Ani Waya Agriculture Project

The AniWaya Agriculture Project is an In Character event in the pack of AniWaya. It commenced on May 19, 2012 and continued until the end of the month of May.

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  1.   1.  Background
  2.   2.  Timeline
  3.   3.  Participation
    1.   3.1  Point System
    2.   3.2  Prizes

1.  Background

AniWayans don't consume that much of their crops as food for themselves (being carnivores), but the crops are vital to keeping a healthy amount of food ready for all their livestock. As their animals grow in numbers, it has become evident that in order to ensure that they can use the animals as a stable source of food for the tribe, particularly in winter, sowing and managing crops is essential.

Sowing season is here, and AniWaya is in a hurry to get everything ready. We currently have no members in our agricultural ranks, and for that reason, the leadership is looking to everyone to contribute. For reference, Luna is ICly in charge of the entire operation. This month-long event will primarily be an IC event, though with the chance for some points and whatnots!

2.  Timeline

  1. Pack announcement thread - A pack thread to announce that the sowing season has started!
  2. Thread 1 - Tilling and ploughing the fields (Led by Marit)
  3. Thread 2 - Seed gathering and tool preparation (possibly also irrigation preparation) (Led by Tammi)
  4. Thread 3 - Sowing (Led by Luna)
  5. Pack sowing feast (Not up yet) - The tribe gathers for an informal celebration of their completion of the sowing season.

3.  Participation

There won't be any special prizes for participating this round, but extra points can be claimed for posting in all four threads, and then some! This brings you one step closer to those shinies ;> Points are awarded as detailed in the following table, but like all other points, you must keep track yourself. Please request the points in a timely manner, as well. Point claims are valid within one month of the pack announcement thread's posting date. Anything posted after that date counts only for normal points, as per the regular points game.

NB! Of course, all of these points stack with points from the regular points game. So you could really stack up with this event!

3.1  Point System

  • Each post in the 5 key threads — 5 points (per post)
  • Derivative threads* — 15 points (per thread)
  • Each post in derivative threads* — 5 points (per post)
  • Participation in 3 relevant threads** — IC prize (see below)
  • Derivative threads must be focused on tasks relevant to the overall theme in this event, and have a minimum of 5 posts (total) to count for points.
    • Relevant threads include derivative threads. To claim the IC prize, one of the three threads must be a key thread (of the 5 listed)

3.2  Prizes

  • Ornaments: Ulilohi has various ornaments lying around, some are for the chest & neck area, but most is for her hair and pendants. They are crafted from beads, feathers, leather, bone and wood. You would be able design one within the limitations of this description.
  • Dyes: Claudius is skilled with dyes, and will dye an item or a very simple symbol onto your wolf's pelt. Note: Dyes are not permanent, and only natural colors can be used. For dark-pelted wolves this is difficult to achieve.

Have any questions? Post them to the agriculture project topic and we'll reply as best we can :D

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