray, leading to a quick struggle before Belmonte is killed. His last thoughts are of remorse.