Mullen Family

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  2.   2.  Trade Information
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    2.   2.2  Items Wanted
    3.   2.3  Items for Trade
  3.   3.  Members
    1.   3.1  Bessie Mullen
    2.   3.2  Daly Mullen
    3.   3.3  Driscoll Mullen
    4.   3.4  Chester Mullen
    5.   3.5  Edytha
  4.   4.  History
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1.  The Bar

Along the coastline to the north and east of The Outpost, a second campsite sits. This one is more run-down, with a more foreboding coast. The forest presses close around the single ramshackle cabin. Though it is in poor shape, some efforts from the Teague brothers of the Outpost have restored it.

A fire burns outside in a pit when the Mullen family is receiving guests, regardless of the time of year. Several stones and logs surround the fire and pit. A second fire often burns behind the house, smoking or cooking some kind of meat.

Inside, there is only one large room. A motley assortment of scavenged tables and chairs litter the room. The Teague brothers constructed a rudimentary bar along one wall, and portioned one part of the room off completely for storage. The cabin also boasts a functional second-floor loft large enough to accommodate most small-to-average Luperci -- closed to all but the Mullen family, as it forms their living quarters.

1.1  Serving


  • Drinks are generally served in pottery mugs crafted in The Outpost, though a broad assortment of different drinking vessels are used.
  • Drinks offered are wines (berry and fruit), beers, a sugary rum, and assorted scavenged liquors. The scavenged liquors change from day to day and hour to hour, depending whatever else was brought to the bar.


  • Food varies: they always have eggs, and usually offer some kind of fire-cooked meat "pie" thing (the meat varies)
  • In spring and summer, honey and honeycomb can be had here; wild berries and other tiny sweets
  • Cheese! As they only have two cows, it is extremely expensive in trade price

1.2  Other

  • A pair of dappled gray horses, several chickens and a pair of milk cows live behind the cabin. A three-walled shack provides shelter.
  • Six cats -- all tabbies, though some are orange, brown, and one is silver -- roam the cabin and its immediate grounds, keeping it immaculately free of rodents and other pests.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Fair

  • No large items are accepted.
  • Generally closed very late at night, but may remain open with enough business

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Trinkets
  • Virtually anything that can be traded at the Outpost
  • Alcohol
  • Wild-caught game
  • Livestock for immediate slaughter

2.3  Items for Trade

  • Alcohol, served in-house (basically a bar) or taken away
  • Food (stuff others killed and brought in/traded -- no freshness guarantees)
  • Food (stuff your character brings and they cook)
  • Cow's milk, eggs, sometimes chickens
  • Wild-picked berries, etc.
  • A great number of trinkets, tools, and other small items they were traded

3.  Members




3.1  Bessie Mullen

Cream, gray, and pale white, Bessie is a tall, imposing woman. While she is not exceptionally tall, her hard and stern face is enough to make her appear twice as imposing. She has sharp yellow-green eyes. She wears a demure, modest dress that covers her round, plump body entirely.

The take-no-bull matriarch of the family, Bessie enforces a quieter room than her sons. Surly and sour, she refuses to make conversation with her drinking patrons, and just barely speaks to those who are eating. She considers alcohol a sin, and was roped into the operation by her mate.

She absolutely will not serve or tolerate children in her establishment, even if she is not bartending: if she walks through the room and spies a child, she kicks out the child and his/her parent/caretaker. She also will not tolerate Edytha in the establishment.

3.2  Daly Mullen

A large northern wolf, Daly is out of place among his family. He is entirely pale white, with no hint or adulteration in his fur, and with turquoise colored eyes. He generally wears a handkerchief about his head, tying his hair back.

Daly is quiet, observant, and friendly. While he is not as outgoing as his mate's son, he is friendlier than Bessie herself and less obnoxious than Chester. He makes excellent conversation about horses and their qualities, and will rant a canine's ear off about Mack and the stock he offers. If questioned about his "sons," however -- Daly will quickly turn sour.

When he interacts with Bessie and her sons, it is clear Daly holds the reins and power within the family. Investigative canines may discover Daly is the driving force behind the bar. He works the most shifts of any of his family, and is the fairest in trade price.

3.3  Driscoll Mullen

Driscoll is pale gray with a white underbelly and white paws. His eyes are yellow, like his mother's. His hands are often stained red from wine. His hair is kept long and unkempt, completely feral.

He is very a large canine -- too large, in fact, to sleep upstairs with his family. Thus, Driscoll is generally related to the late-night bartending, when the rest of his family slumbers. During the day, he disappears off into the woods and sleeps in his four-legged form.

Driscoll is a klutz. He spills drinks constantly, sometimes even on customers. He seems to lack any and all sense of balance; even his walk is sort of funny and off-kilter. Despite this obvious flaw, Driscoll is extremely sweet and kind. He will often trade excessive drink, much to the ire of his mother. He is especially prone to girls and flirtation: they turn him into a quavering, blubbering mess, basically!

He is the only one of his family, too, who will earnestly explain that his father Daly took him and his brother in as his own when they were babies, even though his mom had been with someone else before that.

3.4  Chester Mullen

Chester resembles his mother, though he is several shades darker. His face is paler, though, and his eyes are brilliant turquoise blue. He is a slim, sharp, and quick man: where his brother is big and large, Chester appears far more feral. His hair is spiky and shorn short, close to his skull.

Flirtatious, obnoxious, loud -- Chester is both the friendliest and shrewdest of his family. He chats everyone up, moving from one canine to the next to offer up more alcohol for trade. Many canines find him bothersome, but somehow Chester never seems to push anyone over the edge. He likes the ladies, and has far more success with them than his brother.

3.5  Edytha

Edytha is deep chestnut brown with a tawny throat and chest. She has dark chocolate shoulders, spine, and tail. White highlights her muzzle, elbows, thigh feathering, and the tip of her tail. Her hair is impossibly long, though it is usually twined into a bun on her head. She generally wears tight-fitting, simple dresses of thin, Luperci-woven cloth.

Edytha is a prostitute. She creeps around the Mullen bar -- most commonly around the firepit. She is generally an upbeat individual, seeing nothing wrong her lifestyle or what she chooses to do with her time.

She lives off in the woods somewhere, as Bessie does not even begin to tolerate her. When Driscoll works and no one else is awake, she is sometimes found within the bar. Edytha trades for food, alcohol, drugs, work on her woodsy shack, stuff she can trade in Freetown, etc. She drinks a lot, and smokes opium fiendishly -- necessitating her lifestyle.

4.  History

The Mullen family moved into the campsite beside The Outpost in spring 2014. They weren't really welcome; they hadn't really asked. Very quickly, the relation between "the bar" and The Outpost became a love-hate relationship. The traders hate the influx of intoxicated customers for their behaviors and crime has risen; on the other hand, they love the drunken traders who are more accepting of higher trade prices.

4.1  Threads

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