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The Salcedo family originated in Onuba, Spain, and they are one of six of the main ruling families. They are primarily dog in blood. The family is Patriarchal, and the male heir is elected by a committee of higher ranked Salcedo members from the offspring of the ruling pair (or their siblings). In the event that there is no one deemed worthy, the committee will elect someone else of Salcedo blood who is more fitting for the role.

For the sake of simplicity, the family tree will start with Eliseo Salcedo and his siblings.


PLEASE NOTE: The parent that contributes the Arena genes is bolded. Italics indicates adoption. Strikethrough denotes deceased. This tree was coded by the loveliest Alaine!

First Generation

  • Eliseo Salcedo x Leta Acosta
  • Eduardo Salcedo x Gracia Prieto
    • Luisa Salcedo
    • Perla Salcedo
    • Sarita Salcedo
    • SofĂ­a Salcedo
  • Sol Salcedo x Adelmira Montero
  • Ander Salcedo
  • Lupita Salcedo x Fausto Acosta
    • Tatiana Salcedo
    • Ynez Salcedo

Second Generation

Third Generation

Background and Bloodlines


Onuba, formerly Huelva in the Human Era, was created by a large group of dogs who contracted the Luperci virus from their owners and took over the city once their human masters perished or fled. The Salcedo family has origins tracing back to these dogs, and their ancestors are part of the packs that helped established Onuba and divide the Onuban territories.

Non-Blood "Family"


  • Notable relations here

Related Bloodlines (Souls Only)

  • Families: Related bloodline description


Defining Features

The Salcedo family is known for its nobility, humility and grace.

Most notable of the Salcedo blood is the Hound's Tail which is their long tail that ends in a white tip.

Physical Appearances

Men: Description of Salcedo Men
Women: Description of Salcedo Women



Dull Lavender (#9e92e2)
Amethyst (#b164d4)
Copper Rose (#8c626d)
Eggplant (#6f4e68)

Any variety of purple sometimes straying into blue. They tend to have slender and narrow eyes.

Peach (#ffe6af)
Hampton (#e3d9b1)
Twine (#c49560)
Copper (#bf7340)
Shadow (#7f6b4c)
Nandor (#555958)
Bistre (#38251c)

White-silvers, golds, browns, creams are the most common color variation. White-silver and gold are seen as the most desirable trait.

Culture and Homeland

See Onuba for more details on the general culture.


To be elaborated.

The family officially worships the Lantern (see Onuba: Moreno family).


To be elaborated

  • Involved, Caring, Spearhead of most Projects
  • Actively seeks relationships with other Families


To be elaborated.

  • Humble, Noble, Democratic, White Knight
  • Charming, Inspirational
  • Do-Gooders, Naive, Self-Righteous


To be elaborated.

  • Gold Willow Tree
  • Purples, Golds


Brief overview of Salcedo history with other Onuban families.

Credits and Out of Character Information

Onuba and the Salcedo Family was created by San. If you are interested in creating a Salcedo character or adopting one, please contact San.

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