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Hemlock Salvato, Rue Salvato, Meridia Lykoi
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  • Species: Coyote-Dog Hybrid
  • Family Origin: Montreal, Canada
  • Surname: Italian, "(Latin Salvatus), which refers to Christian salvation"
  • Archetype (Group): Multi-lingual, Talented, Intelligent, Ambitious
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Talented Hunters, Turned Cannibals, Misguided Saviors

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The Salvato line has been around for who knows how long. This small family has been able to keep themselves secret to most of the world, so it is unknown how long they have actually be around for. What is known is that this family is they were formed in Montreal, Canada. They have been known to split up and wander from there, even some sticking just to the nearby area. The family that had once started out as pure as any other has grown dark by the deeds of its descendants, whether they stick near their birth home or have spread out across the rest of the world.

In terms of the present world, in Nova Scotia and Beyond the Salvato family has been able to remain hidden to most of the world, but has had its presence stretched out to Salsola, and as of recent, Inferni. The core of the Salvato family has taken up settling in the kingdom of Mortimer in Toronto. These 'saviors' are hardly worthy of being called even that, as what they would have been saved from may not have been better than the life they were given.


PLEASE NOTE: Names that have 'Salvato' after them but are not bolded are not true members of the Salvato bloodline. These are members that have chosen to take the name, usually through mateship.

- Characters who are of Salvato lineage but DO NOT have the Salvato surname, are able to OOC request (via Salena) to change their surname to Salvato, or to have puppies who are given the surname Salvato.

First Generation

  • Eldin Salvato x May Salvato
    • Myrtle Salvato

Second Generation

Third Generation

'Souls History

Early History

The Salvato family began its roots in the land of Montreal, Canada. Keeping to themselves, not much is known about this family or the kinds of relationships they have with those on the outside. What is known is that this once pure family has gone down a dark path.

Other world territories are open to having interactions with the Salvato family. Let Salena know if you wish to have notable interactions.

In 2011, young pup Locke Salvato is born to Myrtle Salvato. A man by the name of King Prior had found his mother and raped her, resulting in her only son. While she was raising him on her own, Myrtle contracted a deadly illness. She did her best to raise Locke, but ended up dying when he was still a pup. Having no other source of food, Locke resorted to feeding on his mother's corpse, beginning the attraction to cannibalism. He was later found by a nearby pack, claiming his mother had been attacked and tore apart. Having sympathy for the pup, Locke was taken in. As he grew up, his new home got caught in the middle of a war. Coming across one of the dead, Locke began to carve it's body, getting caught in the act. He was later exiled from his home. His wandering would then bring him to the kingdom of Salsola.

Recent History

Having left Salsola for his own reasons, Locke became one of the founding members of Mortimer, a pack of noble 'vampires'. Though he does not hold a high rank in this society, having never had much combat prowess, he serves as one of the kingdom's lead hunters. He is thus far the only member in the entire kingdom that is allowed to feast on the bodies of the dead. He also looks over any canines that are captured and held in the kingdom. If he comes across females that are victims of rape, to 'save' their pups from death, he will take them into his own family, raising them as his own.

Interested in playing an adopted Salvato pup? See Salena's Adoptions for more information.

Azucena Lykoi gave birth to four children through Locke. After fleeing from Mortimer, her and her children took up residence in Portland. Now, her children are beginning to make their way back to where they first came from. Meridia Lykoi was the first to return, joining up with Inferni, but was soon caught in the middle of a war.

Influence and Influences


- The circumstances to Locke's meeting with this female is still unknown.
- The result of the meeting was his very first daughter, Irene.
- While out on one of his hunting missions, Locke came across the lovely Azucena Lykoi after she had recently left Salsola to travel to the north.
- He took her back to Mortimer which resulted in her pregnancy. Azucena gave birth to 4 children, but due to her discovery of the pack's and Locke's dark deeds/customs, she left with his children for Portland.


- Locke was the first member of the Salvato family to join the kingdom of Salsola in 2013.
- Although he left soon after, he tells his children and rape pups he saves of the glory the Thistle Kingdom, sending any there who do not have the stomach for Mortimer's harsh lifestyle.
- After leaving Salsola, Locke ran into Viper and Pythius. He joined with them and helped to found the kingdom of Mortimer.
- Locke has since become a member of Mortimer, being one of the other members allowed to feast on the dead of others. He 'rescues' pups of rape victims, taking them into his own family.

Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information regarding physical attributes for Salvato-blooded individuals is not strict - Variations beyond the below-mentioned similarities are common and welcome.


The Salvato family is known for their bright colored eyes, most of them having some kind of a diluted shade of gray in them. This is not always the case, but that is more of an uncommon trait within their eyes. Reds an Blues are common in the family with other colors being more uncommon to rare. Colors introduced contribute to the rare traits in the Salvato line.

  • Red: Red (#fa1111) to Lotus (#85393b) are COMMON**
** Brown-Red eyes, such as Vesuvius (#a03e09) can be seen in the Salvato family, but are more uncommon than other red shades.
  • Blue: Nepal (#96a2be) to Fiord (#4c5770) are UNCOMMON
  • Green: Moss Green (#9dd8a4) to Chateau Green (#4bb458) are UNCOMMON

Size and Build

  • Members of the Salvato line are usually average height, though may seem a bit shorter due to either their lean figures or dog heritage. They can be taller, but this is uncommon.
  • Most are lean in their builds thanks to their high coyote percentages. There are some member of the Salvato line with more average and muscular builds but these are high on the uncommon side.
  • Dog features are present in every aspect, though which dog species varies between each Salvato.
  • True to their nature, Salvato members have much more angled features, pronounced as well.
  • It is rare to see a Salvato member that looks much more like a dog or much more like a wolf than a coyote-dominant hybrid despite having high percentages in either category.


  • Brown fur is common. Most coats are lighter with some darker shades -- coats tend to hold lighter earthy colors with the darker shades for 'highlights'. Due to influences, some darker colors towards black have been introduced.
    • Dark tones: Cod Gray (#171717), Dune (#221e1c), Armadillo (#433b33), Quincy (#543f29).
    • Mid tones: Yellow Metal (#77583a), Roman Coffee (#7a6753), Mongoose (#b5937c), Tan (#d1b28f).
    • Highlights: Cameo (#d4b99c), Akaroa (#d6bFa7), Bone (#e6d9cb), Pearl Bush (#e6dcd2).
  • Grayish browns are a common inherited color, and can be as common as the lighter earthy colors or seen as pelt highlights.
    • Grayish hues: Sandstone (#73695e), Friar Gray (#857f77), Bronco (#b0a59b), Tide (#b8B2a8), Sisal (#d8d2c3), Mercury (#e6e6e6).

Family Culture

Stained Dove Icon

  • The Stained Dove icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character of Salvato blood who has taken the surname Salvato, regardless of their connection to the family, pack, etc.
The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • If you choose to have hover-over text, the only text permitted is: Purity Tarnished by Blood

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