2016 — The Sixteenth Year

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  1.   1.  Early 2016
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  March
    4.   1.4  April
  2.   2.  Mid 2016
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  June
    3.   2.3  July
    4.   2.4  August
  3.   3.  Late 2016
    1.   3.1  September
    2.   3.2  October
    3.   3.3  November
    4.   3.4  December

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Here, you would write a little blurb summarizing some of the major events of the year. Doesn't matter how long or short it is, though anything less than three lines looks a little silly. Please note that the years are split up into rough monthly groupings—"Early" consists of January - April, "Middle" consists of May - August, and "Late" consists of September - December.

1.  Early 2016

1.1  January

  • Salsola continues to have bodies left at their borders. They manage to kill one of the perpetrators, and are able to capture another one during a different confrontation. Faces are finally given to the pack's harassers - calling themselves The Five - but, there are more questions than there are answers. [1]

1.2  February

  • Anathema's ex-leader, Aeron Ganesa, returns and reestablishes herself as the pack's leader once more. [2]
    • With Aeron back in power, Anathema returns to their old territory in the Halcyon Mountains.
  • Start of the Dark Horse Conflict. Sapient starts a conflict between their members and a group of loners after the pack raids their camp, kills one of their family members, and steals some of their breeding stallions. Diarmid Ahearne was killed on Sapient's borders, promoting further conflict between the two groups.

1.3  March

  • Anathema's returned leader, Aeron Ganesa, tries to settle the bad blood between Anathema and Casa di Cavalieri and AniWaya. Her attempts at peace are not easily accepted for the pack's crimes against the disbanded New Dawn. [3]
    • The meeting results in the severe demotions of the three main culprits involved. Once-leader, Kentaro Lykoi, loses a hand, and Kohaku Amarok, loses his life. Pride Tormenta, is forced to watch as Kentaro and Kohaku are physically punished for their crimes.
  • Austringer Hostility. A band of mercenaries called the Austringer Cartel try to retake possession of former slaves that are members of Krokar. The pack is ruthlessly harassed by the mercenary group, and, in the end, Krokar's hand is forced and they take action. Krokar ambushes the mercenaries, resulting in a bloody, bittersweet victory.
  • End of the Dark Horse Conflict.

1.4  April

  • A meteor falls from the sky and lays great destruction upon the land! The Western Tangles are severely shattered, and many other areas see drastic changes to them. Packs are forced to rebuild and send aide to one another. Freetown is abandoned as a result of the fall of the red star. [4]
  • After making a bold move against Salsola, the pack is finally able to track down the mastermind behind the attacks and bodies left at their borders. Actions are taken against The Five. [5]

2.  Mid 2016

2.1  May

2.2  June

2.3  July

2.4  August

3.  Late 2016

3.1  September

3.2  October

3.3  November

3.4  December

  • On December 15th, Midnight Shores disbands. Efforts to find the pack's leaders have proven fruitless, and with Skana Creo unwilling to take their place, she disbands the pack. The pack's horses are distributed to the Midnighters for ease of travel, while the rest of the pack's livestock is shepherded to Casa di Cavalieri or Sapient.

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