The royal house that rules over Doragon no Toshi and the inhabited parts of Beijing.

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  1.   1.  Influence and Influences
    1.   1.1  Families
  2.   2.  Members
    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
    4.   2.4  Fourth Generation
    5.   2.5  Fifth Generation
    6.   2.6  Sixth Generation
  3.   3.  Off-branch Families

Sgathatch Family Statistics

Total Members—?
Active Members—1
Location—Doragon no Toshi

Sgathatch Family Foundation

First Member Location—?
First Member Date—?
First Member Name—?
First Birth Location—?
Founding Parents—?
Founding Birth Children—?
Founding Birth Date—?

1.  Influence and Influences

1.1  Families

The Sgiathatch are related to Tianlong and Tanin themselves, and the hot blood of dragons flows strong through their veins. The Sgiathatchs are easily recognizable for all because of their unique appearance. Members of the Doragons are blessed with reds and oranges in their fur, varying from the hottest crimson to spun gold. As a final proof of their deity blood the Sgiathaths own eyes uniquelly dressed with the most sacred of colours: Purple; the colour of life and the very essence of Tianlong. Although the intensity in their hues varies, every member of the Doragons hold eyes of one or more of Tianlong's colours; Purple, red and occasionally flecks of hot gold. While there are various branches of fresh blood brought into the family throughout,one of the royal caste is not permitted to breed with the lower castes, unless it's last resort to continue the royal line or an extra child was granted life. It is a long tradition that brother and sister (or other immediate family) are mated together to ensure the continued purity of their sacred bloodline.

Only close members of the Dragon that are granted the royal name and status. All that are not born from parents both full blooded Sgiathatch take another family name, though are permitted to add Thatch to the ending of their name as a sign that they are related to the royal family.

2.  Members

There are no official recordings of the birth of the Sgiathatch family before Taerigon and Lavaenys Sgiathatch, but the line stretches back from the golden age when the Gods still walked amongst their children.

2.1  First Generation

  • Taerigon Sgiathatch x Lavaenys Sgiathatch
    • Taergyen Sgiathatch
    • Laevery Sgiathatch

2.2  Second Generation

  • Taergyen Sgiathatch x Laevery Sgiathatch
    • Sael Sgiathatch
    • Naelys Sgiathatch
    • Caelas Sgiathatch

2.3  Third Generation

  • Caelas Sgiathatch x Naelys Sgiathatch
    • Naei Sgiathatch
  • Sael Sgiatchatch x Moira Coriathatch
    • branches off to Coria and Coriathatch family
  • Sael Sgiatchatch x Ikea Loki
    • branches off to Loki and Lokithatch family

2.4  Fourth Generation

  • Naei Sgiathatch x Sael Sgiatchatch
    • Daenerys Sgiathatch

2.5  Fifth Generation

  • Daenerys Sgiathatch x Uknown Dragon
    • Daenys Sgiathatch
    • Daerion Sgiathatch

2.6  Sixth Generation

3.  Off-branch Families

These five families have all at one point bred with the Sgiathatch line and are therefore considered royal upper class in the Forbidden City.

  • Loki
  • Mor
  • Carad
  • Coria
  • Malda