Aiden - NPC to Valérian

Aiden ♂



Domesticated Cat

Date of Birth

April 27 2013

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Lean and leggy like his father, Aiden is a standard orange tabby with white paws, tail tip and muzzle. In contrast to his mixed orange toned pelt, he has vibrant green eyes.


Whilst young, it has already become apparent that Aiden is highly independent, content with solitude and living in an aloof manner. Having spent much of his life with his own family and raised with Shiloh Dawnbringer for a period of time, Aiden isn't feral and is more than capable of interacting with and mingling with canines, easily bribed with food in return for his limited attention.

Highly proud, Aiden doesn't take well to being stroked by strangers and can more often than not be found lingering around Valerian's garden or inside the Coeur's house. With a penance for causing chaos as only felines seem capable of doing, Aiden is known to get under foot and make a nuisance of himself to get an interesting reaction out of Val, aware that the young canine is exceptionally wary of cats.

His common haunts include: Jordheim, roaming around Vinátta; in particular Valérian's garden.


  • Born to Wilson and Muddy alongside Aysun, Bygul, and Thofnir.
  • As the other kittens bond with canines, Aiden finds himself wondering around Jordheim.
  • Lingering in an empty house, Aiden starts annoying Valerian as the youth works on the house, preparing it for himself to live in.