Teague Brothers

The Teague Brothers are a pair of littermates, invited to remain at the Outpost in the spring of 2014 for their carpentry and woodworking skills. The pair work primarily for the Outpost, but can be "contracted" to work for individuals or packs for various forms of trade payment.

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  1.   1.  Location
  2.   2.  Trade Information
    1.   2.1  Trade Pricing: Very Good
    2.   2.2  Items Wanted
    3.   2.3  Items Offered for Trade
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1.  Location

The Teague brothers live and trade from a shack between the del Iva and Arcadius trade spots. Their home is conspicuous -- it is the only building amongst The Outpost not in disrepair, with bright and newer wood than the rundown cabins leftover from humanity.

The shack is, nonetheless, rudely constructed: it is far more simplistic than the remaining cabins, consisting of only two rooms. Part of the roof slopes madly, a fact that Keti will darkly point out as his brother's "drunken foolishness."

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Very Good

  • The Teague brothers like building stuff. They don't need to be coaxed into doing so with excessive trade.
  • Their physically traded items are very fairly priced. They accept many tools and supplies as payment for work, and wind up with duplicates or even triplicates of common tools, etc. They don't really care about trading these off, and will do so readily.
  • When performing physical labor, they'll do it -- they'll just ask for more trade if they aren't specifically doing carpentry/woodwork. Their prices are accordingly slightly worse when seeking simple labor.

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Food and alcohol
  • Livestock -- especially that which can be eaten
  • Wood, hammers, carpentry tools
  • "Ladies" payment (Lali will accept this, anyway -- Keti prefers men, and will not trade sex for work)

2.3  Items Offered for Trade

Tools and Equipment

The Teague brothers often have a great number of tools and equipment: hammers, nails, saws, sanding items, chisels, knives, etc.

Building and Carpentry

If there's nothing going on at the Outpost in terms of maintenance or expansion, the brothers will sometimes work for individuals or packs for a specified period of time or until a project is completed. They aren't picky about what they build or who they build for: they only ask for fair repayment.

They do not perform tasks of fine woodwork: furniture-building, adding decor, etc. are not the Teague brothers' forte. They build buildings, shacks, fences, etc.


The Teague brothers aren't really picky. If they're bored enough and offered a good enough price, they'll do virtually any kind of physical labor. Digging ditches, making walls, clearing out a stable, whatever.

3.  Members





  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coy-wolf (75% wolf)
  • DOB: 2011

Lali has pale, off-white eyes -- they are striking and strange, almost colorless. Nonetheless, in his face they are friendly and somehow warm. His coloration is yellow-based with gray highlights, poorly differentiated from the yellow.

Lali is friendly and outgoing, though a shrewd businessman. He knows the value of his work, and he does not allow himself to be undercut. Perhaps his biggest flaw is his propensity to drink on the job if he is paid in alcohol before said job has been completed. He will do so with abandon, even to his endangerment (e.g., sitting on a roof drinking liquor).


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coy-wolf (75% wolf)
  • DOB: 2011

Keti shares his brother's eye color, but little eyes. Where Lali's eyes are warm and soft, Keti's are hard and unyielding. His face, too, is stony and sour. His base coat is gray; he has a white underside and deep chocolate hints along his back.

Keti speaks little. He is, nonetheless, a tireless worker. While he is not as pleasant as Lali, neither is he rude or nasty. He is simply not a good conversationalist, and considers himself "above" many canines for his abilities besides. About the only time he'll be nice is if there's another male he's interested in.

4.  History

The Teague brothers were invited to remain permanently at The Outpost in early 2014, their carpentry skills desired for building upkeep and further construction on the area's defenses.

5.  Threads

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