The Leeds Family

The Leeds family is a canine family of two separate species factions from southern New Jersey. Though they are all descended of one canine, a wolf, they have fractured into pieces separated by wolf and coyote heritage.

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  1.   1.  Family Members
    1.   1.1  First Generation
    2.   1.2  Wolves
    3.   1.3  Coyotes
  2.   2.  Naming Conventions
  3.   3.  Wolf
    1.   3.1  Defining Features
  4.   4.  Relations
    1.   4.1  Wolf
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Legend

1.  Family Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Unknown x Unknown (1997)
    • Salem "Mother" Leeds (wolf)

1.2  Wolves

Second Generation

  • (1) Salem Leeds x Ramapo Black (1999)
    • Hazlet Leeds (f)
    • Amboy Leeds (m)
  • (2) Salem Leeds x Ramapo Black (1999)
    • Bergen Leeds (m)

Third Generation

  • Hazlet Leeds x Logan Leeds (2001)
    • Warren Leeds (m)
  • Ella Harlow (wolf) x Bergen Leeds (2001)
    • Raritan Leeds (f)
    • Islin Leeds (f)

Fourth Generation

  • Islin Leeds x Barnegate Blackburn (dog) (2006)
    • Ventnor Leeds (m)
    • Salem Leeds II (wolf, f)
    • Dover Leeds (m)
  • Bethel Lockwood-Leeds (wolf-dog) x Warren Leeds (2007)
    • Salem Leeds III (f)
  • Raritan Leeds x Senachewine Lockwood-Leeds (wolf-dog) (2006)
    • Hudson Leeds (m)
    • Piscataway Leeds (m)
  • Sicomac Harlow (wolf) x Warren Leeds (2006)
    • Leonia Leeds (f)
    • Bergen Leeds (m)
    • Salem Leeds IV (f)
  • Raritan Leeds x Ellis Kingsley (2008)
    • Chatham Leeds (m)
    • Caldwell Leeds (m)

Fifth Generation

  • Salem Leeds III x Hudson Leeds (2008)
    • Hanover Leeds (m)
    • Glen Leeds (m)
    • Salem Leeds V (f)
  • Salem Leeds II x Ripley Kingsley (wolf-dog) (2009)
  • Leonia Leeds x Piscataway Leeds (2009)
    • Florence Leeds (f)
    • Salem Leeds VII (f)
    • Salem Leeds VIII (f)
    • Morris Leeds (m)

Sixth Generation

1.3  Coyotes

Second Generation

  • Salem Leeds x Batsto Leeds (2003)
    • Salem Leeds II (coyote, f)
    • Gretna Leeds (f)

Third Generation

  • Gretna Leeds x Dutch (2006)
    • Mullica Leeds (f)
    • Cranford Leeds (f)
    • Hudson Leeds (m)
    • Oradell Leeds (m)
    • Palmyra Leeds (f)
    • Norwood Leeds (m)
  • Salem Leeds II (coyote, f) x Dunellen Leeds (2007)
    • Hazlet Leeds (f)
    • Lebanon Leeds (m)
    • Margate Leeds (f)
    • Monmouth Leeds (m)
  • Salem Leeds II (coyote, f) x Dunellen Leeds (2009)
    • Roselle Leeds (f)
    • Islin Leeds (f)

Fourth Generation

  • (1) Neshanic Cross x Lebanon Leeds (2009)
    • Tammany Leeds (m)
    • Berkeley Leeds (m)
    • Lodi Leeds (f)
    • Morris Leeds (m)
  • Margate Leeds x Dutch (2009)
    • May Leeds (f)
    • Camden Leeds (f)
  • Orsa Stockton x Oradell Leeds (2010)
    • Helmetta Leeds (f)
    • Stockton Leeds (m)
  • Vivian Hibernia x Hudson Leeds (2012)
    • Madison Leeds (f)
    • Tinton Leeds (m)
    • Asbury Leeds (m)
  • Mullica Leeds x Ravi Cross (2012)
    • Barnegat Leeds (m)
    • Hawthorne Leeds (m)
    • Aberdeen Leeds (f)
    • Mercer Leeds (m)
  • (2) Neshanic Cross x Lebanon Leeds (2013)
    • Absecon Leeds (m)
    • Metuchen Leeds (f)
  • Ria Mahoras x Norwood Leeds (2013)
    • Brielle Leeds (f)
    • Montague Leeds (m)

Fifth Generation

  • Lodi Leeds x Gingerjack (2014)
    • Nomahegan Leeds
    • Gunnison Leeds

2.  Naming Conventions

  • Salem is the only name really repeated throughout the family so far. The litter of grandchildren born immediately after Mother Leeds' death has another Salem Leeds II -- despite the fact that Mother Leeds herself had named a daughter after herself. The wolf part of the family carries this tradition onward -- there have been seven Salems, including the two sisters born to Gloucester Leeds (which, even some of his brothers and sisters agree, was a silly move).
  • Names are repeated across coyote and wolf sides. There are two Salem Leeds II, two Gretna Leeds, etc.

3.  Wolf

3.1  Defining Features


Physical Features






4.  Relations

The family pretends it is perfectly segregated and that they hate each other completely. The truth is, as always, more complicated than that: the Leeds canines maintain contacts with one another though informants for the wolves in the Atlantic City location. The coyotes, too, are not so hateful of their kin as they would seem: Leeds Point coyotes have been known to take the unwanted daughters of a Leeds Point wolf westward and find her a place in the world. Of course, both wolves and coyotes conceal this frail, unspoken bond across their families from the other canines in the Leeds Point and Atlantic City areas both.

4.1  Wolf

The wolfish Leeds look on the coyotes as scourge. They have evidence suggesting they were Mother Leeds' "chosen." It was Ramapo and the wolves, they say, that formed the foundation of the Leeds family. The wolves also recall Gretna's sickliness, and use her death in childbirth as evidence that the coyote Leeds are not as strong as the wolves.

The wolves are very much against the Leeds coyotes. This has expanded to include all coyotes as time has passed.


The coyotes point to several pieces of evidences suggesting they were Mother Leeds' "chosen." Her affair with Batsto is an important point, along with Salem's inheritance of her mother's name. The coyotes pride themselves on not "sullying" the Salem name -- they point toward the wolves overuse of the name as disrespectful.

The coyotes are very much against the Leeds wolves. This has expanded to all wolves -- though not to the degree the Leeds wolves hate coyotes.

5.  History

Salem "Mother" Leeds was the last daughter of the primitive Leeds wolves who came to southern New Jersey just after the apocalypse. A simple, feral creature, birthed children to a traveling wolf twice in a year. She met secretly with a coyote some years thereafter, going so far as to bear him children -- which she raised in secret. When discovered, Salem Leeds was killed by her youngest wolf son Bergen. He tried to kill her daughters, but the father of her coyote children spirited them away to Leeds Point. Thus, the family was separated: every coyote and every wolf knows this story well. The wolfish Leeds flourished -- but so did the coyotes, primarily due to a large litter of children that took Gretna's life.

5.1  Legend

The Jersey Devil of Leeds Point is said to have arisen from the very early Leeds -- Mother Kallikak, a murky figure existing prior to living memory back in the history of the Leeds wolves, gave birth to thirteen children. The thirteenth was a boy -- and became a devil just after birth, flying from his birthroom through the chimney and into the night. Mother Kallikak is said to have asked a demon to possess her baby so she might control it -- and it is also said that she did, though the legends are murky and propagated primarily by living members of the Leeds themselves.

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