Ani Waya Flood Plot

In March 2015, AniWaya was affected by the Spring 2015 Flood Plot.

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  1.   1.  Affected Areas
  2.   2.  Resulting Damage
    1.   2.1  Characters' Possessions Damage
  3.   3.  Game Points
  4.   4.  Prizes
  5.   5.  Threads and Timeline

1.  Affected Areas

Since AniWaya claims most of the Moonstone Lakes (aka Triplet Lakes to the AniWayans), there will undoubtedly be a lot of rain, swollen rivers, and generally unpleasant times. Luckily, AniWaya's hub of activity isn't actually that close to the water's edge! AniWaya has been so busy fending off pesky loners and trading with Salsolans that they haven't really had time to unpack since moving to the Lakes region!

From the newspost:

All lakes and rivers see significant increases in water levels and coastal areas see a rise in dangerous waves and tides. It's highly likely that structures left near such areas, including boats, canoes, cabins, and even fencing, see heavy damage from flood waters and debris being carried in those waters.
The ground in the Ethereal Eclipse and the Dampwoods become drenched and marshy, but most of the damage comes from the high winds, which knock over several small and medium sized trees and smash primitive wooden structures.

2.  Resulting Damage

  • The Triplet Lakes will swell and many rivers that feed into the Atlantic Ocean will swell to monumental proportions.
  • The Village will be left standing, but some huts will be washed away and anything not secured will be lost to the wind.
  • The Wrecked Bridge will be no more: the remains of the old bridge will be swept away, leaving rebar and chunks of concrete in its place like stepping stones.
  • The Quarry will suffer no damage, but will be even more dangerous than usual with a great deal of water pooling for days before eventually draining.
  • The Green Fields will turn murky and begin to smell as the plants slowly rot. Within a week, the water will dissipate, but the smell will linger for a few more days.
  • Lady's cabin will be washed away.
  • The lake at the Three Moons' Ranch will swell. Three chickens and one goat will be lost to the lake.

2.1  Characters' Possessions Damage

  • Gemma's hut will be heavily damaged in the flood but fortunately will not be washed away! Gemma's son Nate-River has returned for a visit just as the storm hits so is available for anyone that needs a strong pair of hands or some extra help.

3.  Game Points

  • Earn 15 game points for every thread you join or create!
  • Earn 5 game points for every response after your initial one.

You can also stack your game points with the season game prompts. Incorporate any prompt into your thread and earn both the season prompt points and the flood prompt points.

4.  Prizes

  • Fill the forum! The character with the most posts in the AniWaya forum for the duration of the plot will earn the co-rank Sky Watcher or Weather Watcher (you can pick the title). This co-rank is irrevocable, cannot be challenged, and does not count toward the two co-rank maximum.
  • Our saviour! The most selfless character will earn the co-rank of Aide. This co-rank is irrevocable, cannot be challenged, and does not count toward the two co-rank maximum.
  • Oops! The character who manages to endanger not only themselves but others will have the wonderful privilege of being demoted to Itawamba for the duration of three weeks and be given the most grueling cleanup tasks! This will only be "awarded" with the players consent and any ranks and co-ranks will be re-acquired after the three-week period.
  • The woobie: The character who manages to lose something valuable (eg: a prized memento, their hut, etc) will be treated incredibly kindly by their fellow packmates for a full month following the flood. Members can have their characters bring the woobie meat from a kill, help them rebuild their hut, or help them with something they need.

To be considered for any of these prizes, please submit your threads to Tammi and Owl or reply to the Spring Flood plot thread.

5.  Threads and Timeline

Listed below are the thread prompts. Thread leaders are indicated in brackets, if claimed. If you see a thread with no thread leader, please post to claim it!

  1. March 2: Save the plants! After a day of rain, the AniWayans work on building fences to encircle the crops out of whatever materials they can find.
  2. March 2: Protect the fire! Gemma and Tiva will be on guard to protect the Great Fire during this time of flooding. Remembering the last time such an event happened, the tenders will take embers of the Great Fire to keep alive and dry in the event that the fire does go out!
  3. March 4: (Main plot thread) - AniWayans gather to secure huts, move any items in the Village to higher ground, and move any animals to the barns.
  4. March 8: The rivers swell and swell and the swamp becomes unbearable. A foolish AniWayan wanders in to the Uwoida Gadohi, the Swollen Land, and has to be pulled to safety with the assistance of a horse and some rope.