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The Ortega family originated in Onuba, Spain, and they are one of six of the main ruling families. They are dog in blood. The family is neither Patriarchal nor Matriarchal, with any gender of any family branch given the opportunity to earn the position of Head of the Family (Visconde). This makes the Ortega Family particularly competitive within itself and each family unit is extremely ambitious.

For the sake of simplicity, the family tree will start with Encarna Ortega.

The Family

PLEASE NOTE: The parent that contributes the Ortega genes is bolded. Italics indicates adoption. Strikethrough denotes deceased. This tree was coded by the loveliest Alaine!

First Generation

  • Encarna Ortega x Cayo León
  • Gracia Ortega x Fabian Adelfa

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Background and Bloodlines


Onuba, formerly Huelva in the Human Era, was created by a large group of dogs who contracted the Luperci virus from their owners and took over the city once their human masters perished or fled. The Ortega family has origins tracing back to these dogs, and their ancestors are part of the packs that helped established Onuba and divide the Onuban territories.

Non-Blood "Family"


  • Notable relations here

Related Bloodlines (Souls Only)


Defining Features

The Ortega family is known for its ambition, fairness, strength and justice.

Most notable of Ortega bloodlines is the Brindle pattern in their coats.

Physical Appearances

Men: Men of the Ortega family tend to vary in their weight and height, but you would be hard-pressed to find a meaty Ortega man. They dress to impress, but not like the peacocks of the Amaranthe variety, using very subdued palettes and clothing that suggest strength, aptitude and fairness. Culturally, men of the Ortega family are brash, a little too confident, and eager to prove themselves. Many have volunteered as warriors, seeing it as their duty to do so. They will call you out the moment they spot a weakness, and have no qualms with loudly and aggressively arguing with an Ortega woman, as they see them as both rivals and equals.
Women: Women of the Ortega tend to be tall, narrow-featured and of an inflexible disposition. They don't hesitate to speak their minds or argue until the problem doesn't matter, and then some. They will put anyone in their place, by whatever means, sometimes just for the sake of asserting their dominance. They dress in a variety of ways, with courtly women donning the latest fashions, while others may try to trend-set themselves or prove a point with traditional Ortega attire. There is a great sense of competition between individuals, although no Ortega would say it was unhealthy. Women and men both enjoy being loud, brazen, and laughing as much as fighting.


Teals: The teal eyes of the Ortega family are striking and beautiful.

They have a variety of eye shapes, stemming from narrow due to their Borzoi blood or wide and large from their retriever side.


Golds, browns, creams, brindle pattern

Culture and Homeland

See Onuba for more details on the general culture.


To be elaborated.

The family officially worships the Lantern (see Onuba: Moreno family).


To be elaborated

  • Self-involved, ambitious, individualistic
  • Can be persuaded to generosity


To be elaborated.

  • Concerned with laws, rules, fairness, justice
  • Warriors, arbiters, sport
  • Friendly, frank, fearless


To be elaborated.

  • Nettle leaves
  • Teals, Golds


Brief overview of Ortega history with other Onuban families.

Credits and Out of Character Information

Onuba and the Ortega Family was created by San, with some idea contributions from Myst. If you are interested in creating an Ortega character or adopting one, please contact San. Pixels were made by Mandi!

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