History of the Massacre Family

The Massacre family spans across both incarnations of Inferni, but was founded outside of the clan's boundaries. The history of the Massacre family includes its beginnings with Venomous and Naloxone Massacre, the first two sons of the family, the family's betrayal by their mother, Bittersweet, and later, the family's involvement in Inferni.

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  1.   1.  Origins
    1.   1.1  Fracturing of the Family
  2.   2.  Inferni I
  3.   3.  Inferni II
  4.   4.  End of the Dahlian War

1.  Origins

The Massacre family began in a coyote pack with ideals that mirror Inferni's. Bittersweet Massacre, daughter of Pristine Massacre and Vindictive Destruction mates with Sanguine Addiction, son of Forgotten Dusk and False Addiction and had two puppies together: Venomous Massacre and Naloxone Massacre. Bittersweet and Sanguine were determined from birth to be mates, so the birth of two healthy sons was welcomed. As the sons aged, Venomous became infatuated with Asphyxia Holocaust and eventually raped her, causing her to give birth to two puppies, Faolin Mogotsi and Hybrid Holocaust.

Disgusted with the products of the rape, Asphyxia Holocaust left her children to Segodi Mogotsi to raise. Faolin eventually took on the name Mogotsi, as she became close with her adoptive father. Hybrid, however, did not enjoy living in Inferni under Segodi's reign, and sought to find his father, with no real reason in mind.

1.1  Fracturing of the Family

Although Bittersweet and Sanguine did their duty and bore two sons, Sanguine later forsook Bittersweet when she took Voltaire Cavil as a lover. Bittersweet's children, Naloxone, Venomous, and later, Annei by Voltaire, were all cast out of the Addiction family for Bittersweet's betrayal.

Annei did not let this phase her. Instead, she found her own mate and had two children with Hans Holsinger: Siobhan Cavil and Raoul Cavil. However, Annei proved to be a fatal mother and was physically abusive toward Siobhan. Ezekiel, not realizing Siobhan was related to him, took her away from Annei. Siobhan lived in Inferni for some time. She later joined Cour des Miracles to be with Haven Aatte, but eventually left to search for her long lost brother, Raoul, who her father, Hans, had taken from Siobhan and her mother.

2.  Inferni I

While Hybrid was living with his father, Faolin had become restless and sought to find her father as well. Not knowing Hybrid had been living with him, she murdered Venomous and returned to Inferni. Hybrid, enraged that someone had killed Venomous before he could, stalked Faolin to Inferni and swore to murder her. He never got the chance, however, because Faolin departed to look for her mother.

Faolin returned some time later with news of their mother; Asphyxia Holocaust was alive. A few weeks after this, Asphyxia Holocaust came to Inferni with her new mate, Naloxone Massacre, brother to Venomous Massacre, and their three puppies: Midnight Massacre, Garnet Massacre and Toxic Destruction. They remained in Inferni for a while, but eventually, Naloxone, Midnight and Garnet disappeared.

Only Asphyxia and Toxic remained, along with Faolin and Hybrid.

Sometime later, Faolin and Gabriel began getting closer and for a time, were involved in a relationship. However, Faolin had a run in with Iskata Sadira and her mate where they tried to kill Faolin. When Gabriel discovered this, he tracked Iskata's mate down and killed him. Faolin broke down and fled from Inferni. She returned shortly thereafter and things settled down a bit between her and Gabriel.

Unfortunately, the peace was threatened when Gabriel found Faolin and Phoenix in a seemingly compromising position. Faolin and Phoenix regarded one another more as siblings and were very close. Faolin and Gabriel made up and two months later, Ezekiel de le Poer and Talitha de le Poer were born. Shortly thereafter, Faolin and Gabriel become mates.

3.  Inferni II

When Inferni moves to its new territory in The Waste, Faolin, Gabriel, Ezekiel, Talitha, and Hybrid all head with the clan westward. However, when trouble arises between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai, Gabriel sends Faolin, Ezekiel, and Talitha away to live with Fatin Kali until the danger passes.

Talitha returned to Inferni prematurely, determined not to hide from the danger posed by the war between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai. Gabriel sent her away again, determined to keep her safe from harm. This was the last time Faolin was truly seen.

Of the family, Hybrid remained in Inferni until the time of his death in 2011. He became Gabriel's right hand man and also one of Gabriel's only true friends (and vice versa). During the Dahlian War, Hybrid pitched in to fight and trained some Inferni members. It was during this time that his feud with the Stormbringer clan began: with Hybrid attacking Kol Stormbringer.[1] MATURE

During the Dahlian war, Talitha was sent away with Faolin and Ezekiel for their safety, but Talitha returned prematurely on July 13, 2008,[2] much to her father's chagrin.[3] Faolin followed her shortly thereafter. The next day, she was kidnapped by Haku Soul, of Dahlia de Mai.[4] A few days later, her uncle Andrezej Lykoi found her on the Dahlian shores and raped her.[5] mature Three weeks later, Gabriel and Anselm brought Firefly to Dahlia de Mai to trade her for Talitha.[6] Talitha remained in Inferni until September, at which point she disappeared. She later returned, but commanded a string of disappearances before her final return on January 22, 2011[7]. A few days later, Ezekiel also returned to Inferni.[8]

Following Andrezej's death and the events leading up to it, some family members came and went: of the children, Midnight and Toxic reappeared and stayed in Inferni briefly.

4.  End of the Dahlian War

Faolin disappears again, but returns with a friend Akello Paxton after she was washed away in a hurricane he found her and brought her back to Inferni. She soon disappears after that again, hoping to bring Akello back to Inferni. She loses his track and is attacked by a wolf that looks like Akello. The trauma causes a form of memory loss and Faolin is disoriented and lost. A male named Adonis finds her, but drugs her to ensure that she can't process her vivid dreams as her memories return to her. Faolin returns briefly later on, but she does not stay long.

In May 2010, Hybrid came across Kol and Bris Stormbringer near Inferni's borders. Furious, he warns the pair and then kills Kol for her transgression.[9] MATURE

Valkyrie de le Poer returns to Inferni and, surprising no one, Hybrid is an awful father.[10] Rather than telling her he is happy to see her, he does none of that and drives a further wedge between himself and his daughter.

In June, Hybrid comes across a young puppy named Nathaniel Guffawlins.[11] For no real reason at all, he entices the boy away from his family and brings him to join Inferni. He later names him Nathaniel King and raises him as his son.

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